Healthy Living Summit 2013: Sunday

So when I left off Saturday’s recap of the Healthy Living Summit, I had just crashed into bed after a crazy long day of sessions and activities. I slept like a baby and woke up ready to tackle Sunday. But unfortunately the day had a sad start because we had to say goodbye to Amanda who had an early flight. But on a more positive note, I think there are some plans in the works for her to visit Sam and I in Ontario in the nearish future!

Chelsea's Healthy Kitchen and Running with Spoons

After our goodbyes, Sam, Gina and I met everyone else in the lobby for the 5K run/walk. I was hoping to just slowly jog or walk most of it, but I somehow ended up running with the front of the pack. I blame Sam! But we actually only ended up running about a mile, then stopped at a park where we took some pictures and then walked back to the hotel for breakfast.

Healthy Living Summit 2013 - run/walk

Breakfast was a buffet similar to Saturday morning’s, but without the really good egg scramble… darn! They did have some awesome hash browns though, so those made up for it.

Healthy Living Summit - Sunday breakfast

Following breakfast, everything started to wind down since lots of bloggers were catching their flights soon. So after packing up (and somehow fitting all my new swag in my suitcase!), I headed out to explore with Sam and Gina. I was excited because I love to explore new cities, but this was my first time being out in Minneapolis on foot all weekend! We bumped into Katie and Ashley, so the 5 of us grabbed lunch at Mason’s, a casual restaurant and bar in the downtown.

Mason's Restasurant Minneapolis

It was described as a pub on Urbanspoon, but it was a lot more upscale inside. I loved the wooden tables and the drinks served in Mason jars.

Healthy Living Summit 2013 - Mason's Minneapolis

I went for their flatbread appetizer with mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes, basil, and balsamic drizzle. It was good, but not as big of a portion as I expected – luckily I had a bunch of swag bag snacks to fill up on later. Almost everyone else got the house made veggie patty on a salad, which they all raved about.

Mason's restaurant flatbread

Sadly I had to head to the airport right after that. I was bummed to leave, but I know I have next year’s Healthy Living Summit in Madison, Wisconsin to look forward to. Start following @HLSummit on Twitter and stalking their website to stay up to date on next year’s event – I expect to see you all there!

To wrap up this post, I want to say a big thank you to the Hilton Minneapolis, all the sponsors, and most of all the event organizers for making this weekend possible. It was a blast!

What’s your favourite thing to do in new cities?

Are you going to the Healthy Living Summit next year?


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21 Responses to Healthy Living Summit 2013: Sunday

  1. I hope Amanda packs me in her suitcase, because I wanna come!!!

    RESTAURANTS are the best part of any city. Which reminds me, last night I had a dream that I was on Trip Advisor looking up restaurants in Maui. Haha!

    Of all the blogger retreats, I have to say Blend looks fun. But, how amazing would a Canadian one be? In the Rockies? I would totally organize one if I knew people would actually come.

    • Chelsea

      Um, yes, please stow away in Amanda’s suitcase! Us Canadian gals seriously need to hang out. I love the idea of a Canadian Blend retreat in the Rockies – I would be SO down for that.

  2. So Amanda NEEDS to come to Toronto…and Jo too :)

    I’ll be in Minn in a few weeks (visiting the BFs fam) and will need to add Mason’s to the list of restaurants. Looks delish!

  3. Haha I am totally down for Amanda and Jo coming to visit Ontario – we could have a lot of fun with that!
    And yea, it probably was my fault…it was my first workout all weekend, I guess I was feeling a little antsy? :-p And at least it didn’t last too long, I wouldn’t have been holding that pace for a 5k without keeling over and dying.
    That veggie burger was fantastic, I wish I had asked more questions about it so I can try to recreate it! All I got was beans, wild rice and tahini…but maybe I can work with that.

    • Chelsea

      I just told Davida we need to hound them until we can convince them to come. ;)

      Hmm I think I remember seeing red in your patty – red pepper maybe? And there was probably an egg (or flaxseed if it was vegan?) in there to hold it together. I think we’ve got a solid base for a recipe right here!

  4. Gah! Sunday morning was just -not- a good time. Goodbyes suck big time, but I’m just glad I finally got to meet you guys. AND a future meetup is happening for sure. As for HLS next year, I’m still not sure… I want to see if Blend is happening because I’d LOVE to go to that once, but if not, then HLS is definitely a possibility. I guess time will tell :)

  5. Ah what fan- that flatbread looks delicious! Exploring cities through foot is definitely my favorite thing to do! As great as getting recommendations can be, sometimes it’s nice to just walk around and see what I stumble upon. However as a self-proclaimed food, eating through a city is also top of my list when I visit a new place ;)!

  6. I love slurping water out of Mason Jars and I think that is only fitting given the name! I really hope that I can attend HLS next year. Do you know when it is? It’s my motivation to keep my blog going strong :) If Amanda can come to Ontario we should do a mini blog gathering in the GTA!

  7. Just a heads up, I may or may not jump on Amanda’s flight with her if she come to visit…;-)

  8. Chelsea I’m shocked you didn’t detective work Minniapolis and find the golden gems ;)

    Favourite thing to do in different cities is exploring by foot- unless transport is absolutely necessary- I find you stumble across many hidden gems! the next HLS…should be in Australia ;)

    • Chelsea

      I did, but they weren’t really realistic choices for Sunday because they were all a pretty far cab ride away from the hotel. Ah well!

      Haha unfortunately it’s in Madison… but that just means YOU need to fly over here to come to it! ;)

  9. I loved exploring new areas in MN too! Allie, from Blue Diamond, and I went to an amazing restaurant in the “hippest area of Minneapolis”! Still deciding on HLS next year… Must begin to budget :)

  10. Looks like such a nice weekend Chelsea! I just read yesterday’s recap as well and what a lovely time you all had :) Great choice on that particular kind of flat bread at the restaurant (love the mason jar idea), those are my mom’s favorite flavors together, and I have become a fan myself!
    As far as cities go, definitely walking around and seeing what I find is my favorite part about a new spot

    • Chelsea

      I loved the Mason jar idea too – I want to start doing it at home!

      Yeah I like just wandering around cities too. I actually find it more fun and exciting than doing the typical touristy things.

  11. Madison…Wisconsin…I’LL BE THERE!!

    That flatbread looks amazing! Love the balsamic drizzle (and of course the basil since I’m totally obsessed right now, but I’m not so sure I would have been able to turn down that goat cheese salad though…I just saw it over on Sam’s blog…WOW!

    I’m so so glad you had a good time! Can’t wait to hear more of your thoughts on the seminars. I loved Amanda’s recap and I’m definitely getting pumped to do somethings on the blogging front!

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