Chocolate coconut chia pudding

I just love pudding. It’s so fun to say. Pudding. Pudding. Puuudding.

… Anyone else know where that’s from?

Chocolate chia pudding

Thinking of that quote makes me miss The OC. Actually, I miss a lot of shows that I watched in high school. I swear that was the best era for tv. Gilmore Girls, Everwood, The OC, and Grey’s Anatomy were all weekly musts for me! But these days I find I don’t watch tv as much, and I don’t really have any shows I’m particularly attached to.

On the plus side that means I have a lot more time to spend in the kitchen to whip up tasty recipes like this chocolate coconut chia pudding!

Chocolate chia pudding

Chocolate coconut chia pudding
Prep time
Total time
Vegan, gluten free, and nut free.
Yield: 2-4 servings
  • 1-1/4 cups of canned light coconut milk
  • ¼ cup chia seeds
  • 2 tbsp raw cacao powder
  • 1 tsp agave syrup
  1. Mix together the ingredients (note: you may have to stir quite a bit to mix in the cacao powder, but it will eventually become smooth).
  2. Cover and place in the fridge overnight, or for at least 5-6 hours.

Chocolate chia pudding

Other than in pudding, I also love to use chia seeds in my oatmeal, in baked goods, and sprinkled on top of a bowl of yogurt, cereal, and fruit. They may be small, but these little guys pack a huge punch of nutrition. In just a 2 tbsp serving you get:

  • About 8 g of fibre – that’s more fibre than 1.5 cups of All Bran Flakes!
  • Over 10% of your daily calcium needs
  • More than 3 g of protein
  • Over 100% of your daily omega 3 fatty acid requirements

So not only is this pudding delicious, but it’s also pretty darn healthy as well! And I’d much rather have chocolate pudding than a bowl of bran flakes – wouldn’t you agree?

What were your favourite tv shows in high school?

What are your favourite tv shows now?


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  1. YUM! i love pudding, chia seeds, chocolate, and coconut haha right now i like parenthood

  2. Chia pudding in one of my favourite Snacks! I haven’t tried chocolate flavoured ones yet, which is now sounding odd to me! This is definitely next on my list! It looks delicious.

  3. I love everything in this pudding. Coconut milk, in my opinion, is the best because it gives things a subtly sweet flavor with the creaminess and flavor of coconut.

  4. I loved the OC! Such a good show. I also loved Brothers and Sisters. And 90210! And .. ya I could go on and on. This pudding looks amazing! Chocolate and coconut are a killer combo.

    • Chelsea

      I never watched Brothers & Sisters… but I kind of want to!

      Also 90210 (the new one) was such a guilty pleasure show for me. I still need to catch up on it though – I think I only got up to season 4!

  5. Chia love! You can’t go wrong with chocolate and coconut :)

    Gilmore Girls is the BEST! I own all seven seasons and can quote the whole thing (that’s why I have to watch it alone) ;)
    The only show I watch now is Grey’s; my rationale is that it is medical and qualifies as ‘studying’ for my nursing exams :P



    I don’t know why I’m yelling! It’s so filling, too. Except, when you eat too much and you grow a chia pet in your stomach. Yikes. Not fun.

    I used to love Dawsons Creek, and I can’t remember what else. I don’t remember watching that much tv in HS. Now, I love Mindy Project, Real Housewives, and all those weird crime mysteries like Dateline & 48 Hours.

  7. I’ve yet to dabble in puddings after being recently reunited with chia, but recipes like this could definitely convince me — loving the chocolate coconut combo <3

    And Gilmore Girls… ohhhh how I miss that show. I seriously think I need to invest in the DVD's, because that show was the epitome of my growing up years. These days I don't actually watch much of anything — in fact, I can't even remember the last time I turned on my TV :shock:

    • Chelsea

      I actually have all the Gilmore Girls dvds and I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve rewatched them… it’s a lot. I like to just throw them on in the background when I’m blogging/reading blogs/checking Twitter. And somehow I never get sick of them!

