5 tips for starting a supper club with friends

Do you guys ever get in cooking ruts?

I do. All the time. I’ll go to the farmers market and buy the same vegetables as always, and then make the same boring stir fry (ok, it’s not boring, it’s actually really good – but isn’t there a saying that “variety is the spice of life”?) three times in a week. There are tons of new foods to try at the farmers markets, and tons of recipes at my finger tips on Pinterest, but yet I don’t take advantage of them because I feel too busy or overwhelmed to plan to try a new recipe.

But recently I’ve found a solution: a starting a supper club with my friend Tracey (who just so happens to have recently started a blog – check it out!).

She loves cooking and trying out new recipes as much as I do, so it’s the perfect set up. We’ve done our supper club twice so far (check out our first dinner here) and I think we’re aiming to do it monthly because there are so many perks, like:

  • Splitting the effort of cooking labour intensive recipes
  • Sharing ingredients so that you don’t have to spend as much
  • Lots of leftovers to ease the burden of cooking for the rest of the week
  • Getting to enjoy a delicious meal with friend(s)!

Last week we got together for our second supper club:

We started with a cabbage hemp salad from Kris Carr’s cookbook Crazy Sexy Kitchen. It had avocado, cilantro, and lime in it, which is always a great flavour combination.

Supper club

For our main course we made these lentil beanball subs with sauteed kale marinara from Veggies Don’t Bite. They were pretty time consuming since we had to make both the beanballs and the marinara (thank goodness we precooked the lentils, or else it would have taken us even longer!), but the effort turned out to be well worth it because they were really good!

Supper club

We finished off with Oh She Glowssummer stone fruit crisp, which we both really enjoyed but felt could have used a pinch more salt in the topping to bring out the flavour of the coconut. That would just be a small improvement on an already delicious dessert though!

Supper club

Are you interested in starting your own supper club? Here are my tips based on my experience so far:

5 tips for starting a supper club with friends

1. Before starting a supper club: Choose a person or group of people who are on the same page as you. Are you an adventurous eater? Make sure they are too. Do you want to try lots of ethnic dishes? Make sure that’s what they want to do too. Do you want to make budget dishes that won’t break the bank? Make sure they’re on board with that too. It’s also a good idea to make sure all dietary preferences and allergies are known.

2. Create a Pinterest board for your supper club: This is a great way to share recipe ideas for menu planning. And also a great excuse to waste way too much time browsing Pinterest.

3. Make a shareable grocery list: Write up a grocery list with all the ingredients and amounts needed, then send it to all members of the supper club (or share it on Google Docs) so that everyone can fill in what ingredients they already have at home or volunteer to buy ingredients that need to be bought. This also acts as a good resource in case someone forgets one of the cookbooks you need to cook from, which I totally didn’t do (except, I did – luckily this list allowed us to make the recipe without it though!).

4. Read the recipes first: To make sure that the recipes are doable within a few hours and to find out what cooking equipment and appliances are needed. We write all the cooking equipment and appliances that will be needed directly on the grocery list so that the host can make sure that he/she has them in their kitchen. Because grating carrots is pretty hard without a grater! This happened to me once at a friend’s house… let’s just say we ended up with a very crunchy carrot cake.

5. Cook a double or triple batch of the recipes: If you’ve got the capacity to do this, it’s definitely worth it so that everyone can have some leftovers for the week!

Have you ever done a supper club with friends? Any other tips?


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  1. Genius idea- although not many of my mates like cooking haha. I used to have a weekend brunch shindig back in Melbourne and just reintroduced it here- I usually did themes like a pancake topping bar, oatmeal twist- now Davida’s ebook cook off.

  2. Yay! I’ve loved both of our dinners so far & I can’t wait to see what we come up with next! Also, that grocery list is KEY – being that organised was so helpful.

  3. That is suuuucchhh a great idea!!!! I have always said I can’t wait to have dinner parties “when I grow up”, well I would say moving to a different state with my boyfriend seems like I am there! All I need now are some friends in Kentucky ;) I love having people over for dinner, so this would be fun to brainstorm, and maybe even work together :)

  4. Oooh if only we lived closer- we would make super supper club buddies :)! Every so often, a few friends and I will cook together and it always ends up being so much more of a blast than if we ate out. I couldn’t agree more with you about being on the same page, especially with taste buds to budget restraints. Although in sync dietary preferences would be ideal fortunately there’s enough meals to create some kind of common ground.

    • Chelsea

      I think you need to move here! ;)

      That’s a good point – even with different dietery preferences, there are always at least some meals that can be agreed upon!

  5. What a great idea! I have a friend who has been begging me to come over and help her learn to cook. This would be a great idea to get her involved and cook together!

  6. What an awesome idea!! This would be SO fun to do with my friends here in Omaha :)

  7. The pinterest board – holy cow how have I never thought of this! I’m so used to the long chain of group texts where ideas can get lost and tend to be a little overwhelming! I will be setting up a supper club board soon and adding my best girlfriends – thank you so much for posting. I also checked out Tracey’s blog – its great! Thanks for sharing!

    • Chelsea

      Yeah Tracey and I do those long texts/Facebook messages too and there are always so many ideas going back and forth – it can get confusing!

      Glad my ideas were useful to you! :)

  8. I do a weekly ‘supper club’ with Glenn. We usually end up going to the same restaurant though because we’re obsessed with this damn burrito. Hahhaa.

  9. This is so adorbz!! I need to get my hands (and mouth) alll over that cabbage salad.

    • Chelsea

      It’s pretty easy to recreate! It’s just cabbage, julienned sweet peppers, oil, mashed avocado, lime juice, cilantro and hemp seeds.

  10. I just love this idea! I especially love the idea of starting a Pinterest board for the supper club. How fun is that?! And that Kris Carr salad… yes, pleeeease!

  11. I love cooking and eating with friends–I say the more the merrier! These types of events are always more than going to eat out.

  12. Such a good idea! Who doesn’t love bonding over food and home cooked meals give you even longer to chat plus they save money!

  13. I have NEVER gotten in a cooking rut, and I eat the same food every day. THAT BEING SAID – this past week has been different, so different… I have not been interested in the foods that I adore. SO WEIRD!!!! I blame August, finishing school, boys, etc. HA! September will bring me back, I KNOW IT! ;)

  14. I love the idea of a supper club. What a fabulous thought.

    Since I get most of my produce through a CSA, I’m forced to be inventive and try new things. It’s really kept me on my toes and creative in the kitchen.

    • Chelsea

      That’s so true! I think it would be such a fun challenge to be part of a CSA. But I would miss going to the farmers market as often!

  15. This is SUCH a cute idea. I want to do this ASAP! Your menu looked delicious by the way!

  16. This is such an awesome idea girl! A few girls in my department might totally be up for this! Those subs look awesome too and I am totally pinning the recipe for a Sunday afternoon

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  18. Thanks for trying out my Beanball Subs and glad the effort was worth it! I usually make the bean balls and sauce by the batch and freeze so it’s super quick to pull together for dinner. And you can always use a jarred sauce instead of making your own which I have done too! Thanks again!

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