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Beast restaurant

Wednesday night I met up with Davida and Sam for an evening in Toronto and dinner at Beast restaurant.

I know it’s been said before by many, but I will say it again: bloggers are amazing.

We all just get it. We share the same frustrations – with technology, with social media, with blogging itself sometimes. We share the same aspirations to achieve something by blogging, whether that be helping others, spreading nutrition advice, or sharing delicious recipes. We share the same sense of community and desire to help each other (even if blogging guru Davida is usually the one helping us!). And of course we share the same infatuation with food.

So naturally after chatting over iced tea at Teavana and a glass of wine at Davida’s place, we headed out for an amazing meal at Beast restaurant.

Beast restaurant Toronto

We got there before 7 pm, so we were able to take advantage of their $5 drinks and snacks menu. $5 glasses of wine? Give me seven! Just kidding, I only had one. We also ordered 3 items from the snacks menu to try:

green onion pancake + black bean aioli
caprese salad + togarashi duck skin + ginger vinaigrette
duck lettuce wraps

Beast restaurant Toronto

The pancake was a bit tough, but that black bean aioli was heavenly. The other two items were delicious as well!

The restaurant is a small plates style restaurant, so we ordered 5 dishes from the main menu to share:

grilled broccolini, spiced buttermilk aioli, pine nut crumble
pickerel, mushroom, garlic scape, smoked onion sauce, bacon shortbread
togarashi rubbed zucchini, yuzu, sunflower seed gremolata
grilled prawns, peaches, watercress, kaffir + ginger dressing
pork hocks, kecap, kimchi

Beast restaurant Toronto

That broccolini was one of the best vegetables I’ve ever eaten – I think I could even get JZ to eat it! The shrimp dish was also fantastic, as well as the pickerel. I really loved the crispy bits of the pork hocks too, but I just cannot get over the texture of the big chunks of fat. It’s like swallowing snot! Sorry, TMI.

Dessert was a must for us three sweet-toothed bloggers, and we went for the sticky toffee pudding in a bowl of toffee sauce with crème fraîche. Hello delicious! Sam and I both admitted to each other on the drive home that we strongly considered drinking the leftover toffee sauce at the end.

Beast restaurant Toronto

Great meal, great friends, great times.

What is the last meal you enjoyed with friends?

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Sadie’s Diner

If you read my blog and you also read Sam’s, Davida’s, and/or Suzanne’s blog, you probably already know about our meet up on Sunday. But I’m going to write about it anyway, so just humour me and pretend like this isn’t already old news!

So we met up for brunch at Sadie’s Diner, which I’d never even heard of until Davida suggested it. It was perfect for the four of us with our varied diets. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten sensitive, nut allergies… Sadie’s Diner can accommodate almost everyone.

Sadie's Diner Toronto

We all got something different: Davida and Suzanne split the vegan Huevos Rancheros and buckwheat banana chocolate chip pancakes, Sam got a veggie burger, and I had the tofu scramble with buttered toast and hash browns. Most tofu scrambles I’ve encountered have been made with tumeric, but this one had a more prominent tomato flavour to it which was different. I liked it, but I think I would have loved those pancakes even more – I was eying them across the table with green eyes of envy!

Sadie's Diner Toronto tofu scramble

Overall the food was good, but basic. But that’s not a bad thing! Sometimes it’s nice to just have a good ol’ brunch without the addition of fruity compotes, fancy sauces, or other trendy twists.

Of course I can’t end this post without mentioning the great company. Blogger friends rule!

Sadie's Diner bloggers

Which of our orders would you have chosen?

Do you prefer basic or fancy brunches?

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Weekend highlights

The highlight of my weekend was obviously the Toronto area blogger meet up at Grasslands (read the post here!) – I had so much fun chatting with the girls about all of our blogger-y interests!

Grasslands Toronto blogger dinner

But the rest of my weekend was full of good stuff too.

Saturday morning I saw Sam tweet that she was heading to a workout class, and that gave me some motivation to finally try out the new Jillian Michaels’ BodyShred class at Goodlife. It’s only 30 minutes long, but I sweated up a storm! It’s organized just like her 30 Day Shred DVD with circuits of 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio, and 1 minute of abs. I was crying for mercy after the first 10 minutes! But I surprised myself by staying motivated the whole time. It’s way better than doing the DVD because you have a whole room of people to keep you lunging, jumping, crunching, and burpeeing.

Breakfast afterwards was definitely another highlight: Kodiak Cakes with flax and raisins in the batter, then layered with homemade pear compote and almond butter. So good!

Pear spice pancakes

Saturday also means my weekly trip to the farmers’ market. I didn’t have a meal plan made up yet, so I just bought what looked good: beets, zucchini, eggplant, peppers, carrots, Honeycrisp apples, fingerling potatoes, and broccoli. The eggplant, peppers, and zucchini were made into a ratatouille last night – it’s one of my favourite meals to make to say goodbye to the summer.

Burlington Mall farmers' market

Sunday I headed into Toronto again, this time for Soupalicious. It’s an annual event held at the Artscape Wychwood Barns where local chefs, cookbook authors, and entrepreneurs serve up some of their best soups.

Soupalicious 2013

For the price of your entrance fee you get 10 soup tickets to use at the stations as you like (1 ticket = 1 soup). I tried out a lot of goods ones, but there were a few that really stood out.

From the chef from Aria Ristorante, I got a cauliflower and potato puree soup with black and white truffle pesto, butternut squash, crispy sage & parmigiano. My friends and I all agreed that this was the best soup of the day – most of them even went back for seconds!

Soupalicious Aria Ristorante

I also really enjoyed the vegan lentil soup with tamarind and garlic from The Chefs’ House at George Brown College (a local culinary school).

Soupalicious lentil and tamarind soup

Other soups I tried included: (from left to right) vegan coconut and sweet potato soup, vegan smoked garlic and celery root puree with black plum drizzle, creamy maple parsnip soup with tomato marmalade, vegan pumpkin and pea soup, purple top turnip ginger and sake kasu soup, and vegan rosemary and sage mushroom barley soup.

Soupalicious 2013

And if that wasn’t enough food, Cobs Bread was also there with free rolls! I picked up one of the seedy multigrain buns and I’m sure I was supposed to dip it in my soup, but in typical classy Chelsea fashion, I just inhaled it 2 seconds flat.

Cobs Bread multigrain bun

Thanks to Soupalicious for putting on such a tasty afternoon! It’s funny because I’ve never considered myself a huge soup lover, but I was seriously inspired by some of the soups I tried and I can’t wait to put on my chef hat and try to recreate a few.

And to wrap up this post, I need to announce the winner of my giveaway. Congrats to Ashley from Cardio, Cats, and Cooking! Please send me an email at chelseashealthykitchen@gmail.com with your address and I’ll get your package sent off to you!

What is your favourite kind of soup?

What were the highlights of your weekend?


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