The best of 2014

Well, I guess that’s it for 2014. It was quite a year. I completed the last seven months of my dietetic internship, fell in love, flew overseas for the first time, and experienced tragedy, joy, and everything in between.

I wish I had some wise words about all the lessons I learned this year, but the only thing that comes to mind is that I learned to not post a negative opinion of a restaurant on your blog – even if you don’t identify it by name – because they. will. find. you.

Um yeah, my bad. Otherwise 2014 was a great year on the blog with lots of improvements, new readers, and of course new recipes. I’ve rounded up the top 10 most popular recipes from my blog today to recap a great year!

Top 10 Recipes of 2014

From left to right:
1. Blueberry vanilla energy balls
2. Vegan tempeh chili
3. Healthy oat and flax date squares
4. Roasted fall vegetables with sage, Parmesan, and balsamic reduction
5. Kefir breakfast bowl
6. Cheesy baked cauliflower
7. Easy homemade chicken noodle soup
8. Cacao avocado pudding
9. Spring chickpea quinoa salad
10. Vegan coconut oil chocolates

Along with recipes, in 2014 I also focused on posting more food and nutrition related posts. I write these posts partially because I enjoy writing them, and partially because blogging is my only outlet for it – my family and JZ always stop me 5 minutes into my nutrition rants, when I could easily go on for 30 minutes! Luckily you guys never tell me to shut up.

These are the top 10 most viewed non-recipe posts this year:

Top 10 Posts of 2014

1. 5 ways to add protein to your oatmeal
2. First step to weight loss
3. Why Registered Dietitians are the best source of nutrition advice
4. Things you should consider when reading my blog
5. Is coconut oil good for you?
6. 10 ways to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for longer
7. Are “healthy choices” on restaurant menus actually healthy?
8. 10 tips for shopping at farmers markets
9. Nut butter alternatives for nut allergies
10. How to choose a healthy granola bar

What was your favourite recipe from my blog this year? Favourite post?


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10 Responses to The best of 2014

  1. You had a great year Chelsea! I have loved following along with your recipes, and reading posts from someone who is as passionate about local and sustainability as I am! Here is to 2015 :)

  2. Happy New Year Chelsea! That Baked Cauliflower is now one of my New Year’s resolutions. ;) And, you’ll have to tell me about this resto that hunted you down! So curious …

  3. What a great year you had! I’ve had those blueberry vanilla energy balls & the date flax squares pinned for such a long time! I’m hoping I’ll be able to whip up at least one of them before we leave the country next week!

    And you know I’d never stop your nutrition rants!! haha ;) I love reading about your opinions on different nutrition topics.

    Hope you and JZ have a great New Yearrs!

    • Chelsea

      Haha yes you’re one of the few people who doesn’t shut me up when I ramble about nutrition – I’m going to miss that this year! Who am I going to talk about food and nutrition and blog recipes with?!? I might end up sending you super long rambling Facebook messages (or emails? What’s the best way to stay in touch?).

  4. :lol: Omg so I’m gonna need more details about this restaurant that hunted you down.That sounds kind of epic. And 2014 really was a great year for CHK!! Here’s to an even better 2015 :)

  5. I want to hear the restaurant story. It sounds like an entertaining one.

    Also still on my list to make is the roasted veggies (i.e. squash) and the cheesy cauliflower bake. Both sound delicious to me.

    • Chelsea

      Remember that post I wrote for me and JZ’s one year anniversary? The restaurant where we initially had reservations found my post and contacted me!

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