Graduation dinner at Earth to Table Bread Bar

Friday I graduated from dietetic internship!!! I’ve been waiting for this day to come for the past 10 months – I just couldn’t wait to get out there on my own in the working world. But now that it has passed, I’m a bit sad. This internship has been frustrating, tearful, and even discouraging at times. But also full of learning and self discovery. I seriously feel like such a different person now.

Well, in some ways… I guess some things don’t change.


That picture on the right was taken on Friday during the graduation ceremony for the Hamilton Health Sciences dietetic interns. It was a brief afternoon ceremony with just the interns, our friends and family, our dietitian preceptors, and other individuals involved in the program – it was a really nice time, but I think all of us interns spent the whole thing in disbelief that we are finally done!


After the ceremony we had an hour to kill before our dinner reservations, so we went to The Courtyard for a round of drinks. I had the Robert Mondavi cabernet sauvignon, which I loved! Robert Mondavi wines were the first ones I actually liked when I started drinking wine about five years ago.

At 5:30 we headed next door for our reservations at Earth to Table Bread Bar. I’ve been here a handful of times before, but no one else in the group had. They were all really excited to try it out after hearing my rave reviews.

I started with the arugula and fennel salad with sunflower seeds and fontina, which was really good. My mom also loved her kale Caesar salad, which I’ve had before. JZ was more iffy on it – apparently it tasted too healthy!

Earth to Table Bread Bar

Earth to Table Bread Bar has a variety of things on their menu from burgers to mac & cheese to porchetta on a bun. But what they are most famous for is their pizza, which never lets me down. This time I went for the Gusto pizza – a new addition on their menu. It’s made with tomato sauce, mozzarella, rapini, sausage, chili peppers (which I subbed for roasted red pepper), olive oil, and garlic. It was a bit soggy in the middle, but I still loved it!

Earth to Table Bread Bar

The restaurant staff knew it was a special day for me because of Twitter, and they made it even more special by sending us out a complimentary dessert platter. There were lemon squares, vanilla cheesecake with sour cherries, and brownie with toffee bits – I sampled them all and was not disappointed. Big thanks to the Bread Bar staff for the thoughtful gesture!

Earth to Table Bread Bar

I finished the day stuffed, happy, and proud. And maybe a bit scared of the upcoming job hunt… but I’ll worry about that after my trip to England in a few weeks. For now, it’s time to enjoy freedom for a bit!

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  1. oh that JZ thinking things taste too healthy….
    Once again CONGRATS! You’re amazing. Don’t ever change ;)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I’m so proud of you! Shit just got real. Are you kind of afraid for your first ‘big girl job’?

    Come be an RD in the mountains! People in Canmore are extremely fit and love spending money on anything health related.

    • “Scared” doesn’t even begin to cover it haha.

      I’m actually talking with JZ about planning a trip out to Alberta. He wants to go skiing… so while he’s doing that I’ll come visit you and we can drink kombucha and eat all the food together. Deal?

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so glad you got to celebrate with you friends and family with a good meal- one of your many passions! Time to enter the working world! Well when you get back from England??? So Jealous!

  4. Ahh once again, CONGRATS on graduating, Chelsea- what a huge achievement! It looks like you had a great celebratory meal….you & JZ look super cut together :)! Where about in England will you be staying during your trip? Excited to read about your travels!

    • Super cut? Well gee thanks, I haven’t been working out, but I’ll take the compliment! ;) Haha just kidding, I know what you meant.

      Thanks girl!

  5. Congrats on graduating and finishing up hun! I’m sure you’ll have a job in no time, so enjoy the freedom while it lasts ;) that trip to England sounds fabulous, as does that pizza and dessert tray you had to celebrate :)

    • Thanks girl! No job yet, but oh well. I’m leaving for England soon, so I’ll worry about it after. :P

  6. Congrats girl! Good luck with this new chapter! Yippee! Have the best time ever in England.

    I haven’t been to Earth to Table in ages, I really need to get over there soon :)

    • Thanks Allison! That’s seriously one of my favourite restaurants in the area – never lets me down. There are so many others in Hamilton I’d like to try though!

  7. Eeeeee! Congrats, lady! I second what Jo said — come be an RD over here in AB :D But definitely enjoy the time off because you’ve worked so hard and you’re fabulous so you’ll have no problem finding a job :) Also… England?! Jealous! I’ve never been but it’s definitely on my travel bucket list.

    • Thanks lady!!! I kinda love it here in Ontario but I’m definitely hoping to visit Alberta soon! JZ wants to go as well, so while he’s skiing, I’ll hang with you and Jo. ;)

  8. Congratulations!!! Hope you had fun celebrating and enjoy England :) I’ve graduated with a degree in Dietetics but decided to take a year off to volunteer with AmeriCorps and now pursue my MPH before going for the Dietetic Internship. I would love to hear about your experience whenever you get the chance :)

  9. A huge congratulations!!! So exciting to see what lies ahead. And please, can I come to England with you!! haha (Hey- I actually wanted to message you because I’m going to be in Oakville/Burlington this weekend!!)

    • Well shoot I suck at checking and responding to comments!!! I wish I’d caught you while you were in the area. When will you be here next?

  10. CONGRATS! I’m already fantasizing about the day I finish my dietetic Internship…. in 7 months haha. But it’s flying by so I’m just trying to enjoy it and learn as much as possible.

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