Weekly meal plan: Sept 28 – Oct 4

Hey guys! I hope this week is going well for you. I’m having a bit of trouble concentrating because Thankgiving is this weekend, which means one thing: pumpkin pie! And turkey, and stuffing, and spending time with family, yada yada yada. But really, I can’t stop thinking about the pie.

But today’s post isn’t about pie, it’s about last week’s meal plan. So after the previous week’s meal plan didn’t work out so well, I decided to change the plan of attack for last week. Instead of planning out every day’s meal to a tee, I just planned out most of the days while leaving some dinners up in the air. Also I devoted one dinner to just eating up leftovers so that we don’t have to throw out so much food. I’d say overall it worked out really well!

Saturday: Mushroom, spinach and gouda skillet strata, which was one of the meals from the previous week that we didn’t get around to making. We loved this dish! It was super easy, but really delicious. I paired it with some acorn squash and a spinach, tomato, and pine nut salad.

Fine Cooking mushrooma and spinach strata

Sunday: Inspired by the last of the summer produce at the farmers’ market, I decided to make my ratatouille, paired with chicken sausage and bulgur. This dish was great for leftovers, which I took for lunch throughout the week.

Ratatouille with bulgur and chicken sausage

Monday: Homemade Chipotle burrito bowls with spiced black beans, tomato, lettuce, guacamole, and plain Greek yogurt over brown rice. Love this meal!

Homemade Chipotle burrito bowl

Tuesday: Pan seared sockeye salmon with roasted Brussels sprouts and fingerling potatoes. On a whim I bought sockeye salmon instead of Atlantic salmon at the grocery store because I’ve heard that it’s better, but I’ve got to admit I prefer Atlantic salmon – I like that it’s softer and fattier.

Salmon, brussels sprouts, and potatoes

Wednesday: I was on my own for dinner, so left this day open and told myself I would either get takeout or make tempeh. I opted to eat in, so I had roasted kabocha squash (that I’d roasted earlier in the week), leftover Brussels sprouts and potatoes, massaged kale, and my first attempt at recreating the mustard crusted tempeh I ate at Grasslands a few weeks ago. I wasn’t entirely successful at recreating it, but I have an idea for my second try.

Kabocha, kale, potatoes, tempeh

Thursday: This was our leftovers night. There was some leftover tempeh and brown rice, so I used both to make the Green Goddess Bowl from my Fresh restaurant cookbook. This meal takes a while to make because of all the different marinades and sauces, but I absolutely love it!

Green Goddess bowl

Friday: I wasn’t sure what my plans were for Friday, so I didn’t plan a specific meal. This worked out because I ended up going out for dinner at Kindfood with my friends!

Overall, this week went a lot more smoothly than the previous week! So, lesson learned: Plan a day for leftovers and allow room for flexibility!

What do you like to make when you’re cooking for just yourself?

What’s your favourite meal to eat as leftovers?


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  1. Wow you eat so well! I only wish I could put have as much planning into my own meals!

  2. I’m drooling! I can’t wait to have my kitchen back and be able to cook meals as delicious as yours look. If becoming an RD isn’t for you, I’ll hire you as a personal chef!

  3. i love crockpot dishes to eat as leftovers… specifically with chicken, beans, and veggies because you can do so much with it!

  4. You’re trying to recreate that tempeh?! Omg, I can’t wait! You and Sam practically (ok, LITERALLY!) had me drooling all over myself with that plate from Grasslands! That strata sounds amazing! I’ve never made one before, but I was totally sold on the idea once I saw the Gouda…just pinned it!

    This week looks/sounds like it went a lot better (read: less stressful) with the more flexible approach…amazing what a little loosening up can do, huh? And the food sounds like it was even more enjoyable too!

    Hooray for Thanksgiving! I totally forgot that was coming up for you guys! Yay for pumpkin pie!! Can’t wait to see your post on it so I can steal ideas for our celebration next month! ;)

    Since it’s just me, I’m always cooking for just myself and while I feel like I’ve been “cheating” lately by just making up random snack plate meals (trying to use up everything before my trip), my favorite things to make is breakfast…yeah, like you’re surprised! But seriously, breakfast for dinner ALWAYS tastes better! And my favorite meal to eat as leftovers would definitely be chili!

