Weekend highlights

I. My weekend technically started on Thursday because I was on research week – so I had to go into the hospital for meetings on Monday and Tuesday, and I had a diabetes conference on Wednesday, but the remainder of the week I just got to work from home. I took a break from doing my literature review for a few hours (okay, a whole afternoon) on Thursday to go shopping at Square One, and came out with my hands full! It was my first time going to LOFT and I think I’m obsessed. They have the best petites section ever!

Square One Shopping Spree

The highlight of the shopping trip was actually our lunch though: Chipotle!!! I’m so excited to have one only 30 minutes away from my house now. I got my usual order of a burrito bowl with brown rice, double black beans, fajita veggies, mild salsa, lettuce, and extra guacamole. So. darn. good.

Chipotle Square One

II. On Saturday I escaped my lovely but boring town to hit up the big city (Toronto, not NYC sadly) to see some friends.

Toronto CN Tower from Union Station

We strolled down Bloor Street while catching up and swapping internship stories, stopped for a latte at the Whole Foods Cafe, and then made our way to Asahi Sushi for dinner.

Asahi Sushi Toronto

We picked it out at the last minute, and I’ve got to say, I’m pretty impressed with our restaurant selecting skills because this place was awesome! Any place that stuffs huge chunks of avocado in their rolls is a winner in my books. And the rolls themselves were a very generous portion too – just the two rolls and seaweed salad left me stuffed!

Asahi Sushi Toronto

III. I had to break my Sunday tradition of yoga and Kindfood this week, but I did make it out to Tamp Coffee Co for an almond milk latte and life chats with my friend Allyson. Cozy cushioned seating, chill indie tunes, and good coffee – is there any better place to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon?

Tamp Coffee Co almond milk latte

Do you spend a long time researching restaurants before picking one, or do you just select them on a whim?

Favourite way to spend your Sunday?

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  1. I just spent five minutes telling Joe he needs to get his passport so we can come play with you, or I’m leaving him here for a weekend in early 2014 to come play ;) I think i made my point! That sushi looks amazing, girl. If we know ahead of time thay we’re going somewhere, Joe usually does some research but if we don’t have enough time, we wing it and hope for the best. Usually turns out just fine! Have a great Monday love :)

  2. Any place that serves avocado with their seaweed salad is DEFINITELY a good one in my book! Love! I don’t tend to spend too long picking out restaurants…usually because I’m already hungry once I think to check Yelp! Ha!

    My favorite way to spend a Sunday would first have to be prefaced with having the night OFF of work, but then I would love to spend the day, relaxing…and pancakes for breakfast would have to happen of course! :D

  3. Sushi, shopping, and friends!? Sounds like a perfect weekend!

  4. You have exquisite taste in food, my friend. I agree, anything with a ton of avocado is always fantastic.

    Fav way to spend a Sunday is sleeping in, coffee & blow reading in bed, a really good workout, brunch, and shopping.

  5. Loft is great – especially their sales! :) :) I usually check the menu of a restaurant before I go, but that’s the extent of my “research.” :)

  6. I think I spend 50% of my life stalking blogto for restaurant recommendations!

  7. I dont think you understand how badly I need some retail therapy, I mean basically I just need new clothes. looks like you totally scored!

  8. Sounds like a fun weekend! Loft has such great clothes and really good deals sometimes too! We pretty much select restaurants on a whim. Sometimes we luck out and others times we don’t!

  9. Wow that sounds like my kind of weekend! Sundays I usually go to lululemon yoga, and catch up on school work. I always make dinner for my brothers too!

  10. I like the loft a lot too! And Banana Republic and the occasional shoes from Nine West…. I think we have similar styles :)
    Sounds like a delightful weekend to me… lots of great food and drinks (as usual, you have excellent taste my friend), shopping, exploring, can’t ask for much better stuff!
    Those chunks of avocado make me like that restaurant a whole lot more. So disappointing when they skimp on one of my favorite aspects of a sushi roll.

  11. big chunks of avocado in sushi is an absolute must ;-) Always the sign of a good sushi place! It’s weird, I’ll always spend time researching restaurants before I travel, but then when I actually get there I usually end up choosing places in the moment. As long as I still eat well, I’m happy though!

    • Chelsea

      Haha I totally do that too! One time on our road trip this summer my mom, sister and I spent an hour hunting for a dinner restaurant online, but when we got in the car to go to it, we decided we wanted Chipotle so we went there instead haha.

  12. LOFT is def my favorite too. I just go straight back to the petite section. They fit great! WANT that seaweed salad.

  13. I can’t even tell you how jealous I am that you guys have a Chipotle! I’m happy to see that they’re coming to Canada, but seeing as it takes -forever- for things to make their way over to us here in Edmonton, I’m guessing it’ll still be a few years. I heard we were supposed to be getting a Whole Foods sometime in the next few years though, so you better believe I was doing some serious happy dancing when I heard that :D

  14. Looks like a wonderful weekend! Isn’t it funny- I’ve lived in Toronto for over a year now and not once in that year have i gone to Chipotle! I used to be a fiend for it- every time I came here I had to go. Funny how when you have access to it, it stops being special and your desire to go diminishes.

    I’ve been to that sushi place and it is delicious! Have you been to Bloor St Sushi? It’s really good as well!

    • Chelsea

      Haha that’s so true – I used to eat baked goods from Kelly’s Bake Shoppe SO much when it first opened (and when I worked there), but now I don’t want them as much.

      No I haven’t been there! I’ll have to keep that in mind for next time. Thanks! :)

  15. Chelsea I am shocked you didn’t do your usual detective work for this restaurant…lucky it was a good one lol!

    I’ve found the more I research, the more I build it up and often it can be dissapointing! Jealous you have a chipotle 30 minutes away. My closest one is maybe 21 hours?

    A Sunday spent with some friends, brunch and the non intellectual bits of the newspaper is pretty much bliss.

  16. Looks like such a fun weekend! All of that food looks amazing, especially the Chipotle bowl! We just got one here and I can’t wait to eat there!

  17. P

    I love city excursions with friends. Your weekend adventure sounds like it was awesome and a success shopping-wise ;)

  18. Angela

    Pretty lucky! There are about a million sushi places on bloor street, and you picked one of the better ones! I usually go to Big Sushi for cheap and big portions, but I think asahi is fancier.

    • Chelsea

      Haha it’s all thanks to the BlogTO app on my phone… it’s so handy for finding restaurants near your location and it shows you their ratings too!

  19. I shop at Loft really often for work type clothes. Their stuff is great and their sales are even better! I recently got 8 new things for work for $145!

  20. Oh I will have to keep that sushi place in mind when I am back in Toronto! I love lazy Sundays. Yoga, food, spending time outside, drinking coffee with friends. All signs of a good Sunday in my book!

  21. Mmmm I love when sushi places use generous portions of avocado!! Yum. I am usually quick to pick a restaurant, but my fiancee is a little bit obsessed with reading reviews for EVERY place before we pick one. It’s a little exhausting sometimes, but at least we (almost) always end up at great places!

  22. chipotle is my all time favorite “fast food” restaurant!
    Sometimes I do my research but other times asking a local never disappoints while I’m traveling!

  23. Everything about your weekend looks awesome! Mexican.. Sushi! My favs! :)

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