Things to do in Marlow

Hi again everyone! I’m back from my trip to the UK – and it was amazing! I feel like I’m bursting with things I want to post about. But I’m going to take it one topic at a time, and start with my stay in Marlow, which is a small town about a 30 minute drive from London.

Things to do in Marlow

Hayley is nannying for a family who lives there, so that’s where I stayed, and we just made the trip into London most days. There were about 3 days total we spent in Marlow though so I got a pretty good feel for it. Here are some of my highlights from my time there and my suggestions for things to do in Marlow:


Fego Cafe is a cute cafe on High Street that serves breakfast and lunch. I went there a handful of times and always enjoyed my meal. My favourite was their “Mediterranean Brunch”, which was grilled halloumi, avocado, peppers, tomato, spinach, and mushrooms on toasted poppy & rye sourdough topped with a poached egg, pesto, and rocket.

Things to do in Marlow

I also had Fego Cafe’s full English breakfast on my last morning there because I felt it was an English experience I needed to partake in (pictured below, plus toast). It was good, but seriously filling – I wasn’t hungry until 10 hours later!

Things to do in Marlow

We also went to The Cedar Coffee Shop for lunch one day. It has a Mediterranean inspired menu with sandwiches, wraps, and salads, but I got that day’s special of chili con carne stuffed sweet potato topped with crème fraîche. It was delicious!

Things to do in Marlow

Marlow is also the home of a two Michelin star restaurant The Hand and Flowers – it is actually the only pub in the world to be awarded Michelin stars. We went there one night on a whim and got a seat at the bar because tables are often booked months in advance.

I started with the potted artichokes with cured pork, summer truffle, trompette, and rye cracker. Unfortunately I found this dish pretty bland and unimpressive. My main was the fillet of sea bass with roast tomato fondue, peppers, and aubergine “provençal”, thyme salt, and French olive oil. I enjoyed this plate, especially the flavour of the aubergine, but the fish needed salt. I ordered the chocolate ale cake with salted caramel and muscovado ice cream for dessert, which again was lacking in flavour. Overall the meal was not what I would expect from a Michelin star restaurant. For the price we paid, which was about $330 total (including alcohol), it wasn’t worth it to me.

The Hand and Flowers

Things to do

Marlow is on the Thames River, and it has an amazing trail that runs along it and throughout the nearby fields. Hayley and I took a long walk one evening by the river, along fields of sheep, and down a path lined with tons of blackberry bushes that anyone can pick. The scenery almost made me feel like I was in Pride and Prejudice!

Things to do in Marlow

It’s also a great place for boating. On nice weekends you’ll see plenty of locals out on their boats enjoying the weather. There are also boating tours for visitors that will take you down the river to nearby towns and attractions. I never did one of those tours, but I did join in with Hayley’s kayak and canoe club one Sunday for their weekly excursion up the river to a little tea shop.

Things to do in Marlow

On my second day there we spent time exploring the town and shopping. Marlow has plenty of shops with English brands like The White Company, Whistles, Jigsaw, Cath Kidston, and Sweaty Betty.

One day we also took a day trip out to Windsor Castle, which is one of the Queen’s castles and is just a short drive away from Marlow. It was my first time visiting a real historical castle – I was in such awe of how big and grand it is! You can just tour the castle on your own, but we decided to do the audio tour which was really informative and taught us a lot about its history.

Windsor Castle

That’s a wrap for things to do in Marlow, but I’ve got some posts about my food and sight-seeing adventures in London coming up next!


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  1. Ahhhh this breaks my heaaarrrttt!!! I miss hoooommmmmeeeee!!!! I am gonna love and hate these posts at the same time. I didnt get to go home this summer, for the first time ever, but I am going to say I lived through you! I should have told you more things to try, but glad you seemed to enjoy it so far :) By the way, love that you say UK now, not Great Britain ;)

  2. Welcome home! I’m so glad you had an amazing time..I can’t wait to read more! I have never been to Marlow but definitely going to change that next time I’m in London- didn’t realise it was only 30 minutes away. There’s a Fego 10 minutes from my place in London and I LOVE it- there sweet potato fries are out of this world!

    • Chelsea

      Oh I didn’t even realize Fego Cafe was a chain! Next time you’re there you need to try out the Mediterranean brunch!

  3. Glad that you had a great time! That meal at the pub though – yikes. I’m sorry that it was disappointing, especially with that price tag!

    • Chelsea

      I mean it wasn’t bad food… but definitely not what I would expect for that much money! I can now officially tell the chef at Blacktree that his food is better than food from a Michelin star restaurant haha.

  4. Looks like you had a great time!! So awesome that your sister is nannying over there and great way for you to go and visit her :)

  5. Welcome home, gorgeous!!! Marlow looks amazing! I’ve only been to London but I would love to go back to the UK and explore more of the countryside!

    • Chelsea

      It was so pretty in the countryside! And it was nice to experience the slow pace of life there compared to London (although even in London I found the pace of life to be a lot slower than here!).

  6. Oh wow! I can’t believe you guys went to a two star restaurant, and it was sub par :( that would have made me so mad! The rest of the village looks lovely, though! I would love to run along the Thames some day. It does indeed look like something from pride and prejudice which is one of my favs :)

    • Chelsea

      If I had felt like running, I definitely would have loved to run along the Thames. But my legs hurt way too much from all that walking to even consider it hahaha.

    I always love seeing/reading oversea recaps because the way of life seems so interesting/different! Not to mention the scenery pictures are gorgeous! I have to admit it really does look straight out of Pride and Prejudice ;)

    • Chelsea

      The way of life really was so different over there! So much slower and more relaxed. I really wish we could adopt that way of life over here!

  8. WOW! 330 dollars?! That’s intense! I actually have no idea what Michelin stars are so I’m off to do some googling! But I’m sorry the meal wasn’t up to your expectations! Seabass is a favorite of mine though!

  9. Welcome….back to your country? I can’t say home, can I?

    I’m so proud you got to try a full English although…where was the black pudding? I love travel recaps, I love the UK and you’re okay too…can’t wait for the rest.

    • Chelsea

      Haha I guess not. Unless you were creeping around at my house at the time that you wrote that comment??

      Um yeah no to the black pudding :P

  10. Missed your fave! Welcome back, lady :D You’re probably going to make me extremely jealous with all these recap posts. I’ve never been to England, but I’m dying to visit one day!

  11. It sounds like you rarely had a minute that was uneventful! i can’t wait to read more about your adventures and the food you experienced! I thought London had some unique places when I visited but it didn’t have the best food I had in Europe- but it was still pretty great!

    • Chelsea

      Oh yeah I’m sure there’s way better food in France and Italy… but we still managed to find some pretty awesome places in London!

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