Top 5 Reader Favourites of 2015

Sorry for the lame December guys. I know I promised delicious holiday recipes, but life got in the way as it tends to do. We got back from our cruise in mid-December and then – bam! – all of a sudden it was the holiday season and I so was not ready for it. I spent the next 1.5 weeks in a blur of shopping, baking, and catching up at work. Actually, the first thing I did after flying back was go to the mall to do my Christmas shopping… and let’s just say I was not prepared for facing all the rude drivers in the parking lot after spending the past week surrounded by drunk, happy cruisers.

But anyways, Christmas came and went – and it was a wonderful four days of family time, good food, and lots of lazing around. I’m looking forward to getting back to somewhat of a routine after this crazy month, which will hopefully mean a return to more regular blogging. But for now I’ll leave you with a glimpse back at my top 5 most popular recipes of this year:

5. Nut Free Banana Chocolate Chip Date Bars

These bars combine 3 of my favourites: bananas (in chip form!), chocolate, and dates. And you don’t have to bake them, which means you get to eat them faster. Win on all counts!

Banana chocolate chip date bars (nut free + vegan) via

4. Vegan Jamoca Almond Fudge Cookies

This recipe takes all the amazing components of this Baskin Robbins ice cream flavour and sticks them into a better-for-you cookie made with whole wheat flour and coconut oil.

Healthy mocha almond fudge cookies that are vegan and made with whole wheat flour!

3. My Favourite Everyday Banana Oatmeal

This super easy oatmeal is my breakfast of choice. I made this recipe all the time before I posted it last January – and I still make it several times per week! Banana with almond butter just never gets old, am I right?

Make breakfast easy with this 2 minute microwave banana oatmeal that's healthy and easily adapted to be dairy free, gluten free, and nut free!

2. Shallot and Gruyere Omelette

Seems like simple recipes really were a hit in 2015! This omelette is one of the easiest meals ever, but so delicious. Also it makes me feel like I’m a fancy French girl, even if I’m eating it in my PJs on the couch while marathoning The Mindy Project for 6 hours straight.

This shallot and gruyère omelette is a healthy vegetarian breakfast or brunch that's naturally gluten free!

1. Mexican Sweet Potato Skillet Hash

This has become a regular staple at our house since I posted this! It’s healthy, it’s cheap, it can be a fast dinner (when I pre-cook the sweet potatoes ahead of time), and John will eat it without complaining that I’m feeding him weird vegetarian food – ha!

This Mexican sweet potato skillet hash and fried egg topped with melted mozzarella cheese is a hearty vegetarian breakfast or brunch!

Have an awesome New Year’s Eve everyone! See you in 2016!


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  1. Happy New Year’s, lovely lady!!! Wishing you ALL THE BEST in 2016 :)

  2. HNY CK. (Chelsea Kale).

    Wait, aren’t malls and cruises the same thing ;)

  3. Happy New Year!!

    I can see why these recipes were all hits in 2015. Bananas, potatoes, and eggs…some of my favorites right there.

  4. It’s PRETTY OBVIOUS as to why these are the favorites!!! :P

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