Anniversary dinner at Spencer’s at the Waterfront

A few Fridays ago, JZ and I celebrated our one year anniversary at Spencer’s at the Waterfront.

But that’s not where we initially made our reservations. Actually, it’s a bit of a story. And after telling it, you guys might totally agree with me or think I’m totally crazy. I’ll let you decide.

So originally we made reservations at a different restaurant that gets great reviews. But on the day of our dinner, I called the restaurant to confirm our reservations for that night. I also took a peek at the menu, and noticed they were still serving their summer menu. So I asked about that while I was on the phone, and they told me that yes, they were still serving their summer menu.

Now this was a restaurant that says right on its website that it serves “earth to table cuisine”  and cooks with “local, seasonal ingredients from near-by farms and food artisans”. Well call me crazy, but I don’t see any peaches or corn growing in this neck of the woods around this time of year.

It just rubbed me the wrong way that a restaurant that labels itself as “earth to table” would be so out of season. So I decided to make reservations at one restaurant that has never failed me: Spencer’s at the Waterfront. A local foods restaurant that stays true to its image, it had its fall menu up – and it looked delicious!

Spencer's at the Waterfront

JZ laughed and laughed and laughed at me when I told him the reason I wanted to change the reservations (actually, it’s been over a week and he’s still laughing at me), but he’s pretty easy going and was happy eating wherever I wanted to go. So to Spencer’s at the Waterfront we went.

After ordering our wines (a Blackstone Merlot for me, and a Konzelmann Gewurztraminer for him) we selected our starters. JZ had the cheese plate with one cheese: a sharp white cheddar. It came with spiced honey with bee pollen, pickled pears, and crisp bread slices. My appetizer was a cumin roasted cauliflower salad with chili date puree, spicy almonds, and pickled onions. I cannot rave enough about this salad – the Middle Eastern flavours were phenomenal! It was also beautifully presented in an intentionally jumbled way.

Spencer's at the Waterfront - cauliflower salad

I also really enjoyed my entree: wild caught salmon with white beans, Swiss chard, maple chili squash puree, and grilled scallion vinaigrette. The white beans were in a delicious creamy sauce that gave a perfect richness to the dish, while the vinaigrette added a nice punch of flavour.

JZ had the top sirloin that came with some roasted vegetables and the most amazing three cheese and chive smashed potatoes. Rather than a light and fluffy texture like mashed potatoes, these were heavy and dense – and full of flavour too. I think they were JZ’s favourite part of his meal!

Spencer's at the waterfront - salmon

For dessert we had no trouble agreeing upon the chocolate brownie with dulce de leche, vanilla ice cream, and sponge toffee. And yes, it tasted every bit as incredible as it looks! The plate had so many different flavours, textures, and temperatures – it was fun to eat!

spencer's at the waterfront - brownie

All in all the meal was fantastic. Just like the past year (has it already been that long?) with JZ has been. Love ya big guy!


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  1. Happy anniversary to you & GZ- cheers to many more! Your reason for changing restaurants made me laugh…I’m pretty sure it would rub me the wrong way too! Totally drooling at that ice cream- brownies & ice cream never looked so fancy ;)!

  2. Peaches in November?! Peaches! In November!! haha. Still totally on your side about this one. It looks like you made a great call switching to Spencer’s – that salad looks delish!!

  3. Happy Anniversary! You meal looks amazing! Exactly something I’d order. Fish from restaurants in always cooked perfectly!

  4. Definitely laughing a little bit :P But I do understand your reasoning. And even -I- honestly can’t believe it’s been a year already. I feel like you just told us about him! Happy Anniversary to you two :) Here’s to many, many more to come!

  5. Happy Anniversary!! Sounds like you guys had a great meal – and I really don’t blame you for switching!! I would’ve done the same thing.. and my husband would still be laughing at me too! ;)

  6. Congrats on the year! And one thing about Spencer’s, for sure, is their commitment to supporting local and seasonal. I love looking over the skating rink in the wintertime.

  7. Awww happy anniversary, hun!! One year together is huge!! I think you guys celebrated perfectly, and I love how you paid attention to the menu and then changed your reservation when the original place didn’t stand up to their advertised standards :) That dessert alone would make me want to head to Spencer’s, let alone all the other good stuff you had!

  8. Happy anniversary to you two! I think it’s totally crazy, not to mention misleading, when restaurants do that. It happens a lot in the Bay Area because it is so trendy to be farm to table, but many establishments just don’t have the funds and resources to pull it off. Spencer’s looks absolutely amazing though!

    • Chelsea

      Thanks Gina! Even though a bunch of restaurants in your area have misleading menus, the restaurants you go to always look amazing!

  9. Aww, happy anniversary to the 2 of you! Honestly, that sounds like something I would do too – that other restaurant just sounds misleading!

  10. That is the best reasoning to switch your plans- seriously! I’m not laughing at that, but laughing that JZ’s cheeseplate had ONE cheese. Worst cheeseplate ever.

  11. Andrea

    This is your best post ever. So happy for you two – Happy Anniversary!!!!!! That’s hilarious why you changed reservations, but so you :P

  12. what a beautiful meal! happy anniversary!

  13. SO funny story — I was reading reviews for restaurants when I came across one you had written (I needed to book for my moms birthday dinner and I was panicking) and I thought — oh my gosh — I used to read your blog from what now feels like EONS ago. So happy to have re-found you and to see you are still putting out beautiful content!


    P.S it’s so nice to have someone from the area so I can actually GO to these places! :)

  14. Happy Anniversary. Glad you had a great meal, and I totally would have switched restaurants for the exact same reasoning. Summer menu in the fall, yet supposedly local flavors…I call shenanigans.

  15. Juice

    Last I checked, Atlantic Salmon is neither in season, nor local to Burlington.

    I suggest you look up that “other” resto again and ask the chef for a tasting menu.

  16. Happy Anniversary to you guys! I’m glad you ended up having a fantastic meal!

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