Food is Not Just Fuel

There are so many messages in the media these days that diminish food to just calories and carbs. Especially around this time of year with all that talk of New Year’s resolutions and diets. We get bombarded with messages tellingĀ us to go low carb. To cut every ounce of sugar out of our diets. To skip dessert when we go out to eat. To have dry toast instead of buttering it. To eat spaghetti squash instead of pasta. To squeeze every bit of pleasure from eating until we simply view food as fuel.

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But I’m so over the “food is fuel” crap.

Because seriously, who are the robots that these messages are targeting? Who is actually capable of viewing food solely as sustenance? Food is so much more than just fuel.

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Food is social.

Food is cultural.

Food is celebratory.

Food is communicative.

Food is love.

Food is pleasure.

And feeling these connections to food is what makes us human.

So amidst all the Weight Watchers ads, blogs praising the keto diet, and coworkers trying to convince you to try the Whole30 with them, don’t lose sight of what food truly means to you!


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6 Responses to Food is Not Just Fuel

  1. Great post lady! I love this idea. Sometimes, I tell clients that it’s a vehicle to get you through the day to your next meal and every meal doesn’t have to be 100% amazing, but at the same time, it should be enjoyed when it can be. Food is one of the pleasures of life!

    • Chelsea

      Thanks Sarah! That’s a good point that not every meal needs to be a source of pleasure. Trying to make every meal a masterpiece definitely isn’t a healthy mentality either.

  2. Dry toast… as if!

    Love this, love you.

    • Chelsea

      Actually John likes his toast dry – what a weirdo haha. Every time I make him breakfast I’m always like “Are you sure you don’t want some butter? Almond butter? Jam?” I just can’t comprehend liking dry toast.

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