Serendipity Tea House

Downtown Burlington is what a lot of people would call “cute”. It has a little village square that looks like it was yanked right out of the 19th century. It has a cupcake shop decked out in pink. And it’s filled with old English-style pubs. The only thing it was missing is a quaint little tea shop.

And now it has one of those too! Serendipity Tea House opened here in 2012, and I finally got around to visiting it with my mom and sister last week.

They had a good, but not too overwhelming, selection of black, white, oolong, green, and herbal teas. Mom got the English Breakfast tea and Hayley got the Earl Grey, which they both really liked. I went for something a bit different and ordered the Sweet Pumpkin Tea. It was really delicious.

Serendipity Tea House sweet pumpkin spice tea

We decided to order what they call their “Signature Tea”, but because there were three of us, they recommended we order two. Each order came with three tiers of courses: the finger sandwiches, the scones, and the pastries.

I really loved the smoked salmon with clotted cream on pumpernickel and the prosciutto and pesto rounds, but the cucumber and mint sandwich was a bit bland in comparison. The mini quiches were great too!

Serendipity Tea House finger sandwiches

My favourite course was the scones – they had the perfect sweetness and delicate texture.

Serendipity Tea House scones

Unfortunately I couldn’t have the pastries because of potential contamination with nuts, but my sister raved about the key lime tart and the mini chocolate mousse pastry.

Serendipity Tea House pastries

But the best part of the experience was the tea leaf reading with Sandee – we all decided to get it done for the cost of $12 each. I don’t put much weight on pyschic readings, but it was still fun. And it’s never a bad thing to hear I’m going to be successful finding a job after my internship and make a six figure salary. Also if you ever meet a director of a healthcare organization whose name starts with an “M”, give me my email because apparently I’m going to date him! ;)

Serendipity Tea House tea leaf reading

Have you ever gone to a tea house before?

What is your favourite kind of tea?


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  1. fun!! there’s a tea house in st louis that i just learned about that i really want to try!! looks like such a fun time!

  2. I have never been to a tea house but like the idea of little finger foods that accompany the tea. You always find the best places!

  3. This looks like so much fun! Sweet pumpkin tea sounds so delicious, and all the food looks so amazing and I love how elegantly it was presented! We have a tea house in our local area too. I’ve been there several times. I love their sweet vanilla tea!

  4. Ohh it looks so cute!! I need to get my butt down to Burlington, I am so jealous of all your restaurant visits. I love any kind of black tea!

  5. The last tea house I went to was in london. Been way too long! I’m a sucker for scones (well actually anything with a lot of butter) so I know I would love Serendipity. Adding it to the Burlington list of places for me to visit!

  6. I’ve never been for a real High Tea like that…but it’s on my bucket list for sure. You may have to take me here for a lunch date in the future ;-)
    As for tea readings, I love psychics and stuff like that. I’ve never had a tea leaf reading, but I’ve had my tarot cards read before and it was really interesting. I’d love to go and have a sit-down session with one sometime though.

  7. I had a tea leaf reading in BC last summer and I have to say the woman was quite remarkable. I was with my sister and my best friend and all three of us had amazing readings. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for Mr. ‘M’ ! ;)

  8. Omg my mum and I used to go to a tea shop by our old house in NJ when I was younger. We loved getting tea with scones and tea sandwiches (although yours look better than the ones we used to get)! I should do some research and see if they have any places like that around here. It would be a really nice surprise for my mum :)

  9. OMG I cracked up at that last part :) literally made my day! We went to a tea tasting during break, it was a lot of fun to learn about the different kinds of teas! Wish there were finger sandwiches though! haha This looks like it was a lot of fun girl! Glad you got to enjoy it with your family

  10. Ooh, I love a good tea house and think they should be as common as Starbucks :) Adding a fortune to the mix sounds like fun, too!

  11. I have always wanted to try a traditional tea house like this! There is one in San Francisco that I have heard such amazing things about so I am hoping to make my way over there soon. Pumpkin tea sounds so, so good right now.

  12. I’ve always wanted to go to a tea house! I bet it would be great to go when the weather is nice and u can explore around afterwards. I’m totally adding this to my list of things to do in the spring.

  13. What a seriously cool experience! Maybe I’m overreacting, but we don’t have any tea houses near where I live (or none that I’ve heard of at least)… The only “tea time” I’ve been to was at The Ritz-Carlton. It was wonderfully quaint and delicious :)

    • Chelsea

      It’s too bad tea houses aren’t more common. Your tea at the Ritz-Carlton sounds like it was a great experience though!

  14. I LOVE Afternoon tea! LOVE IT :) I really love teas that taste like vanilla or dessert too.

  15. Ironically my mom just asked if I’d like to go for High Tea over Reading week. I may have to visit this Serendipity although if I can’t have dessert…. I’ve never had a tea leaf reading but that sounds very fun! I’ll be sure to pass your name on if I ever meet this mystery man, or perhaps she was confused with “a friend with the initial M” because I’d love to run a healthcare organization!

    • Chelsea

      Yeah it sucks that we can’t have the desserts there. Although, Kelly’s is just around the corner so you could always swing by there afterwards. ;)

  16. Ahhh, I LOVE going to little tea room restaurants! I haven’t been to one in what seems like forever, but the last one I visited was with my ex-mother-in-law and we loved it! We got something similar to your experience with what they called “high tea” where I had one of the best quiches I’ve ever tasted in my life and these amazing apricot scones! Crazy that I still remember it so well…it’s been at least 4-5 years!

    I like a lot of different teas, but I always come back to Earl Grey…my Fruit Loopy favorite! ;)

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