Vegan supper club #4

This past week Tracey and I got together for our fourth vegan supper club. We actually started planning October’s menu all the way back in August when we excitedly came up with the idea of making chili and cornbread. But it seemed better to wait until the the chilly weather had hit us to make that dinner.

Well, the chilly weather is here (despite my protests), so what better way to try to embrace it than with good old comfort food?

Vegan Supper Club 4 - cornbread

We went back and forth on the cornbread recipe, but eventually decided on this vegan and gluten free skillet cornbread from the blog Keepin’ it Kind. It looked perfect in the skillet, but it crumbled a bit when we tried to cut and serve it. It seemed to firm up after sitting for an hour though! Taste-wise it was good, but was missing the buttery mouthfeel that I love so much about cornbread. I also would have liked a bit more sweetness in it.

Vegan Supper Club 4 - cornbread slice

The chili we made was Oh She Glows’ favourite vegan chili. I had never actually added tomato paste to my chili before, but I really liked the addition of it – it added a nice rich tomato flavour to the dish! The original recipe calls for a homemade vegan sour cream but because of my nut allergies, we had to omit it. Instead we topped it with a garlic avocado puree and vegan almond “Parmesan” that I had leftover in my fridge. They complemented its flavour really well!

Vegan Supper Club 4 - chili

Dessert was pumpkin spice chocolate chip blondies from Davida’s blog.¬†We made them with whole wheat pastry flour instead of gluten free flour, which gave the recipe a slightly fluffier more cake-like texture than the original. And they turned out delicious!

Vegan Supper Club 4 - pumpkin blondies

Any bets on how long the leftovers will last? I’m pretty sure they’re already almost gone…

Vegan Supper Club 4 - pumpkin spice blondie

Like always, we enjoyed the meal while catching up on life. At one point we started talking about our history of writing, and I realized I’ve been writing pretty much my whole life. I started in third grade when I kept a journal filled with uncensored observations about people in my life, just like my inspiration: Harriet the Spy. I transitioned to a diary format during the angsty pre-teen years, then hopped on the Livejournal bandwagon when all my friends did in high school. I returned to pen-and-paper journaling for a year or two before getting the itch to start blogging, which brings me to today.

It’s funny because I’ve never considered myself a good writer – science has always been my strong point – but for some reason I’ve been drawn to writing for nearly my entire life. Maybe I just enjoy it… but I think there’s something deeper that explains my need to write over the years. Maybe because it allows me to embrace my introvert nature, or because I need a creative outlet, or because it lets me empty my thoughts onto paper when my mind feels too full.

Or maybe I just really like talking about food, and I have to write about it online because no one in real life will listen to me anymore. Except for Tracey – she’s just as big of a nutbar as I am.

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  1. Nutbar? That’s a new one! haha. Those blondies definitely didn’t last very long. I’m considering making another batch again this week because they were that good!!

    • Chelsea

      I’m such a dope – I left my last two blondies in a container on my counter the weekend after we made them, and they were mouldy by the Sunday. So bummed!

  2. Your dinner looks delicious- good call on the avocado puree :)! I just made a mental note to make chilli for dinner sometime this week!

    I’m with you about writing- I never considered myself creative or into writing but it seems like blogging has spurred a passion within me. Along with discussing food with those who share an interest, blogging also serves my family & real-life friends – there’s less of a need to listen to babble on and on hah!

  3. Chili and cornbread….nothing better.

  4. Oh, I think I need to make that chili! It sounds awesome. And I know what you mean about the writing – it’s always kinda been ‘my thing’. Yay blogging as a creative outlet!

  5. I’m SO glad you finally made the chili! I seriously want some now – or make that everything you made!! I definitely enjoy writing too. I wish I could find my earlier journals, and I do believe it has to do with my introvert nature as well, or the fact that it was a creative outlet to let out my emotions when I didn’t really want to open up to people, per se. So interesting to analyze yourself eh? haha

  6. Writing is a great creative outlet for me as well. I rather missed it these past two weeks. It feels good to put pen to paper or words to the internet again.

  7. I idolized Hariette the Spy also, and bought a speckled black notebook so I could be just like her. I’d say you are a pretty well rounded individual so it doesn’t surprise me you are so good at writing.

    That chill looks delicious and I like the idea of topping it with avocado instead of sour cream. Yum!

  8. I love that you do this with your friends :) I have to see if I coax any of my friends into trying something like this, because while I can’t be bothered to cook up fancier meals for myself, I love doing it when other people are involved.

  9. Ohhh I know that chili all too well. Isn’t it delicious? I’ve been adding tomato paste to my chili for years; old trick from my dad!

    • Chelsea

      Now that I’ve discovered the tomato paste trick, I’ve started using it more. Except I added too much to my pasta sauce last week and it turned out way too sweet haha!

  10. I’m crashing #5! Tracy – consider yourself warned ;)

  11. LOL. Oh Chelseakale I cannot believe I am admitting this, but after watching Harriet the bloody spy, I ate tomato and mayo sandwiches for 2 years straight.

    I love this concept- I’ll join the vegan supper club, you can come join the weekend brunch series.

  12. yum! i just made chili on sunday – been eating it all week!

  13. I’ve never tried making cornbread but I love the mouthfeel that it has!

    As if you brought up livejournal… I totally remember being on that bandwagon too. If only I could remember my username/password.

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  16. Hi, Chelsea! I am obsessed with healthy food! Absolutely love your vegan and gluten free skillet cornbread recipe! I found your post from Pinterest! I’m also gonna pin this post on my Pinterest board my followers will love it. Thanks for sharing!

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