An intimate evening at Blacktree

Saturday evening I went to¬†Blacktree with my parents and JZ to celebrate my mom’s birthday.

Blacktree is the perfect setting for enjoying food with others. It’s upscale, but not pretentious and its atmosphere is moody, but fun. Maybe it’s the food, maybe it’s the wine, maybe it’s the ambiance – or maybe it’s all three – but an evening at Blacktree is always an intimate experience.

We started off the evening with Blacktree’s amazing bread and au jus butter, with some light conversation about JZ’s work.

Then our appetizers came out. I had the goat cheese panna cotta with pear, pink peppercorn, and some crispy kale. It was a nice creative twist on the classic goat cheese and pear pairing. We chatted about my mom’s pumpkin pie and JZ’s favourite dessert of cheesecake while enjoying this course. I don’t know why, but somehow my family always ends up talking about food while we’re eating food. We’re pretty strange that way.

Blacktree goat cheese panna cotta

By the time our entrees came out, my parents were telling JZ all about my childhood and the time my dad accidentally swung a saw into my nose (true story!). My dish was the game special for the night: red deer with a parsnip spring roll. Matteo’s red meat dishes never disappoint – it was cooked to perfection!

Black tree red deer

For dessert JZ and I split the soft chocolate cake with white yam ice cream while we laughed over stories my parents were telling us about their pasts. I won’t share their stories on here, but I’ll say they involved taking B52 shots, and I’ll leave it at that.

Black tree chocolate cake with yam ice cream

We left the restaurant that night feeling stuffed with food and with contentment (and possibly with a little too much wine!).

When is the last time you shared a good meal with others?

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14 Responses to An intimate evening at Blacktree

  1. I am a food hogger, especially when I portioned out my meals prior to eating it–I don’t like sharing, haha!

  2. Everything at Blacktree is always plated to exquisitely! I would love to eat there some day!

  3. If I ever make it to your neck of the woods, can Blacktree please be top on our list of places to eat?? Between the deer & dessert, I am almost positive I’d be a huge fan! The last I ate it out was on Sunday while catching up with a friend- pasta was our dish of choice :)!

  4. Wait…you ate red deer. That’s way awesome!! I don’t know of ANY restaurant that offers deer here, which is ironic since I like around so many country hicks!

  5. Your main dish looks amazing! I haven’t had deer in ages. I really want to try this place considering how often you rave about it! As for sharing a good meal – my mom and my best friend are planning a going-away dinner for me in a few weeks. I have no idea where it’s going to be, but they know my taste so I think it’ll be a good time!

    • Chelsea

      One of these days when our budgets allow it we’ll have to go to Blacktree together. There’s a reason I only go with my parents hahaha.

  6. Dude, I’ve read so many of your ventures in this restaurant, part of me feels we need to go here just for the sake of it lol! I love all the various proteins they serve (I remember your older reviews and being impressed ;))

  7. All of these dishes look amazing! There is a dinner planned with some friends for later in November and apparently BlackTree is on the agenda. I’m so excited to try it. Should I drop your name? ;)

  8. Swung a saw into your nose?! Now I need to hear about that…In exchange I’ll share the story about the time I drowned and it was all caught on camera. YA.

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