Pinterest hits and misses

It’s my last day before my week off! Whip out your party hats and let’s celebrate! Today I’m actually finishing my day at 12 because in the afternoon I’m going to a potluck lunch with the other interns and our program coordinator. So while I’m stuffing my face with delicious food, I’ll leave you with this review of some of my latest Pinterest creations.

1. Falafels

Falafels and Greek salad

I made a big batch of these a few weekends ago to take for week day lunches. Most days paired them with a Greek salad and pita for an all out Greek themed meal. They were just okay, but I think that might partly be because I baked mine instead of frying them. Next time I would fry them to get that yummy crunchy exterior.

2. Wild rice and tofu salad with miso dressing

Wild rice and tofu salad with orange miso dressing

This was another recipe I made to take for lunches. It looked good, but the dressing was pretty watery and bland, so it didn’t add much flavour to the dish. I think with a little tweaking it could taste good though. I would probably decrease the orange juice in the dressing to make it less watery and add a ton of orange zest to amp up the flavour.

3. Whole Foods inspired layered salad with orange ginger dressing

Whole Foods inspired layered salad with orange ginger dressing

And again, I made this to take for lunches. It was pretty good – I really liked all the textures of the different grains and chopped veggies. I also put chopped avocado in mine, which was a great addition!

4. Ceviche style shrimp and avocado tacos

Ceviche style shrimp and avocado tacos

Go make these now! Like seriously. They are amazing – my mom and I could not stop raving about them!

5. Sweet potato brownies

Sweet potato brownies

I was really excited to make these after reading the rave reviews, but they didn’t work out for me at all. I actually brought them to my friend’s house as a treat for our movie night before I realized they weren’t really brownies, but more like goo. My friend wasn’t really a fan of them and I wasn’t either at first, but the leftovers have really been growing on me. They’re actually pretty good eaten out of a bowl with a big spoonful of almond butter!

What’s the best thing you’ve made from Pinterest recently?


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18 Responses to Pinterest hits and misses

  1. I love the look of the tofu and wild rice – sorry the dressing wasn’t great. I actually haven’t made a single recipe from Pinterest that I can remember lately. So busy!

  2. just last night i made a southwestern salsa chicken casserole from pinterest! HIT!

  3. Those tacos look amazing! Definitely checking those out! Bummer about the sweet potato brownies because they certainly sound like they’d be good.

  4. Definitely going to check out that taco recipe now…I love a good shrimp taco! And the last recipe I made from Pinterest were all the cookies I made on Monday…and I have good things to say about all of them! ;-)

  5. Well you know I’m terrible about pinterest! In the new year I’m going to go through my recipes (all 1500 of them!) and pick out the ones I definitely need to make!

  6. Nut butter solves anything I’ve come to believe ;) And you just put me in a crazy mood for falafel and greek food in general! I sense gyros or something coming my way this weekend!

  7. orange ginger dressing sounds awesome!! love the falafel.

  8. Lately I have been pinning so many recipes but not actually making any of them. Guess that’s what I’ll be doing this break! That falafel sounds perfect as I always find store bought is dry and flavourless.

  9. The first wild rice salad I ever made was from the Super Natural Everyday cookbook (one of my favorites!) and it made me fall in love with black Forbidden rice, the flavor is just so much richer and nuttier that traditional old brown rice.

  10. That wild rice and tofu salad looks so good! I’ve been pinning and making hot chocolate like crazy. I can’t get enough of the stuff. Also, a lot of smoothies. I am definitely going to try those shrimp tacos. I love a good fish taco, they’d make a refreshing change from the heavier food right now. The brownies look very yummy at least -and pinterest recipe misses are always edible! :)

    • Chelsea

      Mmm it’s perfect weather for hot chocolate lately! I can’t really say I’m craving smoothies though since it’s been -20 degrees celsius lately haha.

  11. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli

    Ohhh, that Whole Foods inspired bowl looks incredible! Love all the colors and textures! I LOVE ceviche, but never thought about making it at home…actually makes me kinda nervous…like I might mess up and be sick for the rest of the night! 8O Lol

    PS, is there anything that nut butter doesn’t make better? ;)

  12. Yum yum yum, I totally agree too! New Years actually in, because everyone talks about how sad they are that Christmas is over for at least two days before getting excited for the New Year.

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