Big holiday giveaway!

Some people dread holiday shopping, but I… well, I’m not going to lie, I’m one of those people. I like gift shopping when I have an idea of the perfect present to buy someone that I know will bring a smile to their face. But when I’m clueless as to what to buy, I hate walking around the mall aimlessly trying to find something (I’m looking at you, mom – why are you so hard to buy for?!).

But that’s not the case today because I have the perfect collection of gifts to give away that I know you’ll like. This is the biggest giveaway I’ve ever organized on Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen and I did it to say “thank you” to you guys for reading! Whether you’re a new reader or an old one, a commenter or a lurker (psst don’t be shy – I’d love to hear from you!), I seriously appreciate all of you for taking the time to read my little corner of the internet.

Ok, on to the good stuff. Here’s what’s up for grabs:

Big holiday giveaway(1) A 1-year subscription to Fine Cooking: Fine Cooking is my all time favourite food magazine, and in fact it’s the only one I subscribe to. It has a great variety of recipes, from quick and easy to more complex, and is great for anyone who wants to learn more about cooking techniques and the science behind food!

(2) Five assorted Giddy Yoyo chocolate bars: I’ve raved about Giddy Yoyo on this blog many times before, and I have no shame about raving some more. This company makes the most delicious organic and fair-trade chocolate that is also vegan, soy free, and nut free. And with cool flavours like vanilla salt and moka cardamom, how can you not be a fan?

(3) The Oh She Glows Cookbook: This cookbook is hands down my favourite cookbook from 2014 (check out my review of it). Angela’s vegan recipes are as tasty as they are beautiful. And the best part? Is how healthy they all are! My personal favourites are the brownies and the Glo bars, but you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

(4) 2 packages of The SoyNut Butter Company’s new granola: This new nut-free granola (currently only available online) is the answer to my granola prayers. Not only is it delicious, but it’s actually very healthy with only 3 g of sugar per serving in the Original flavour and a good dose of protein and fibre! I’m already addicted.

(5) Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts: Hemp Hearts are one of my favourite products because of their stellar nutrition profile. You get a good dose of protein, omega 3s, iron, zinc, manganese, magnesium, and more in just a couple of tablespoons! Goodness Me is donating a 227 g package of these nutrition rockstars from their new online store (which has great deals on healthy foods and natural beauty products!).

(6) A gift package from Bob’s Red Mill: Bob’s Red Mill is my go-to company for baking and cooking ingredients like flours, grains, sugars, dried beans, etc. They’re offering a gift pack of 4 products selected by yours truly. I went with an ancient grains theme (because they’re so in right now) and chose quinoa, farro, millet, and spelt berries to freshen up your whole grains pantry for the New Year.

So here’s how this giveaway will work:

One week from today on December 19, 2014 at 9:00 am EST I will select one winner for each prize – that’s 6 winners total! To enter, leave me a comment telling me one thing that’s on your holiday wishlist this year (mandatory). Make sure your comment includes a valid email address so that I can reach you if you are a winner! You can also earn additional entries by doing the following (leave a separate comment for each entry):

  1. Follow me on Twitter
  2. Tweet about the giveaway: “Big holiday giveaway for foodies at Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen via @healthychels! Enter to win here:”
  3. Follow me on Instagram
  4.  Follow me on Pinterest
  5. Subscribe to my blog via the subscription box on my side bar

Giveaway is open to Canadian and US residents only. 

Good luck!


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132 Responses to Big holiday giveaway!

  1. Ooooh what a great list of prizes, I would LOVE to win! I tweeted!

  2. ANd I follow you on IG AND Pinterest AND twitter :)

  3. Awesome giveaway Chelsea!! This year I have a spiralizer on my wish list! I need zucchini noodles in my life.

  4. court

    I have an ipad on my wishlist this year!

  5. court

    I follow you on twitter!

  6. court

    follow on instagram!

  7. court

    follow on pinterest!

