O’Finn’s Irish Temper

Do you guys ever see something that you really want on a restaurant menu… and then order something else?

I do that sometimes for various reasons. Maybe it’s because I get influenced by what my dining companion ordered. Or because I want to get something healthier. Or because I want to order something more seasonally appropriate. Or because the other person wants to split some appetizers instead. Or because the dish has one ingredient in it that I don’t like, and I don’t want to annoy the kitchen by asking them to modify it. Or any other number of reasons.

O'Finn's Irish Temper

This happened to me last summer at O’Finn’s Irish Temper when I went there with Sam for lunch. When we sat down and started perusing the menu, immediately the “Root mash shepherd’s pie” jumped out at me. But was 30°C and the middle of summer – the last thing I wanted was a meal that would make me feel even hotter! So I ordered a chicken Caesar wrap. And it was good… but I couldn’t get that shepherd’s pie off my mind.

So this weekend I went back to O’Finn’s Irish Temper with JZ to get that shepherd’s pie, and it was every bit as good as I’d imagined. It was made with a buttery potato, parsnip, and sweet potato topping with a ground lamb mixture on the bottom. It was comfort food at its finest!

O'Finn's Irish Temper shepherd's pie

We also split a large size Caesar salad, which was pretty standard but made with a great house made dressing.

O'Finn's Irish Temper caesar salad

JZ got the Farmhouse pizza for his entree, which was made on a thin crust made from scratch and topped with house cured bacon, fennel seed pepperoni, quail eggs, sweet roasted garlic, chili spiked tomato sauce, and smoked mozzarella. I had a bite and thought it was good, but would have been even better on a thicker crust – but that’s just personal preference.

O'Finn's Irish Temper pizza

All in all a good meal. And I’m glad I finally satisfied my curiosity about the shepherd’s pie! Except now I’m dying to go back to try their “farm fresh bowl” with quinoa, beets, chickpeas, and all sorts of good stuff in it. Hopefully I won’t make myself wait another 9 months to go back this time!

Have you ever not ordered what you really wanted at a restaurant? Did you ever go back to finally order it?

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14 Responses to O’Finn’s Irish Temper

  1. I do that ALL the time. And usually someone else orders what I initially wanted to get and then I stare longingly! Also I’ve never had shepherd’s pie…say what?

  2. Oh wow this restaurant looks divine- between the Sheperds Pie & runny egg on pizza, I can’t decide what makes me drool more ;)! I used to always order the healthiest option on the menu, regardless of whether or not I actually wanted it. Now I tend to go with what I want for the most part- otherwise I just leave feeling so unsatisfied!

    • Chelsea

      Unless you’re at a good restaurant that knows how to make veggies shine, the healthiest option is usually so boring! I’ve definitely made that mistake a number of times.

  3. Ahhh that was a good restaurant, and I remember you considering that shepherd’s pie, too! Glad that you went back and grabbed it ;-) Echoing Khushboo – I always used to order the healthiest thing on the menu and would always order a side salad – I’m a lot happier now just ordering what I want (because onion rings make me happy)

  4. Omg shepherds pie at an Irish restaurant is always one of my favs and that looks amazing! I used to do that a lot (not order what I want), but now I really try to…even if it means I’m taking something home, I figure it’s better to get what i want than not and be dissatisfied!

    • Chelsea

      You would have loved this shepherd’s pie! I might have to take you there if you come here. Speaking of that, are you coming up to Toronto sometime this year?! I remember you mentioning it in an email a while ago!

  5. I’m sorry if this is sounding redundant but can we please add this to the list of places you’re taking me in T town? I love shepherds pie (in fact, I’ve made your one before with elk but subbed that for kangaroo haha), so if you say this is good then…it must be good. I always do that at restaurants…always. Then kick myself.

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  7. This literally happens to me all of the time! I love restaurants and making a decision on what to order is a big deal to me lol. I have the same issues on deciding what I want because there are so many things to consider! I am glad you got the Shepard’s pie, I love that dish type! I bet you go back to get that bowl as soon as the weather gets consistently warm and the Shepard’s pie no longer sounds very good!

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