    • Chelsea

      I’d never made a strata before this either, but it was seriously sooo easy to make. I think I’ll be making a lot more stratas from now on!

  5. helloveggy

    I NEED to make that green goddess bowl; looks delish! For leftovers, I move curries, chilis etc. Anything yummy really, and I’ll eat it ;)

  6. I’m soooo excited for when you perfect the tempeh recipe! And I know you will :)

    Now I feel moderately embarrassed for hating on Canadian Thanksgiving in my post today…US or Canada, at least there’s pie!

  7. Yay! I am sooo glad this planning worked out better. Your dinners all look INCREDIBLE. Oh my can I please come over?! I’m also super excited for you to perfect the tempeh recipe (and hope you share it) hope you have a great rest of your week and it is almostttt thanksgiving xoxo

  8. Delicious eats as usual- I always great ideas. I made some ratatouille with quinoa for dinner which was fab- next time try stirring some cream cheese into your ratatouille! When I’m cooking for one, I tend to go for stir fries with eggs or chicken and some kind of carb- lately that has been sweet potatoes!

    • Chelsea

      Cream cheese in ratatouille? That’s something I’ve never heard of before! But I trust you, so I’m sure it’s good! ;)

  9. I want to come live with you! Seriously. Your meals always look SO good. Give me a good 4 hours notice, and I’ll be over for dinner ;)

    It’s usually just me cooking for myself, so I’m pretty lucky in that I don’t have to worry about what other people like or don’t like. Lately it’s been a lot of roasted veggies, chilis, oatmeal bowls, aaaaand fall-flavoured desserts :mrgreen: This is seriously the best time of the year to be in the kitchen.

    • Chelsea

      You are welcome for dinner anytime! ;)

      I totally agree that it’s the best time to be in the kitchen – I love all the fall foods and flavours!

  10. You need to let me know the MOMENT you recreate that tempeh. Right away!!
    Usually when I’m cooking for one, I go for eggs, a big salad, or a smoothie. Just the easiest options!

  11. Your eats are always so nutritious and pretty looking. I love it.
    Usually, I’m a big fan of chilis, soups, or simple stirfrys when I’m cooking for myself since they’re fairly easy.

  12. I love your photography but moreso your eats- they look amazing and varied!

    I always cook for myself unless I have friends over or cook for mum, but I keep it simple with some carb side (potatoes, squash, rice) a protein and some veg- flavoured in some way!

    Leftovers- rotisserie chicken. Cold. amazing.

  13. I don’t even know what kind of salmon I normally buy! To be honest even though I knew there are different types for some reason I thought they all tasted the same/had the same texture! I really want to try the opposite of what I normally buy just to try it out!

    Your last meal just reminded me that a new Fresh restaurant has been opened near me and I am super excited!

    • Chelsea

      Yes I heard about that one opening! I’m going to give them a call because I’m hoping that they’ll be able to accommodate nut allergies better than the Spadina location – fingers crossed!

  14. Can I come over for every dinner at your house? I’m seriously impressed by your meals each week anew.
    More often than not I’m cooking just for myself so I opt for one pot meals 95 % of the time [as if I had calculated accurately ;)]. That often means stews, chili, soups. Lately I’ve been trying to use the extra time I have on hand to put more effort into my meals which often results in casseroles.

  15. That mustard crusted tempeh sounds straight up AMAZING! Sign me up :)

  16. When I “cook” for myself it’s one of three things, oatmeal, cereal or some kind of sweet potato dish (usually involving yogurt, almond butter.. classic). I’m just not motivated when I’m by myself and think it’s great that you are! Your meals look wonderful each day of the week :) I actually don’t think I’ve ever distinguished between those two types of salmon… I’ll have to give both a try and see which I prefer. Though I will probably like the atlantic one more from the way you described it!

  17. Everything looks so good, girl! You are rocking your meals. I can’t wait for pie this weekend either… Mmmmm!

  18. OMG all your meals, YUM! That salmon and that sausage ratatoullie especially got my taste buds REVVING :D

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