2016 in Review

Happy 2017!

I’m not ready for one of those motivational, here’s-some-advice-from-an-RD-on-achieving-your-New-Years-resolutions type posts because honestly? I spent my first day of the New Year hungover on the couch without even a thought about goals for 2017 crossing my mind. Instead I watched 9 hours of movies with my family and ate Swiss Chalet.

Maybe I’ll get onto some health talk in another post, but today I’m going to keep it simple and take a look back at the last year:

Top 3 Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen Posts of 2016


  1. Mediterranean Halloumi Toast
  2. Tropical Mango Coconut Energy Balls
  3. Tempeh Quinoa Power Bowl

3 Favourite Food and Nutrition Trends of 2016


  1. Avocado toast – I don’t care who says they’re sick of this trend, I will never get tired of the combination of perfectly ripe avocado with a thick slab of crusty bread and a dusting of salt. And I usually top it with an egg for some staying power too.
  2. Smoothie bowls – I never liked smoothies until I learned you can eat them out of a bowl with toppings!
  3. Beans – with 2016 being the Year of the Pulses, it was awesome to see beans step into the limelight. This year I especially loved roasted chickpeas, beans in enchiladas, and homemade hummus.

3 Least Favourite Food and Nutrition Trends of 2016

  1. Turmeric – with the evidence being shaky on the nutrition benefits of turmeric, I haven’t jumped on board with adding it to everything from oatmeal to lattes. I’ll stick to just using it for its flavour in cooking.
  2. Cashews – purely because of my allergies to nuts, otherwise I’m sure I’d love this trend!
  3. Allergy testing – it’s so trendy to get tested for allergies these days, but some of the tests used actually aren’t accurate! Read my post about allergy testing if you want to learn more.

Top 3 Restaurant Meals of 2016


  1. Duck bolognese pasta at Lafayette in NYC
  2. Mushroom pizza at 7 Enoteca in Oakville
  3. Avocado toast from St. James Espresso Bar & Eatery in Hamilton

Top 3 Life Highlights of 2016


  1. My first trip to NYC
  2. My sister moving back from England
  3. Cooking so many great meals with friends

And that’s wrap on 2016. Here’s to a happy, healthy, and delicious 2017!


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4 Responses to 2016 in Review

  1. Yeah, I did some resolutions but they have my unique, shall we say, spin on things. More booze made the cut, but you already know that.

    Also tumeric can actually interact negatively with a lot of pharmaceuticals, including my medication for postpartum, so I’m not on the tumeric train either.

    Happy New Year!!

    • Chelsea

      I like your version of resolutions wayyy better than the traditional version! ;)

      Good point! Yeah a lot of people don’t consider that even natural substances can have interactions or can be harmful in excess.

  2. Tumeric is annoying. That’s all I have to say on the topic!

    One of my 2016 hilights was that ratatouille crepe. I tell everyone about it and I need to work on a plan to recreate it!

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