Month In Review: April 2015

I know last month I said I was happy for March to be over, but I’m now happy for April to be over too. Especially considering it SNOWED just last week. Not impressed. But at least other than the weather the month was good!

I’ve been settling into the new place and enjoying my free time with JZ, so blogging got a bit pushed to the wayside this month and I started dwindling down to just one post per week. I think that will probably become the norm around here. I don’t have the time to post more frequently, so I’d rather stick with what is doable than stress myself out!

Anyway, here’s what went down on the blog this month:

Month In Review - April 2015

// Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen Recipes

Kabocha Squash with Garlic Yogurt Sauce – I know it’s spring, not fall, but I just couldn’t hold myself back from making this recipe once the idea popped into my head. It may not be in season, but it’s delicious!

Squash with garlic yogurt sauce (vegetarian, gluten free, nut free)

Black Bean and Mango Quinoa Salad – starting a full time job has meant packing my lunch again. This makes a great one dish lunch that’s full of protein and fibre!

Black bean, mango, and quinoa salad

Mexican Skillet Sweet Potato Hash – one of the only ways I can get JZ to eat a vegetarian meal.

Mexican Sweet Potato Skillet Hash

Black Bean Rice Bowl with Garlic Yogurt Sauce – a copycat recipe from a café chain here in Ontario. The sauce is seriously addictive!

Black Bean Rice Bowl with Garlic Yogurt Sauce (Vegetarian and Gluten Free)

// Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen Blog Posts

I’ve always liked to think of myself as a savvy shopper, but now that I’m a dietitian working at a grocery store, I’ve learned even more tricks to saving money on food, which I shared in this post.

It can sometimes be hard to find nut free snacks recipes online, but I rounded up 20 in this post: 20 healthy nut free snacks. Who needs peanut butter?!

// Off The Blog

Things at the new job are going well! Sometimes I’ll be in the store’s kitchen whipping up a batch of granola or flax muffins to sample along with my booth on whatever nutrition topic I’m promoting, and I’ll feel in total disbelief that this is my job that I get paid for! I also taught my first class this month I was only a little nervous going into it, but I felt so at ease once I was up in front of the class and got great feedback from the participants. I just feel so in my element!

Granola sample

I also had the chance to connect this month with local RD Andrea who writes a blog for her business, Dietetic Directions. We’ve been chatting over social media for months, so it was fun to finally meet in person. She made us reservations at Public Kitchen – a local small plates restaurant – and we had a fantastic meal. I wish I’d taken pictures, but you’ll just have to trust me when I say how good the eggplant crostini with whipped feta and crispy onions was.

// Favourite Links

This loaf
Can’t get enough of rhubarb lately
My new favourite veggie burger
Loved these pancakes

What were the highlights of your month?


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10 Responses to Month In Review: April 2015

  1. It’s so awesome that you’re getting paid to do what you love. Isn’t that the dream?!? I’m totally clicking on the veggie burger link after I post my comment ;) haha

  2. it just snowed!??! YIKES!! my highlight is that baby william turned ONE this month!!

  3. So glad you liked my pancakes! :) I hope May is snow-free!

    • Chelsea

      They were fantastic! I loved the hint of orange in them.

      May has been snow free so far – thank goodness!

  4. Still think that this job is 100% perfect for you! Also, I don’t know if I’ve ever had the rice bowl from Williams but I want your version.

  5. I’m thrilled the job is working out fantastically. You deserve it.

    • Chelsea

      Thanks Meg! It’s still going wonderfully. I taught a class on Mediterranean cuisine yesterday and the participants went nuts over this fig and date compote I made. I think I need to make it again and post it!

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