Month In Review: October 2014

Hi everyone, happy November! I must say I’m pretty excited about the arrival of this month. While I’m not so jazzed about the increasingly cold weather (anyone in California want to adopt me?), I love that November is an acceptable month to start getting in the holiday spirit. That’s my rule at least.

But today I want to look back instead on the past month. I’ve noticed that a few other blogs do monthly review posts, and I’ve always liked the idea of doing them. I know life is often too busy to spend hours poring over blogs, so these posts are a great place to get a snapshot of what went down on Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen over the past month. So here goes my first one – let me know in the comments what you like/dislike about it or if there’s anything you’d like me to add to these posts!

Month in Review - October 2014

// Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen Recipes

This month has been a good month for recipe development! I blame it on the fact that I still can’t find a job as a dietitian in the area where I’m looking. I need to keep myself productive somehow, so I’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen and practicing with my camera.

The latest recipe from this past week were these nut free spooky chocolate soy nut butter cookies. Halloween may be over, but who needs an excuse to make cookies, right?

Spooky chocolate soy nut butter cookies

After Thanksgiving, I shared this lightened up version of my family’s favourite cheesy baked cauliflower, which I made healthier with Greek yogurt in place of mayonnaise. This would be a great side dish for Christmas too!

Cheesy baked cauliflower

Probably my favourite recipe of the month were these healthy oat and flax date squares. I hogged this whole batch without sharing – they were that good #sorrynotsorry.

Healthy oat and flax date bars

This artichoke dill hummus is a great twist on classic hummus, and takes about 2 seconds to whip up in a food processor (and also about 2 seconds to demolish).

Artichoke dill hummus

// Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen Blog Posts

This month’s vegan supper club with Tracey was another good one, featuring cornbread, chili, and pumpkin spice blondies. Be sure to check out the post if you’re in need of some vegan cooking inspiration!

Vegan Supper Club 4

In October I had the opportunity attend the Delicious Food Show with a media pass. I discovered tons of great companies and ate lots of good food! 

One Friday earlier this month, JZ and I played hooky and went to Stratford for the afternoon. I wrote a review of Pazzo Taverna and Pizzeria, where we had awesome pizza.

Pazzo Pizzeria

I only wrote one nutrition focused post this month, where I discussed the question: Are healthy choices on restaurant menus actually healthy? Read the post to find out!

// Blogging

You might have noticed a shiny new badge on my sidebar this month… and that’s because I had not one, but two of my photographs accepted on Foodgawker! I still consider myself an amateur with my camera and have no idea what I’m doing 50% of the time, but this was a nice confidence boost.

my foodgawker gallery

This month I also became a Featured Blogger for The SoyNut Butter Company. This is a company that I’ve been supporting since I was 11 years old, so I’m psyched to be working with them!

// Off the blog

This year I attended my first Oktoberfest celebration! I had a great time and even  tried to drink beer. I couldn’t make it through a cup though – I’m a wine girl through and through! I made these awesome homemade pretzels to share at the pre-party. It took about 4 hours and resulted in a kitchen covered in white spatters from the baking soda water, but it was worth it.

homemade pretzels

I went in to Toronto with Sam for a delicious dinner cooked by The Healthy Maven herself. Gotta love blog friends!

I’ve been spending a lot of my time studying for my upcoming RD exam. I’m currently a temporary member of the College of Dietitians of Ontario, but I have to pass this exam if I want to become a permanent member and keep those two letters behind my name. I feel like I forget how to study though… any current students want to hit me with some study tips?

And that’s it for October. Here’s hoping for a great November!

What were the highlights of your month?


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18 Responses to Month In Review: October 2014

  1. seems like a great month for you! good luck on your test, i had a lot of questions on food service (an area i hated the most).

    • Chelsea

      Thanks for the tip! I didn’t end up writing the test due to a death in the family, but I will keep that in mind when I write it in May!

  2. I will definitely be interested to see if you do this again. I have thought about it too, and it is a great way for people to catch up if they have been away. Please let me know if you think it is worth doing. I enjoyed your posts this month :) You know that from my sharing!

    My October was a great month, and also very humbling at Chicago, but moving in the right direction :)

  3. Oh my that baked cauliflower looks so good! Good call on using greek yogurt. Also – congrats for getting on foodgawker! That’s amazing!

    • Chelsea

      Thanks Christine! I find don’t always find that Greek yogurt is a good replacement for mayo but because of the flavour from the cheese, it works well in that dish!

  4. Woohoo!!! Congrats on the FG acceptance, lady! I remember being completely over the moon when I got my first one :D And I’d have to say that the best part of my month was meeting Jo and Sam in Banff. Now all we need is you out here :)

    • Chelsea

      Thanks girl!

      And yes! I need to make that happen. Probably not this winter though… I’d rather not go somewhere where it’s colder and snowier than it is here! Haha.

  5. Sounds like you had a great month lady! And that dinner at Davida’s was awesome…even though we had to sprint to the train ;-) And congrats on the Foodgawker acceptances, that’s awesome! You’ll be a photography pro in no time ;-)

  6. Time is flyin’ hey?! Like whoa.

    I feel like there were so many great moments happening in Oct that they’ve all blended into one. Thanksgiving with my friends, Sam’s arrival, exploring the mountains… life is good.

  7. Those pretzels look amazing. I love that you did a month recap, it’s great to look at where things started, and what you’ve accomplished.

  8. Those pretzels…I saw them on fb and got incredibly jealous. Congrats on the Foodgawker acceptance- I think I spammed Davs phone when I got my one lol!

  9. I love this recap! I always enjoy looking back on this and it sure seemed like you had a jam-packed October! I still need to try my hand at making your date squares – those look unreal. And congrats on the FG acceptance – it looks like your practicing is paying off! :)

  10. Love the month in review! Also those pretzels look amazing. We made a batch last winter, they take a long time but they’re so worth it!!

    • Chelsea

      Yeah they took forever to make! But I love the feeling of accomplishment after making a hard recipe (also, getting to eat the final result!).

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