Weekend recap: all about cooking

You know what I’ve realized? My weekends totally revolve around cooking. Some people might find that boring, but I kind of love it. Since I don’t get the chance to cook much/at all during the week, it’s nice to spend some solid time in the kitchen on the weekends doing what I love.

With the exception of Friday nights… I’m usually so exhausted by Friday at 5 pm that the idea of cooking makes me wince. So when I got home and my dad said “Hey Chels, want to order Ichiban?” I could not have been more in agreement!

Ichiban sushi

Surprisingly it gave me just enough energy to whip up a batch of soup for dinners next week. Yeah, I spent my Friday night cooking. Hashtag lame-o.

And then I spent Saturday wanting to hurl my DSLR camera across the room as I attempted to learn how to use it when taking photos of the soup. What do all the buttons do, what does AE-L mean, and why the heck did all my pictures turn out so disgustingly bright?!


Clearly I’m not becoming a professional photographer anytime soon. Professional recipe tester though? I could get on board with that. I spent the afternoon making yet another recipe from Oh She Glows’ cookbook. Everything I’ve made so far has been delicious, and these Glo Bars are no exception. I have a feeling this batch won’t last long…

Glo Bars from Oh She Glows

Later on I continued my cooking spree by making dinner for JZ and I. I decided to try making a cheesy sausage baked pasta, which was a good idea in theory, but it turned out on the drier side. It was still really good, but it was a hundred times better when I heated up the leftovers with extra tomato sauce the next night.

Skillet cheesy baked sausage pasta

I made up for the dry pasta with dessert though! Earlier in the week I made super rich chocolate ice cream using this recipe. It was amazing on its own, but the addition of homemade crumbled brownie and almond butter totally took it over the top.

Chocolate ice cream with brownie and almond butter

Breakfast the next morning was another big production. I had been promising JZ homemade breakfast sandwiches for weeks, so I finally made good on my promise. I used this recipe to make the biscuits and then put out some fried eggs, bacon, and cheddar cheese so we could make our own sandwiches. Then my parents invited themselves to join us and stole half our food! But mom did the dishes for us, so I guess I can’t complain.

Biscuits, eggs, bacon, fruit salad

That meal marked the end of my cooking duties for the weekend, so I hung up my figurative apron (I need do dig out my real apron from the boxes of all my university stuff in the basement!) and then I went to the gym to do a solo spin workout while reading Fine Cooking. Even when I’m not cooking… I’m apparently still thinking about it!

Fine Cooking on spin bike

Do you cook more on the weekends or on weekdays?

How the heck do you use a DSLR camera?!


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  1. Wow! All that food you made looks amazing! Especially the glo bars! I was so excited to see those recipes included in the book! Slowly making my way through it too. There are so many good recipes in it!

  2. Since I’ve moved into my apartment, the only thing I’ve cooked is a tempeh burger and mushrooms. Oh, and chicken thighs, but I undercooked them so I had to throw ’em all away.

    I’m looking forward to doing weekend dinners, though. I eat so much at my work’s cafeteria during the day, that I usually keep it light and simple for weekday dinners.

    Your parents are so lucky – I want biscuits and eggs. Make them for me?

    • Chelsea

      If I had a cafeteria at work like yours, I don’t think I would ever cook again haha.

      I’ll make you biscuits and eggs when you come visit all us GTA bloggers. Yes, that’s a bribe. ;)

  3. I don’t think you can top a brunch unless you have bacon, I am all about it these days for that late breakfast lunch meal. haha. I wish I was better about making things beforehand, I prep but barely cook them

  4. Ichiban is the best sushi restaurant! They’re so friendly in there and everything is always super-fresh. They’re also never skimpy with the avocado, which I love!

    • Chelsea

      Totally agree – I rarely go anywhere else in Burlington! I love that they know me there now and always remember my allergies haha.

  5. give it time with your cam. Try shooting on manual in the daylight with the ISO set to 200-400 and then play around with the aperture (depending on time of day and location around f/1/8-160. the bigger the aperture (f/1.8 would be considered bigger) the brighter it will be.

    At night you want the ISO set to much much higher but you’ll need to stay super still cause the shutter speed will be much slower so it’s super sensitive to shake.

    When I first started I would shoot on landscape a lot. I liked how the pictures would turn out on it but now that my camera and I are besties I always shoot on manual. Just don’t shoot on auto cause then there’s no point in using an SLR!

    Email me if you have any questions!!!

