2017 Cook My Books Challenge: October

So you know how I said in my September cookbook challenge post that this month would be all about comfort foods? Yeah, not so much seeing as how we had a second summer this month! So all my favourite things about fall – cozy sweaters, warming meals, and lattes – were put on hold while Mother Nature had an identity crisis.

So here’s what I made this month:

Miso Sesame Glazed Eggplant from My New Roots by Sarah Britton

Other than eggplant parmesan, this is one of the best eggplant dishes I’ve ever had! The eggplant developed a soft, velvety texture and was complimented by the sweet, salty, and bitter flavours in the glaze. Definitely a keeper of a recipe!


Grilled Scallion, Corn, and Shrimp Quesadillas from Seriously Delish by Jessica Merchant

I’m still deciding whether I liked these or not. Maybe if I replaced the cheese with cheddar instead, as I’m not a big fan of Monterey Jack. Or maybe it’s just that I would rather eat shrimp in a dish that highlights it, rather than hides it away between tortillas and cheese. They did taste good, but I’m just not sure I would make them again.


Pumpkin Ginger Bread with Dark Chocolate and Coconut from Purely Pumpkin by Allison Day

I was looking over my cookbook shelf this month and realized I’d yet to cook from Purely Pumpkin by blogger Yummy Beet. Not wanting to miss my chance to take advantage of pumpkin season, I got to work bookmarking recipes right away. This bread immediately caught my eye. Pumpkin: check. Chocolate: check. Sugar: check. Yup, I was sold.

This recipe is more heavy on the ginger than other pumpkin bread recipes I’ve made, and also has a denser crumb, almost reminding me of a pound cake when eaten cold. My favourite way to eat it was warmed up in the microwave, which gave it a softer texture and intensified some of the ginger flavour in it!


Bean and Lentil Pumpkin Chili from Purely Pumpkin by Allison Day

This recipe was another that grabbed my attention. I’ve used pumpkin in chili before, and I love the way it sneakily thickens up the texture and adds a boost of nutrition. My schedule can be kind of all over the place, usually with 1 or 2 days where I work evenings teaching a class or seeing patients. So I usually try to make one big batch recipe per week, like chili, so that we have leftovers for those nights. This was a great easy recipe that fit the bill – we had leftovers for days!


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4 Responses to 2017 Cook My Books Challenge: October

  1. You’re still killing it with the recipe making. I’m impressed, and even I would try that pumpkin chili. I love lentils.

  2. That’s such a great idea to give yourself a cookbook challenge each month! I think I should give that a go … I have so many cookbooks lying around! The Bean and Lentil Pumpkin Chili definitely looks good!

    • Chelsea

      It’s honestly been a blast doing this cookbook challenge for the past 10 months! I’ve discovered so many great recipes from my cookbooks that have become new staples for me.

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