  8. Oh I am so excited! The fun giveaways are always US residents only blah blah. On my wish list is a yoga pass to a local studio! (I can’t get myself to dish out the cash)

  9. Oh She Glows has been on my wish list for a long time. :) Hope to find it under the tree. (And maybe one of those fun Instax cameras.)

  10. I follow you on Twitter. I’m @trysmallthings :)

  11. I’m following you on Instagram (and I’m starting to feel like a stalker!). My handle is trysmallthings

  12. Following on Pinterest. I’m Julie Dyer.

  13. I subscribed (yay!) juliebumboolie at yahoo dot ca

  14. I follow on twitter (@mightykarine)

  15. I follow on instagram (karinespace)

  16. I follow on pinterest (karinespace)

  17. On my wish list is a new farmhouse kitchen sink.
    I have followed you on IG, Twitter and pinterest (@the5oclockrush)

    Happy Holidays

  18. Chantelle

    I asked for a steam cleaner, and I am so excited (and possibly weird!)!!

  19. What a great giveaway! I have gardening gloves on the wishlist and dreams of becoming a gardener :)

  20. I follow you on Twitter (@hiddenponies) :)

  21. meredith

    I really want a new leather purse!

  22. meredith

    Followed on twitter!

  23. meredith

    And pinterest :-)

  24. Annabella

    I really want to vitamix!

  25. Annabella

    Followed you on Twitter @pbcheesecake.

  26. Annabella

    Followed you on IG as well!

  27. A spice grinder is on my list!

  28. Great products! I follow on twitter

  29. Following on IG (@withinthekitchen)

  30. Following on Pinterest (Ceecee withinthekitchen)

  31. I agree – Fine Cooking is a FINE magazine! :) On my holiday wishlist this year….. Hm. I want a grain mill attachment for my kitchenaid stand mixer. And a pizza stone. Thank you for the giveaway Chelsea – xoxo Happy Friday!

  32. …And how was I NOT following you on Twitter before?! Bad kristy! Bad!

  33. Following on IG :) @kristy_Gardner

  34. And Pinterest. Enjoy your day my love!

  35. Laura

    I want a slow cooker :)

  36. Laura

    Also I totally already follow you on Twitter and Instagram…pick me pick me :D
    Happy holidays!

  37. Katharine

    I want a couple of kettlebells :)

  38. Katharine

    I follow you on twitter :)

  39. Definitely some awesome prizes – thanks for putting this on lady! As for my wish list…I want snowboarding gear so I can learn sometime soon!

  40. Wow, this is so generous! Thanks! I’m a former blogger turned lurker for now…haha. I have Angela’s cookbook too and love it.
    One thing on my holiday wishlist… for time not to go too quickly so I can enjoy my time with family!

  41. And I follow you on Pinterest already!

  42. This is an amazing giveaway!! One of the things on my holiday wish list is a new theme for my website haha! And hummus, I kinda wish I was kidding LOL!

  43. I have a new camera lense for food photography on my wish list this year!

  44. I already stalk all of your social media streams.
    I tweeted.

    For Christmas, I’d love a 10/20 class pass to my hot yoga studio!!!

  45. Ps. If I win, I don’t want the OSG cookbook because I already own it!

  46. joe gersch

    i would love a vitamix

  47. Melissa

    Amazing giveaway! I also started following on Instagram and Pinterest.

    The top thing on my wish list is a new pair of ski mitts. :)

  48. You know what’s sad? I fell in love with Giddy YoYo chocolates and a few months later, all the stores here stopped carrying them! Like… what?!?! And before I went to Sephora this weekend, I had nooooo idea what I wanted, but now there’s a whole bunch of makeup on my list :)

  49. I would like to get a Vitamix for Christmas. Would be so awesome to make veggie and fruit smoothies like the ones in the Oh She Glows book!

  50. Following on Instagram as @beyondumami

  51. cel

    Lush products on are on xmas wish list :)

  52. Angela

    On my wishlist is a waffle maker!

