Beast restaurant

Wednesday night I met up with Davida and Sam for an evening in Toronto and dinner at Beast restaurant.

I know it’s been said before by many, but I will say it again: bloggers are amazing.

We all just get it. We share the same frustrations – with technology, with social media, with blogging itself sometimes. We share the same aspirations to achieve something by blogging, whether that be helping others, spreading nutrition advice, or sharing delicious recipes. We share the same sense of community and desire to help each other (even if blogging guru Davida is usually the one helping us!). And of course we share the same infatuation with food.

So naturally after chatting over iced tea at Teavana and a glass of wine at Davida’s place, we headed out for an amazing meal at Beast restaurant.

Beast restaurant Toronto

We got there before 7 pm, so we were able to take advantage of their $5 drinks and snacks menu. $5 glasses of wine? Give me seven! Just kidding, I only had one. We also ordered 3 items from the snacks menu to try:

green onion pancake + black bean aioli
caprese salad + togarashi duck skin + ginger vinaigrette
duck lettuce wraps

Beast restaurant Toronto

The pancake was a bit tough, but that black bean aioli was heavenly. The other two items were delicious as well!

The restaurant is a small plates style restaurant, so we ordered 5 dishes from the main menu to share:

grilled broccolini, spiced buttermilk aioli, pine nut crumble
pickerel, mushroom, garlic scape, smoked onion sauce, bacon shortbread
togarashi rubbed zucchini, yuzu, sunflower seed gremolata
grilled prawns, peaches, watercress, kaffir + ginger dressing
pork hocks, kecap, kimchi

Beast restaurant Toronto

That broccolini was one of the best vegetables I’ve ever eaten – I think I could even get JZ to eat it! The shrimp dish was also fantastic, as well as the pickerel. I really loved the crispy bits of the pork hocks too, but I just cannot get over the texture of the big chunks of fat. It’s like swallowing snot! Sorry, TMI.

Dessert was a must for us three sweet-toothed bloggers, and we went for the sticky toffee pudding in a bowl of toffee sauce with crème fraîche. Hello delicious! Sam and I both admitted to each other on the drive home that we strongly considered drinking the leftover toffee sauce at the end.

Beast restaurant Toronto

Great meal, great friends, great times.

What is the last meal you enjoyed with friends?

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  1. Blogger friends are awesome! I’m lucky that we have such a huge community here in Virginia :) And $5 glasses of wine? Yes please!

  2. Confession: I totally considered drinking the leftover sauce too! And that’s why we are friends ;) Had the best time with you ladies! We need to get together more often!! xoxo

  3. So much fun! I’d love to meet up with blends. Hopefully, I’ll get the chance soon!

  4. Ahhh I love you guys! Seriously an awesome night <3

  5. Fantastic review, Chelsea! The funny thing is, a longgg time ago, I actually found your blog through an urbanspoon review! I honestly love your blog for these restaurant reviews because I’m within driving distance to most of them. I also truly enjoy your candor. You’re never afraid to tell it like it is (good or not-so-good) -which makes for the best reviews! I’ve never heard of Beast but I really need to get there next time I’m in Toronto. Looks like a crowd pleaser with lots of good eats for all palates.

    PS You had me at $5 wine ;)

    • Chelsea

      My mom thinks I can be too critical. She was actually scared for my life when I gave that 2 Michelin star restaurant in England a negative review. I was like “Chill out mom, no one actually cares what I think and there’s like a 0.0002% chance that the chef of that restaurant will ever see my review” haha.

  6. I’m pretty sure I would have wanted to lick out the sauce also! They need to invent sophisticated straws for that exact reason. Your entire meal looks divine and I don’t doubt the company was perfect. Sounds like so much fun! :)

  7. Mmm all the food looks so good – I bet my boyfriend would really like this place, we’ll have to check it out next time we’re in TO

  8. Why must all my favourite bloggers live out east?! It’s been WAY too long since I’ve seen you, girl! We need to change that STAT. And yeah — it’s always a pleasure hanging out with other bloggers because they just get it… and don’t give you a hard time for taking forever to get the perfect shot of your food ;)

    • Chelsea

      I know, I hate that you’re so far away! :( I may be coming out east sometime this fall/winter though, so if I do, we will definitely be planning something!

  9. …..Can we add this to the restaurant list for November? (It looks like we’ll be eating out a fair bit….ooops ;))

    three epic people. Lots of epic food. That dessert….

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  11. Ah so jealous you guys all live near each other- wish more blends lived in this side of the world :)! I would’ve totally drunk the toffee syrup at the end- it looks heavenly! The last time I enjoyed a meal with friends was over this weekend…we stayed in and cooked rather than eat out!

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