Month In Review: May 2015

It’s the first of June which means the end of my birthday month… oh wait, just kidding, I’m celebrating again this weekend! But after that I swear I’m done with the festivities. Other than birthday celebrations though, here’s what went down this month:

Month In Review: May 2015

// Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen Recipes

Sunbutter Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies: Made with oats, bananas, flax, dried cranberries, and chocolate chips, these wholesome cookies make a good healthy snack or breakfast!

Sunbutter Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mediterranean Millet Salad with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Goat Cheese: If you love the flavours of Greek cuisine, you’ll love this salad!

Mediterranean Millet Salad

// Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen Blog Posts

8 Ways to Teach Children About Food: Food education may not be mandatory in schools, but you can make it happen at home with these ideas!

Boyfriend Approved Vegetable Side Dishes: If JZ likes these dishes, your picky boyfriend will too. Trust me.

Healthy vegetable recipes that your boyfriend will actually like!

Birthday Week: Friends, family, and food – what more could a girl ask for?

// Off The Blog

The beginning of this month was stressful because I had to write the Canadian Dietetic Registration Exam to get my permanent RD license. I still don’t know my results yet, so cross your fingers for me!

The rest of my month was smooth sailing. Mid May I attended a cooking class at Sobeys with fellow RD Andrea. It was taught by a local chef who was actually on an episode of Chopped! He made a fantastic Italian themed menu with grilled apricot and burrata salad, gnocchi and morels in cream sauce, lemon and parsley breaded pork loin, and mini ricotta cheesecakes with stawberry rhubarb compote. Pictures are up on my Instagram!

We also started hunting for a new place this month, which has been a headache to say the list. Why can’t we find an apartment with a renovated kitchen, air conditioning, parking for two cars, and no ugly flooring for a price that won’t empty our bank accounts? All I can say is that we’d better find somewhere in the next four weeks, or else we’re going to be taking up residence in a cardboard box in the park!

// Favourite Links

Our new favourite breakfast
The most delicious shrimp recipe
Loved these banana muffins
This strata was a big hit on Mother’s Day
Yes! Please tell me I’m not the only one who loved this movie
This post from fellow RD Helen West is a good laugh

What were the highlights of your month?


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10 Responses to Month In Review: May 2015

  1. Sounsds like May was a great month for you Chelsea- really hoping you passed your exam (pretty sure you did)!! May involved a lot of travel for which I loved and I think June will be even better…gotta love birthday month ;)!

  2. Definitely keeping my fingers crossed for you, but I’m betting you did freaking awesome. And ugh… I remember house hunting being the bane of my existence as well. I must have looked at around 40+ places before I finally found one that I loved. Sending good juju!

    • Chelsea

      Wow! We didn’t look at 40, but it was definitely a lot – and a giant pain in the butt! I guess it’s worth it to find a place you love though.

  3. come move in my shoebox! Actually, it’s more like an earring box! I have no doubt you aced the exam!

    • Chelsea

      Hahaha well at least it’s an earring box with a decent kitchen to do your recipe creations in! I’ve heard of NYC apartments that don’t even have a kitchen!

  4. I’m still drooling over that Mediterranean Millet Salad.

    Good luck with the exam and the apartment hunting. Fingers crossed in both regards.

  5. I’m sure you killed it on your exam! As for apartment hunting – it’s a pain in the ass, I know. I’m sure you’ll find something awesome though!

  6. This was from two weeks ago but I sure hope your prospects are looking better in the housing department. Finding a decent apartment is rough, I imagine its about 1000x more difficult over there.

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