  53. Laura

    My wish list includes restaurant GC and gym clothes to balance it out! :)

  54. Laura

    I follow on Twitter, instragram an tweeted!

  55. cel

    I already follow you on insta! @celinaeliz

  56. New ski boots are on my wish list!

  57. Hayley

    All I want is to spend time with my fam and friends…no gifts on my wishlist as of yet!

  58. Hayley

    I follow you on twitter!

  59. Hayley

    I follow you on instagram!

  60. Hayley

    I follow you on pinterest!

  61. a good chef’s knife is on my wishlist this year :)

  62. a good chef’s knife is on my wishlist :)

    my email is

  63. april

    i follow you on ig :)

  64. april

    i’m moving into my new apartment this weekend, so i’m asking for lots of home/kitchen products.

  65. Teri

    I would like some new sunglasses

  66. Teri

    I tweeted about the giveaway

  67. This is so great Chelsea! I would love a Fitbit this year.

  68. Abby Fivel

    I am asking for new Athleta gear this year :)

  69. Abby Fivel

    I follow you on pinterest!

  70. Felisha

    This year on my holiday wishlist I have asked for an immersion blender, spiralizer, and a new cat tree for my babies :)

  71. Abby Fivel

    I subscribed to your blog! I’m so excited :)

  72. Abby Fivel

    I follow you on instagram now as well!

  73. Jenny

    A Vitamix or a Nutribullet is on my wish list this year!

  74. Jenny

    I follow you on twitter – @jennierinnn

  75. Jenny

    I follow you on instagram as well :)

  76. Jenny

    I follow you on pinterest!

  77. Pick me! I want the subscription! xoxoxoxo

  78. JessW

    Well my holiday wish list included a new phone, which we got on Black Friday

  79. JessW

    I follow you on Twitter @JesBWill

  80. JessW

    I follow you on Instagram @Jesbwill

  81. JessW

    I tweeted! It won’t let me post the link to the tweet for some reason. @JesBWill

  82. Amanda

    I would love a heart monitor this year. And also some giftcards for Lowe’s so I can buy some paint. I just bought my first house this summer, so my to do list is super long!

  83. Amanda

    I follow on insta.

  84. Amanda

    And pinterest.

  85. My holiday wish list includes a new pair of running sneakers. I’m past due for some so I added it to my wish list. What I’m really looking forward to though is seeing and spending some time with my family. I haven’t seen my nephew since this summer so I can’t wait to play all kinds of games with him. He’s a ball of energy and so much fun to hang out with. True story.

    Oh and I already follow your ass on pretty much everything: IG, Pinterest and Twitter. :)

  86. This is so generous of you Chelsea. Just reading your blog posts is a gift in it of itself! :) “I follow you on Twitter”!

  87. I follow you on instagram (obviously!) :)

  88. I follow you on pinterest!

  89. I didn’t realize I’ve been missing out on subscribing to your blog this whole time. So it’s official, I am ‘subscribed’!

  90. This Christmas I’m just asking for “Why I love you” letters. No need for any clothes or electronics. Although now I am regretting NOT asking for a cookbook magazine subscription. :) What was on your list?

  91. Number one of my wish list this year is an automatic sushi roller, homemade sushi all the time is a dream!

  92. I would love to get my hands on a Fitbit – I think it would be really encouraging! And maybe some more time to cook from my copy of the Oh She Glows cookbook…too many recipes, not enough time!

  93. Following on the ‘gram, too!

  94. Following on Pinterest! How was I not already?!

  95. ET Pruitt

    A deck box storage bench is on my list.

  96. Madeline

    I have some computer stuff on my wish list, like a hard drive.

  97. Madeline

    I follow you on Twitter (@shala_darkstone).
    madelinebrubaker {at} gmail [dot] com

  98. Madeline

    I follow you on Instagram (shala6).

  99. I really want a new camera!

  100. Ellen

    I want a macbook!

  101. Crystal

    On my wishlist: a new stereo!

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