One night, two restaurants

In our family, when it’s someone’s birthday, they get to choose whatever dinner they want, whether it be homemade mac & cheese, or a nice dinner out, or a Big Mac from McDonald’s. Note: I don’t think any of us have ever chosen McDonald’s for our birthday dinner. But we could if that was what we wanted!

So when we decided to celebrate my sister’s birthday early last weekend when she was home for Thanksgiving, she got to choose whatever she wanted to eat. And she chose Quatrefoil, a fine dining restaurant in Dundas that we’ve been meaning to check out for ages. It was actually named one of the Top 10 Best New Restaurants by Toronto Life, so we knew it must be good!

Quatrefoil Resturant DundasSource

One of our other motives for going to Quatrefoil: getting to hang out with our favourite waiter Peter, who used to work at Blacktree! We’ve missed him the past few times we’ve eaten there, so it was great to see him again and benefit from his always on par wine and meal recommendations.

To drink we split a bottle of 2010 Waterstone Cabernet Sauvignon, which as Peter predicted, I really enjoyed.

Quatrefoil wine

Then came out the bread basket. I couldn’t have the bread because it probably came in contact with walnut bread, but I could have everything else. The pastry straws and cheese & herb puffs, both made in house, were amazing! They were light as air and practically melted in our mouths.

Quatrefoil bread basket

We were also surprised with an amuse bouche of arancini with a roasted red pepper cream cheese sauce. Oh my goodness, I could have just eaten a plate of those for my meal. They were perfectly crispy on the outside with the soft texture of risotto on the inside.

Quatrefoil amuse bouch arancini

For my appetizer I got the baby red romaine and chicory salad with dried figs, pine nuts, Celtic blue cheese, and pinot noir vinaigrette. I love blue cheese and figs together, so this salad was right up my alley.

Quatrefoil salad with figs, blue cheese, and pine nuts

I was having such a hard time deciding between going the fish or red meat route for my entree, but when Peter told me that Quatrefoil is known for its seafood dishes, I obviously had to go the fish route. So I got the organic salmon with soft baked celery root, kale, chorizo, beluga lentils, and a caper and brown butter vinaigrette. I’ll admit the fish was slightly more done than I like it (although still far from overdone) and it could have used more seasoning. But it was a vast improvement on some of the other bad fish dishes I’ve had at restaurants recently, so I was pretty happy with it. Also, the kale, lentil, and chorizo mixture it was plated upon was amazing. I could have seriously just eaten that for a meal and been content!

Quatrefoil salmon

Unfortunately when it came to dessert, we didn’t see much on the menu that called out to us. But there were several desserts on the menu at Spencer’s on the Waterfront that we wanted, so we gave them a quick call to see if we could get a last minute table. They said we could get a table if we got there before 10:30 pm, so we quickly paid the bill and hightailed it out of there!

The Spencer’s dessert menu is seriously what dreams are made of. There were too many things I wanted, so I demanded that we get 2 desserts. I know, I’m so bossy. First up was the triple chocolate mousse cake with milk chocolate ice cream, salted caramel, and toffee crunch.

Spencer's on the Waterfront dessert chocolate mousse cake

Second was apricot sticky toffee pudding with cinnamon butterscotch.

Spencer's on the Waterfront dessert apricot sticky toffee cake

Guys, I died. These were so good. And I somehow ended up eating half of both. I don’t know how that worked out since I had 3 other people with me at the table, but I’m not complaining. Not one bit. My stomach might have been though. I was so full after this dinner! Luckily it was late enough that I didn’t feel bad about collapsing into bed as soon as I got home to sleep off the food baby and have sweet dreams about arancini and chocolate mousse cake.

Do you have a favourite waiter at one of your go-to restaurants?

Is anyone else a dessert hog when splitting desserts with other people? Please tell me I’m not the only one!

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19 Responses to One night, two restaurants

  1. Oh man, I usually skim over restaurant reviews, but I always read yours. They are literally mouth watering.

    I wish I could’ve brought you to this restaurant I went to last night. I had the most perfectly seared ahi over a bed of lemon-y risotto that was to die for. It was so good that I can’t stop thinking about it!

  2. Going to another restaurant just for dessert sounds like something I would do ;-) That salmon dish looks amazing!
    And whenever Eric and I split a dessert, he’s pretty much learned to accept that I get at least 70% of it. And if there’s three people…I’m still probably getting half :-p I just love my desserts!

  3. Danielle @ Labelsarefortincans

    Those desserts sound AMAZING! You are very good at describing them ;)

  4. Haha love that your family went somewhere else for dessert- only way to do it if the first restaurant’s options aren’t up to mark! Both look & sound divine- I am a sucker for anything “salted caramel”. I definitely prefer when I see the same faces at restaurants, especially ones who I’ve interacted with in the past. The service ends up being 10 x better as they more attentive and communicative.

    • Chelsea

      I’m pretty much guaranteed to order anything that has “salted caramel” in the description too! That or “chocolate”, “pumpkin”, or “gingerbread”. ;)

  5. I remember reading over your blacktree recaps so I would have been shocked to see one of you pick a big mac…maybe you should for the fun of it ;)

    Amazing looking food- I love how they gave you arancini in such a presentable way!

    Those desserts…it would have been criminal NOT have ordered two!

    When I see more than one dessert I like, I’m usually in a group situation where someone else can order it. Works well and you get the best of both (worlds) bites.

  6. Total dessert hog! I love that you went to two restos in one night. I really need to check out more restaurants just for dessert. And just for drinks too. Ah so many things I want to do in life but so little time!

    • Chelsea

      I think this was actually the first time I went to a restaurant JUST for dessert… but I liked it! I need to do that more often.

  7. Ok, I have to admit, I had to Google “amuse bouche of arancini”! Of course, even before I knew what it was, I wanted it! Now that I know, I’m drooling! Lol! And that salad?! Omg, does that sound like heaven! You know me and my love of blue cheese…especially with figs! I’m always so jealous of you and your families dining out experiences! Whenever my family gets together for a restaurant of someone’s choosing it’s always some rinky dink chain restaurant! The only time I get to go to “fancy” places is with the man-friend…maybe that’s why I like him so much! ;)

    PS, we would make perfect dessert dining companions…I’m usually good with one to two bites max!

    • Chelsea

      It sounds like you need to come visit me and we can go out and eat together! Between our mutual love for sushi, figs and blue cheese, and our dessert compatibility, we sound like perfect dining companions! ;)

  8. Haha love that you guys went to two places! Totally something my family would do. AND I can see why you went to Spencer’s for dessert.. they look sooo good!!

  9. Oh my, everything at Quatrefoil looks absolutely amazing! And those desserts… Yummm! What a fun family tradition for you guys, you’re lucky you grew up in such a family of foodies! My mom and sister always go to Olive Garden, it’s always a fight to get them to go to non-chain restaurants :)

    • Chelsea

      I’ve only actually been to Olive Garden once! We don’t have them in Canada, but we have a similar restaurant chain called East Side Mario’s.

  10. Oh dear, I could kill for salted caramel! I love to serve it on a crêpe with slices of banana and roasted almonds. Anyway, both of these desserts look like they’re worth trying, thanks for the tips!

  11. haha! Oh I love this! I also love your family’s very apparent passion for good food! You go to the best places!

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