Labour day weekend

This long weekend I:

… went shopping for some new clothes for my internship. Building a new wardrobe is hard!

… loaded up on food at the Burlington Mall farmers’ market. I bought local free range eggs, corn, cauliflower, broccoli, beets, eggplant, sugar cube melon, tomatoes, peaches, blackberries and blueberries.

Burlington farmers' market produce

… picked up an entire case of assorted flavours of Cathy’s kombucha. I’ve got my mom hooked on it too, so we’ll plow through this pretty quickly.

Cathy's Kombucha Burlington

… rode my bike down to Burlington’s Ribfest (the largest one in Canada!) with my friend Paula and stuffed myself silly with pulled pork and baked beans from Horn Dawgs. I couldn’t move from my couch for the rest of the afternoon!

Horn Dawgs at Ribfest

Pulled pork and beans from Horn Dawgs

… made this incredible Thai Crunch Chicken Salad from How Sweet Eats. Go make this now! It was so good.

Thai chicken crunch salad

… had a throwback movie night with my friends and watched The Parent Trap. I made a peach crisp to share, but I had to make it vegan, gluten free, and oat free. That was quite the dilemma. So I used coconut oil instead of butter, quinoa flakes instead of oats, and almond flour instead of flour. It turned out good, but not great. So I just brought ice cream as well – ice cream makes anything better!

Peach crisp gluten free vegan

… food prepped like a madwoman on Monday because I start my dietetic internship today! I’m so excited! But between interning, working out, physio, therapy, a social life, and “me time”, I know I’m going to be busy this year, so weekend food prep is definitely going to become a regular thing. I plan on doing a more in depth post about it soon.

Anyways, I’m off to my first day of internship – wish me luck!

What did you do this long weekend?


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  1. i did a lot of napping haha it was a really low key weekend and i enjoyed every minute of it! good luck at your internship!

  2. Good luck on your internship! You’ll do great! That thai crunch salad looks delicious BTW. And you certainly scored at the farmers market!

  3. I can’t wait to hear how your internship goes! I have a feeling it is going to be a great fit for you :)

  4. Truth: everything tastes better with vanilla ice cream ESPECIALLY cooked fruit so that peach crisp dessert sounds pretty fabulous to me :). Love throwback movies and it’s been far too long since I r-ewatched Parent Trap!! Unfortunately I didn’t have a long weekend but it was fun-filled nonetheless with some drinks out with friends, lunch out with family, a trip to the nearly-opened Pinkberry and plenty of recipe trials.

    Good luck on your first day, Chelsea- hope it goes well!

  5. Good luck to you today, friend! Keep us updated on how it goes. :)

    Shopping for new clothes is so hit or miss. There’s so many trends I’d love to try, but then I remember, ‘Wait, where would I actually where this? The VMAs?” Then I leave the store with nothing.

    I spent my long weekend at home – redecorating, doing a little shopping for house stuff, and making some delicious meals. :)

  6. Good luck girly! I am so intrigued by your quinoa, almond flour peach crisp. Sounds like a winning combo to me.

  7. Looks like a delicious weekend! Good luck with your internship too!
    This weekend involved some baking, exercise, and quality time with the family. Low-key but lovely!

  8. Excited for you today!! We actually didn’t make it to either London or Brantford’s ribfest this year, which is disappointing…I think I’m going to need to make pulled pork soon to make up for it. One of my favourite foods!
    And ohmygod, the Parent Trap. Such a classic!

  9. Danielle @ Labelsarefortincans

    Love how you rode your bike to the ribfest! That must have been hard to get back on after!

    Ah I love the parent trap! Not going to lie. I have watched a whole lot of sex and the city reruns this weekend! But also got outside from some biking/running/walking, took a trip to the farmer’s market, and been doing some school work.

  10. Alright, now I am SERIOUSLY craving baked beans!!!

  11. Ohh lady! Good luck on starting your internship today :D Be sure to let us know how it goes. And I couldn’t agree more that ice cream makes everything better – especially if it’s a good vanilla bean.

    I spent most of this weekend at the lake stuffing myself silly with grilled corn on the cob and all sorts of BBQ food. Gotta get my fill before the winter hits!

  12. It’s funny that you watched Parent Trap my sister and I were just talking about that video two days ago! That salad looks delicious. I’ve never been to the Burlington Farmer’s Market maybe one weekend you could take me and I could finally try Cathy’s Kombucha since I haven’t been a fan of many varieties so far!

  13. I’m not kidding I also watched the Parent Trap this weekend! I’ve seen that movie 1000000 times and my bf almost stuffed a sock in my mouth because I was mouthing the words along with Lindsay Lohan lol!

    Sad I missed rib fest! You need to keep me posted on all the cool foodie events you go to! I feel like I always hear about them after!

  14. That pulled pork and beans look soooo good! I remember being so disappointed as a kid realising lindsay lohan was actually not a twin!

    Good luck on all the prepping- I’m really interested to follow you (and also Alyssa) on your dietetic internships!

  15. Oh that farmers market haul looks heavenly! I’ve been having this problem lately (if you can call it a problem) where I eat all the fruit I buy at the market the same day I bought it and am left with only vegetables for the rest of the week haha. I then end up hitting up yet another market mid-week which I’m sure is great for the local food community but not so great for my wallet. ;-) Although I’m sure this won’t be as much as a problem once all this amazing summer fruit goes out of season…tears…

  16. Good luck with the internship- you’ll do great!!
    Looks like a fabulous weekend! I spent the weekend out at vineyards and eating Whole Foods pizza. The long weekend was much needed :)

  17. Goodluck with your internship today! That is so exciting. I love that you bought a whole case of Kombucha.. amazing! I would guzzle that stuff down pretty quick!

  18. Wow that cauliflower looks amazing from the farmer’s market! and that BBQ makes me want to return to TX now! How was the first day of the internship? I am getting back into my food prep and planning and want to post too, but you always do such a great job with those posts so I cannot wait to see how your busy life is going through it!!

  19. It sounds like you had a great weekend! I love the parent trap, it has been way too long since I have seen it. I hope your first day at your internship went well!

  20. Hope internship is going good so far. I STILL need to try that kombucha!!!!! And I need to meal plan regularly as well now. Let’s hold each other accountable ;)

  21. Good luck with your Internship! It looks like you ate well on LDW :)

  22. Wow! What an incredible weekend! And holy MOSES that’s a lot of baked beans! 8O Hope you were ALONE on that couch all afternoon! Haha!

    I’m SO happy to see “and ‘me’ time” included in your list of things to do! It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our lives (especially when new circumstances cause it to change quickly) and forget about taking care of ourselves! Good for you! And…since I’m so horribly behind, instead of wishing you luck, I will also say that I’m happy to hear you are having fun with the internship! I love the excitement I’ve “heard” in your voice over the last few posts I’ve read! :)

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