  6. I cannot wait to use my weekends to cook and not catch up on homework! so maybe in a few years :) But I love reading a good cooking magazine on the bike or at the gym on my iPad. I think I need to to buy Oh She Glow’s cookbook ASAP as an early graduation present. Can I just say I love that JZ is enjoying your passion for cooking with you! He is going to get used to all of this amazing food fast!

    • Chelsea

      Haha I’m glad I’m not the only one who reads food magazines at the gym… I feel like everyone else around me is always reading fitness and girly magazines, and I’m the odd one out. :P

  7. Hahah to “how to the heck do you use a DSLR camera” – oh I feel you. I am such a newbie it isn’t even funny. Grant bought me a camera stand for Christmas and I didn’t even know how to use THAT. I usually do most of my cooking/baking on the weekend.. Sundays to be exact. During the week I am just too exhausted.

    • Chelsea

      Haha I feel like I need to start taking an evening photography course to learn how to use it because so far my experimentation is getting me nowhere!

  8. I’ll be a lame-o with you! I love to cook, mostly bake. I find that baking can be therapeutic after a busy week or day. With the camera frustration, I hope you get used to all the settings. I only have an iPhone so my pictures most always turn out bad.

  9. Mmmm yes please! I’ll be your taste tester anytime you want :D I do most of my baking on the weekends (since I’m not much of a cook), but if I know I’m in charge of dinner one night during the week, I get as much prepped ahead of time as I can. Being lame on a friday night is my fav thing ever btw…comfy clothes, takeout, movies and bedtime between 9-10? Yes please :)

  10. I actually probably cook more during the week – lately i’ve been breakfast-for-dinner on Fridays (because that doesn’t require a lot of work) and then Saturdays are my self-declared night off from the kitchen, so that usually means takeout or going out to eat. And lame Friday nights are my favourite…I think I’ve officially hit adult-hood :-S

  11. You’re making me seriously miss my kitchen! Is it weird that I’m actually looking forward to being able to go home and bake/cook? Vacations are great, but I miss home cooked meals. And baked treats. Gah! Soon.

    As for the camera, my best advice is to just start shooting pics. Put the camera in manual mode, pick one subject, and keep taking pictures of it while messing around with the ISO and aperture. See how changing the settings changes the picture. It just takes some practice.

    • Chelsea

      I always look forward to getting back to my kitchen towards the end of a vacation too! Eating out all the time is fun… but it gets old pretty fast. :P

      Thanks for the camera tips!

  12. P

    I love biscuits! Especially when you can pair them with a thick stew or vegetarian gravy!

  13. My Friday night was spent much the same! I was wayyy too tired to do anything more than have dinner and veg in front of the tv!

    That brunch looks so good! I love how you made the biscuits and everything!

    I think I ook evenly over the week- I don’t have traditional weekends between school and 2 jobs so I cook whenever I can find time! And Sundays seem to have become designated brunch days so not much cooking happens then.

  14. My dad is not a sushi fan so those words have never come out of his mouth, but I would be a happy girl if they did. ;-) I spend my friday night prepping food also, but hey, I enjoyed it!

  15. I am very much like you- I actually enjoy some weekend cooking time due to the hectic monday-friday craziness called work!

    I reckon your photos look epic regardless, and will only go up with such a camera!! PS That breakfast….geeze. Epic. EPIC. EPICCCCC.

  16. which do i cook more? hmm probably the week but i bake more on the weekends!

  17. Without a doubt I do more cooking on the weekends compared to weekdays. I thought what I did was a lot but it is nothing compared to the wonders you cook up. New technology can be frustrating to learn but the effort usually pays off!

  18. Thanks so much for posting all of this loveliness!! I can’t believe I am only seeing this now. On an aside I am so looking fwd to your book not just for the recipes but for your writing! I love your tone on the blog.

  19. Jen@HealthyFoodandFamily

    I have had my DSLR for about 1 year and I still don’t know what all of the buttons do. Most of the time I use the auto setting, but when I look in the manual and practice, I’ve been able to get some pretty cool shots. It’s all practice, trial and error.

  20. You are SO far from lame !! I spend my weekends cooking too.. normally on weekdays I get home from work I am so tired that I just put together something quick and easy… so with more time on the weekend I like thinking about it and spending time cooking something good !!! Aaaand that ice cream looks great, but I am just obsessed with ice cream :)

  21. Oh my gosh, those biscuits look so fluffy and delicious! I’m such a sucker for a fluffy southern biscuit! I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I read that your parents came over and stole half the food! Too funny! You are spoiling that boy rotten with all the dishes you’re making him…I’m totally jealous! ;)

    Oh and when you figure out the whole DSLR thing, yeah…let me know! Gah!

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