  8. Love this!!! I might have to throw some avocado in there for good measure :)
    I miss the OC too. The first two seasons were amazing. Hasn’t been anything like it since!

  9. I have yet to try chia pudding, I need to get on that. I can’t even remember what TV shows I watched in high school, to be honest…I never watched Grey’s Anatomy, the OC, Gilmore Girls…I remember watching a lot of Family Guy and Law and Order: SVU. My taste in tv maybe wasn’t the best back in the day…

  10. Mmmmm, puuuuuuuuuuddinnnnnnnnnng! It’s been a LONG time since I’ve made some chia pudding…but I have to say the times I’ve made it, it’s never looked that fluffy and thick! Must be the coconut milk…now I’m curious!

    I’m not much of a TV person anymore either, but I used to be totally addicted to Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives when I was in college. Now I’m just the girl without cable, watching OLD episodes of New Girl and trying not to think about the spoilers from the newest season I spotted online the other day! :(

    Happy Friday, love! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :D

    • Chelsea

      Oh man, I used to love Desperate Housewives too. My friend and I used to get together almost every weekend to order in pizza and marathon through the episodes!

  11. This looks so good and quite easy to put together- will have to give it a go!

    And YES to the OC reference- I swear it defined my high school…except when Marissa died and it went downhill. I go through phases of watching season 1-3 and repeat. Season 4- not so much!

    Have a great weekend buddy!

  12. Umm… YUM! Thanks for the recipe! Love your blog! :)

  13. Looks like my kind of recipe…. easy and delish!

  14. Okay I’m not sure if we talked about this when we were together (although we must have since I packed my own chia seeds…) but I am obsessed with chia pudding. Add chocolate and coconut and you have absolute perfection!

    • Chelsea

      I can’t remember if we talked about it or not! We talked about so much that weekend haha. But I love chia pudding too… obviously. ;)

  15. Love chia pudding, and this one looks fantastic! Will be making this asap :)

  16. What were your favourite tv shows in high school?

    ….I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen it, but, I couldn’t get enough of 24, with Jack Bauer. In fact, courtesy of our new found addiction to Netflix, my hubby and I can’t get enough of it. I ran for several seasons, and we are gradually making our way through it…an oldie, but a goodie :)

    What are your favourite tv shows now?

    Where do I start? lol….I tend to gravitate towards comedic shows. I love Modern Family, and, lately, the new Michael J. Fox show. Although, all this recent talk of the Breaking Bad finally has piqued my interest. I can’t believe I have YET to watch it, and it’s pretty much over. I heard so many good things about it from friends and family, but my hubby and I were too busy watching OLD shows to make room for it….lol

    • Chelsea

      I’ve actually never seen an episode of 24 before, but I heard good things about it! And all the hype around Breaking Bad has made me want to start watching it too – I haven’t heard that kind of hype about a show since LOST was on!

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  18. Oh and also, the OC and Gilmore Girls were my life in high school. So much love for those shows!!

  19. I’m one of those odd ones that don’t watch TV! I can’t concentrate for long enough without doing something, the only time I can sit long enough is if I am in theatre (and if the movie is animated!) Even in highschool one of the only shows I watched was So you think you can dance but I had a chart in my notebook and ranked the dances and … yeah I was a total nerd about it haha! Most of the things I have tried with chia seeds I have been disappointed with, but this looks great!

  20. Okaaay, this looks so good Chelsea! And simple. Yum!
    I still have like 5 of your recipes bookmarked and keep meaning to make all of them. This is now on the list!

  21. I love chia seed pudding! Your version sounds wonderful and so easy to whip up!!!

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  23. Chia pudding is the best!! Such a treat without the bad ingredients! :) Thanks for the recipe! :)

  24. Yes this is most definitely better than a bowl of bran flakes ;)

    I miss the OC so much too. I have definitely rewatched the first couple seasons many times. High school really was the best time for tv!

    • Chelsea

      Haha I know, I’ve rewatched the seasons an embarrassing number of times! Except for season 4… that one just wasn’t as good.

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