Just Have the Darn Burger

This week I was out for a fast food burger with my boyfriend before going to see Green Day in concert (which was incredible, by the way). While we were eating, I thought back to all the times during my schooling and dietetic internship that I was taught ways to help people NOT eat burgers – or at least make them healthier to the point that they don’t even resemble a burger anymore.


But you know what? You don’t need to order it wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun. Or have a turkey patty instead of a beef patty. Or get a salad instead of fries. And you certainly don’t need to avoid a social outing altogether for the sake of “health” (because I promise you, forgoing your social life to stick to a diet will help neither your health nor happiness).

Just have the darn burger in whatever form you want.

Because maybe that’s what your body is craving. And maybe if you honoured your cravings they’d have less power over you. And maybe what’s more important is your relationship with food rather than the food itself.


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  1. Preach girl! Some foods feed your body whereas others feed your soul and it’s our job to find that balance. I actually just shared a post on our relationship with food and would love to hear your thoughts as I feel we share quite a similar approach to our diet :)! Totally craving a burger now…the real deal please!

  2. YAS! have the darn burger with fries and extra ketchup if you want…or enjoy your salad if you are craving one :) i am absolutely loving so many posts recently on the internets.

  3. Karen

    I could never just have the darn burger if its beef or turkey. My thoughts go to the innocent animal killed. I never deny myself delish burgers …they are just made with mushrooms and all kinds of great yummy stuff.

  4. Short, sweet and you totally nailed. Eat the damn burger already. :)

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