Toronto weekend getaway

I’ve never been one to put a lot of weight on Valentine’s Day. I mean, sure it’s a nice chance to spend some QT with your significant other, but I think there’s just way too much emphasis on grand gestures, gifts, and extravagant plans. It’s so unnecessary! That being said, when the boy suggested we take a little one night getaway to Toronto for Valentine’s Day, I was obviously on board.

We had 8:30 pm reservations at Biff’s Bistro, which wasn’t our top choice, but it was the only place we could get reservations. But by some serious stroke of luck, we got a call at 6:30 pm that night telling us that a table had opened up at 8:30 pm at Woods Restaurant, so we snatched it up!

Woods Restaurant Toronto

Note: prepare yourself for the worst pictures you will ever see on this blog. I decided to go flash-free for our dinner so as not to tick off all the couples enjoying a nice Valentine’s Day dinner!

I loved my first impression of the restaurant. Its exposed brick walls, wooden floors, and chic black and white accents give it a moody, but relaxed atmosphere. The food blew me away too. I had an organic beet salad to start, which had a variety of types and textures of beets with sheep milk feta – it was a nice twist on the old, overdone beet salad.

Woods Restaurant beet salad

For my entree I had the local Lake Huron pickerel over a creamy wild rice risotto with kale and plump dried fruit of some kind. It was so flavourful and the fish was perfectly cooked!

Woods Restaurant pickerel with risotto

Dessert was by far the highlight though. We split two: a maple sugar pie with nutmeg ice cream and cinnamon sugar donuts with a chocolate dipping sauce. The maple pie was to die for!!! As in, if you live in Toronto you need to drop what you’re doing, go to Woods Restaurant, and pay a mere $11 for the most incredible experience of your life. The donuts were good too, but paled in comparison.

Woods Restaurant maple sugar pie

Woods Restaurant cinnamon sugar donuts

The next morning we hit up The St. Lawrence Market for brunch. I had my heart set on a St. Urbain bagel with cream cheese, but when we browsed around the downstairs level and saw Yianni’s Kitchen, an omelette craving struck. I got a Greek omelette with Greek style potatoes, which were pretty good. I’m still craving that bagel though, darnit!

Yianni's Kitchen breakfast

Our last activity for the weekend was checking out Ripley’s Aquarium. I have to admit, I’m not usually one for tourist attractions and I was pretty ambivalent towards going. But it was so much cooler than I was expecting! The oceans contain some seriously freaky looking creatures.

Ripley's Aquarium

The hotel we stayed at was the Intercontinental Toronto on Front Street, which was the ideal location since it was less a 15 minute walk from all of our planned activities. It was a gorgeous hotel, and my only complaint is the price of its hot drinks. $4.50 for a cup of brewed tea… Really?!?!

If you could take a mini getaway next weekend, where would you want to go and what would you do?


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  1. I live in Toronto and I will definitely be heading to Woods for that dessert! My husband and I love sugar pie, but have only been able to find it in Montreal and Quebec.
    St. Lawrence Market is the best!!!

  2. Love me a good staycation!!! C and I did that in our last weeks in NYC. We decided to cross everything off our bucket lists so we both quit our jobs early and spent a week checking everything off. It was awesome!

    And I’ve totally spotted woods before cause it’s super close to George Brown and I had eyed it before one of my baking classes!

  3. whenever we go to a new place, we always hit up the aquarium there. my sister is obsessed with marine life so we have made it a sort of tradition. kind of a great one though. and of course finding those delicious restaurants.

  4. Omg I want that pie now!! It sounds amazing :) I love weekend getaways like this! We usually try to visit somewhere we have friends so we can see them and have a place to stay ;) Chicago is next on our list of getaways…but I wouldn’t mind Niagara on the Lake either. Always wanted to go there with a boy, and it’s closer than Chicago :P

  5. I don’t think my husband and I have “properly” celebrated Valentine’s Day since the first year were were dating (in 2003!). But, since this weekend fell on a three day one (Presidents’ Day Weekend), we decided to use that extra day to our advantage and traveled north to get in some snowshoeing and stayed at a little B&B. It was perfect.

    Now, our next getaway will included a cross-country trip to Toronto to order maple sugar pie! So glad you had a lovely weekend!

    • Chelsea

      Aww that sounds like such a great weekend! B&Bs are so cute and quaint.

      Make sure to let me know when you make that Toronto trip! ;)

  6. That dessert…. No words.

    If I could take a mini vacay, it would be to Toronto to chuck a pie at davs

  7. Looks like such a fun weekend away! Our last ‘weekend away’ we were at a job fair the entire time, so not too vacation-y. Hopefully we can change that in the next little while!

  8. I always love reading about your toronto experiences! That omelette looks so great, it has been too long since I have been to the market!

  9. New York City, though just for a weekend it’s awfully far to travel. I’ve been wanting to go to Ripley’s but am waiting for the long line ups to die down. That maple pie does look delicious, glad an opening came your way! Sounds like a perfect V-Day, perhaps this boy has changed your outlook on the holiday.

    • Chelsea

      The line up for Ripley’s was ridiculous when we went! But we bought our tickets online ahead of time, so we didn’t have to wait at all. :)

  10. I’m so glad you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day, the food looked delish! Also, I definitely haven’t heard much about this boy besides a few mentions here, I’m intrigued. ;-)

  11. Looks like you had such a wonderful weekend!

    You know, I live a 5 min walk from St Lawrence market and hardly ever take advantage of those bagels. I am trying to rectify this though, and now I am extra inspired.

    • Chelsea

      So jealous that you live so close to St. Lawrence Market – I would seriously go there all the time! Especially to Cruda Cafe for their juices. I wanted to get one while I was there, but I was too full after the omelette haha!

  12. Oh man that dinner looks incredible! The maple pie is so up my alley too.
    If I could go on a weekend getaway, I would want to go to Rhode Island maybe— it is such a beautiful place!

  13. I just went on an impromptu getaway to Turks and Caicos! Sounds a little extreme, but the deal was too good to pass up. Spontaneous getaways are the best ones.

  14. I am so far behind on your blog after a rough week of school! But this will help me respond to your last email too :) This looks like a blast! I love all of the restaurants you visit I wish we had places like this around here!

  15. So fun! Sounds like you two had an fantastic little trip! I love Ripley’s aquarium…the sea horses and the jelly fish are always my favorites!

    If I could take a mini-getaway ANYWHERE, I’d come to Canada to see YOU! :)

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