2017 Cook My Books Challenge: January

This is my cookbook case.


Plus another shelf. Plus another box at my parents’ house that I can’t find room for here. Plus some cookbooks that can be found on my coffee table and bedside table at any time.

I realized after receiving 3 more cookbooks for Christmas that my collection is getting kind of out of hand for our small condo. And what’s worse is that most of them sit collecting dust on the shelf. Come Thursday nights when I start meal planning for the next week, it’s so much easier to just look up ideas online rather than scour through my cookbooks.

So I’ve given myself a challenge for 2017:

This year I will cook at least 3 recipes per month from my cookbooks and post a recap at the end of each month!

I feel like this is pretty doable – and I actually already surpassed it by making 4 recipes from my cookbooks in January! Here’s what I made:


1. Sweet Potato, Chickpea, and Spinach Coconut Curry from Oh She Glows Everyday by Angela Liddon

This was a great easy dinner that was also boyfriend approved (which doesn’t often happen with meatless dinners)! And unlike some curry recipes, the ingredients were fairly simple and easy to find in your regular grocery store.

Unfortunately we ate this too quickly before I could get a good picture – a testament to how good it was!

2. Florentine Bean Soup from Refresh by Ruth Tal and Jennifer Houston

This made leftovers for days! It was a little bland, but tasted 100x better when I added Herbamare to it. And it was packed full of nutrition with three kinds of legumes, barley, and a healthy dose of greens in there!


3.Roasted Butternut Squash with Grilled Halloumi and Dukkah on Massaged Kale from My New Roots by Sarah Britton

This is easily my favourite dish I’ve made so far in 2017. I mean, anything with halloumi is usually amazing. Have you tried halloumi yet? It’s the most amazing Mediterranean cheese that has the saltiness of feta but a firm, sliceable texture. It’s best when you grill or pan fry it first, which gives it such an addictive quality! Anyways, it worked perfectly in this salad with the flavours of lemony kale, mint, dukkah, and squash.


4. Chicken Tikka Masala from Jamie’s Food Revolution by Jamie Oliver

I’m a total Indian food newbie – I’ve never even been to an Indian restaurant because of my nut allergies. So when Andrea and I got together to cook dinner, I suggested Jamie Oliver’s chicken tikka masala. Jamie says in his cookbook that this is more of an Anglicized version of the dish, and Andrea agreed it wasn’t like the tikka masala she orders at Indian restaurants. But we both still liked it, and I found it got even better after a day in the fridge! It’s a more time consuming recipe since it calls for making your own tikka masala paste from scratch, but that just made it all the more enjoyable.


Anyone want to join in this challenge with me?! What was the last cookbook recipe you made?


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19 Responses to 2017 Cook My Books Challenge: January

  1. I LOVE this challenge of yours!! Can’t wait to see what else you make as the year goes on! I recently made an apple blueberry oatmeal bake from Eating Clean cookbook (by Aime Valpone from The Healthy Apple – I borrowed it from a friend). We had an awesome breakfast for dayssss!

    • Chelsea

      Maybe next time we have a cooking night we can make a cookbook recipe to help my challenge along haha. :)

      That oatmeal bake sounds amaaazing!

  2. I love this challenge! And funny enough, I posted about challenges today too. I have soooooooo many cookbooks that I need to put to use. Good luck with this!!

    • Chelsea

      Looks like we were on the same brain waves! I’ve never really set challenges for myself before, but this one is definitely working for me.

  3. YES I’m totally in for this challenge. I had the same realization after getting cookbooks for Christmas, so this month I did the same thing! I made Tuscan Dinner and Meatless Chili from Healthy Starts Here by Mairlyn Smith and also a Kale Salad w/ roasted garlic vinaigrette from Homegrown (plus a few recipes from my personal collection of family recipes!). Next month I should make a post on it too! Let me know if you want to collaborate on something :)

    • Chelsea

      LOL I’m the worst at replying to comments in time, but I’m glad you’ve joined me for this challenge! :) Both those recipes sound amazing. I have the Homegrown cookbook and I haven’t made anything from it yet – but that kale salad might have to make an appearance on my table soon!

  4. Love this!! It’s such a fun idea and I’m definitely down for the challenge!! I feel your cookbook pain – most of the time Pinterest is just so much easier!! I just got the My New Roots cookbook so I will definitely be checking out that salad this month!!

    • Chelsea

      I am so obsessed with the My New Roots cookbook! The quinoa risotto with garlic scapes and the freekeh cakes with Swiss chard & eggs are both amazing as well.

  5. Emma-Jane

    Hi Chelsea, have you heard of Eat Your Books? It’s a website that lists thousands of cookbooks, and often the recipes and ingredients required within those cookbooks, with more being indexed every day. You can add your cookbooks to your ‘bookshelf’, and then search your ‘bookshelf’ for new recipes to try based upon an ingredient you may have on hand at the time. It’s very handy when you start to have quite a collection of them.

    • Chelsea

      Hi Emma-Jane! I actually haven’t heard of that website before, but it sounds like exactly what I need to help me use my cookbooks more often. Thanks so much for the suggestion!

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