Highlights from the week

Good morning everyone and happy Thanksgiving weekend to all my fellow Canadians! What’s on the agenda for you today? I’m heading to Simcoe to see some duck races at the Norfolk County Fair (I’m not joking), followed by Thanksgiving dinner with my family. Bring on the pumpkin pie!

Even though I spent most of the week just looking forward to Thanksgiving, it was still filled with some pretty good things too. Things like…

… a special delivery from Ninja Kitchen! I can’t wait to whip up some delicious smoothies in this thing. I’ve been in a bit of a smoothie rut lately though – does anyone have any recipes recommendations for me?

Ninja Blender

… a morning of testing tuna casserole and beef stroganoff recipes for my food service rotation. My fellow intern and I just kept on exclaiming “Is this real life?!” I think we definitely chose the right career field!

Tuna casserole

… my sister flying in for Thanksgiving, which was promptly followed by sushi at our favourite sushi restaurant. I got an order of nigiri sushi, a salmon roll, and a wakame salad of course.

Ichiban sushi

… a fro yo date at Yogurty’s. Unfortunately the pumpkin spice flavour (the green one – weird, right?) tasted really fake, but I loved the salted caramel and cookies ‘n cream flavours!

Yogurty's pumpkin spice, salted caramel, and cookies 'n cream

… after a string of making some really disappointing smoothies, I finally whipped up a really good one after my workout on Thursday. I used almond milk, a frozen banana, ground flax, kale, and a sample package of chocolate Sunwarrior, which gave it a perfect chocolatey flavour without being overpoweringly sweet.

Chocolate banana kale smoothie

… a late afternoon hike at Crawford Lake with my friend Paula. Most of the hike was through the forest, but the little lookout to the lake was seriously gorgeous! I feel so lucky to have such amazing hiking trails so close by.

Crawford lake

… a vegan butter tart from Kelly’s Bake Shop. I’ve been looking forward to trying one of these ever since I heard the Kelly’s bakers were experimenting with recipes – and they were every bit as good as I expected! It was the perfect treat to end my week with.

Kelly's Bake Shop vegan butter tart

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend. And Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers!

What was good about your week?

What’s your favourite smoothie recipe?


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  1. Are you liking the Sunwarrior? I have been alternating between that and the hemp mostly. Happy Thanksgiving girl!

    • Chelsea

      Yeah I really liked the Sunwarrior! I could myself potentially buying a big bag of it. Although the price kind of turns me off… Have you ever tried the unflavoured or vanilla Sunwarrior? If so, did you like those?

  2. I’ve only tried making one so far, and that was Blueberry and Blackberry with some full-fat Greek Yoghurt. It’s both filling and delicious :D

  3. Wasn’t the chocolate sun warrior surprisingly GOOD?! I get so angry when stuff tastes artificially sweet/flavoured, and it reminded me a lot of a chocolate milkshake.

    My mouth is watering for that butter tart… loooove.

    • Chelsea

      Yeah I surprisingly really liked it! I’m definitely considering buying a big bag of it. Although I’m wondering if I should get the unflavoured or vanilla kind, since they’re more versatile. Have you ever tried either of those?

  4. Ok, is everyone getting Ninja Blenders from HLS?!
    Annnnd that tart looks awesome! Butter tarts = so Canadian.

    • Chelsea

      I’m not sure?! Try mentioning them on Twitter, that’s how they noticed me and subsequently offered to send me a blender (I mentioned drinking a smoothie out of the cup from my HLS swag bag). :)

  5. Duck races!? But… what do they get them to chase?! Bread crumbs? :lol: Oh that’s just fabulous.

    Happy Thanksgiving, lovely lady! I’ll be celebrating with the family tonight and I can’t wait to dig in to some classic comfort foods. Speaking of which… it’s been -ages- since I’ve had a butter tart, and that one from Kelly’s looks amazing.

    • Chelsea

      You know what? I’m not sure! I don’t think they use anything. Which probably explains why the ducks aren’t usually that motivated to move at all hahaha.

  6. helloveggy

    My ultimate smoothie is spinach, banana, almond milk, strawberries, chia seeds, and cashew butter! Tastes like a strawberry milkshake!!

  7. What a great day you have planned and hopefully, ending in a food coma.

    Although pumpkin pie….. :s

    Best smoothie- a container of frozen berries, a scoop of protein powder and milk. Simple but turns out like ice cream!

    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving, and please OD on some Turkey for me ;)

    • Chelsea

      I STILL don’t understand your dislike for pumpkin pie! You obviously have just never had a good one. You need to try my mom’s and I swear it will change your mind. ;)

      Um yeah, I think I definitely ate enough turkey for the both of us… and then some!

  8. um super YAY for the Ninja! that is awesome!! i bet you’ll love it. that froyo sounds so good right now, even if it is like 50 degrees here haha

  9. Chelsea you have a ninja… jealous of your life right now haha :) Now it’s high time to keep on experimenting with smoothies! i like yours minus the kale, you know it’s so not my favorite leafy green veggie!
    My favorite smoothie is nothing too special, but delightful nonetheless- frozen banana, peanut butter, chocolate protein powder, spinach, vanilla soy milk, and cinnamon. With some reddi whip on top please ;)

  10. We got a blender as a wedding gift and the only time it’s been used is to make margaritas… I shamefully admit :P Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family, I can’t wait until ours down here in the states!

  11. Happy Thanksgiving lovely lady!!! So jealous of that blender :) Is it powerful enough to make almond butter? I highly suggest you do if it can!

    • Chelsea

      I’m not sure if it is, but I have a food processor that I could definitely make almond butter in. I don’t know why I haven’t done it yet!

  12. You got a NINJA?? Very nice! And the froyo looks sooo yummy! That is really strange that the pumpkin is green!

  13. I’ve never heard of Ninja Blenders before (Am I missing out on something?) That vegan pie looks too good to be true – I’ll have to try one for myself. Glad you finally got your sushi date – I’m still craving it! Happy Thanksgiving, I was surprised to see no picture of Turkey?!

    • Chelsea

      I think it’s a fairly new brand, so maybe that’s why you haven’t heard of it?

      Haha I’m craving sushi again too – I think I just constantly crave it!

  14. Haha! The man-friend and I went out for sushi last night and I ordered some sashimi and couldn’t help but think of you…but we went with tuna (my favorite) and yellow tail! Speaking of tuna, that tuna casserole looks delicious! Umm, #thingsIthoughtIwouldneversay ;)

    So weird that the pumpkin spice froyo is green! What the heck?!?

    That’s so awesome that you got a Ninja! I hear so many great things about them! My smoothies are almost always different just depending on what I haphazardly through into the blender, but two of my FAVORITE recipes are from my old gym I went to in college…

    Chocolate PBB: Chocolate protein powder, milk or water, banana, and a spoonful of peanut butter
    Sunshine Smoothie: Vanilla protein powder, orange juice, banana, and strawberry

    • Chelsea

      I know right?! I was totally grossed out by the idea of a tuna casserole, but this was actually so good! And even better when I took the leftovers home and melted some shredded cheddar cheese on top.

      Ok both of those smoothie recipes sound awesome! Thanks so much for sharing them. I adore strawberry and banana together as well as chocolate and PB (well soy nut butter for me), so I know I will love both of those!

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