Roommate reunion + Pizzeria Libretto

Four years ago, in my second year away at university, I lived with 5 other girls. It was a crappy little rental house with drafty windows, tilted floors, and a bathroom roof that eventually collapsed.

But living in that house was one of the best years of my life. Filled with dancing, staying out til 3 am, midnight pizzas, long chats, matching American Apparel dresses, gross vodka and tea conconctions, and the song “Colt 45”, it was a year of non-stop fun. But we haven’t all hung out together in years, so we decided it was time for a reunion!

This past Monday Marcy, Jill, Steph and I got together in Toronto for a toned down version of our former nights out. We ended up on the Danforth, where we stumbled upon Pizzeria Libretto, which I’ve heard good things about. Everyone was in the mood for pizza, so we decided to stop there for dinner.

Pizzeria Libretto

We split 3 pizzas between the four of us:

Libretto Margherita (with buffalo mozzarella, crushed tomatoes, basil and grana padano): This was good, but probably my least favourite. The crust was pretty soggy and I found the crushed tomatoes to be really overpowering. It was still good though!

Pizzeria Libretto Margherita

Housemade Sausage (with caramelized onion, mozzarella, and chili oil): This one was my favourite! It was simple, but the housemade sausage was delicious.

Pizzeria Libretto Housemade Sausage

Cremini Mushroom (with buffalo mozzarella, gorgonzola, roasted garlic, rosemary, thyme, and pecorino): I really liked this one too – mushrooms and cheese is such a good combination!

Pizzeria Libretto Cremini Mushroom

We demolished them all and were so stuffed, but we somehow found room for Menchie’s afterward. It’s impossible to deny a fro yo craving when it happens, right? So I made myself this mixture of chocolate, red velvet cupcake, and vanilla fro yo with chocolate chips, toasted coconut, mini marshmallows, sprinkles and strawberries. The red velvet cupcake flavour was the best!

Menchies fro yo on the Danforth

The rest of the night was a whirlwind of walking around Toronto, navigating the subway, hula hooping (don’t ask), and playing a round of pool at Madison Avenue Pub. A lot has changed since our time in that house 4 years ago, but at least our fun times together haven’t changed!

Have you ever lived with roommates? What was your best roommate experience?

Favourite kind of pizza?

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  1. those pizzas all look fantastic! my senior year of college i lived with three other girls and it was so much fun!! it was kind of a dump of a house, as well, but we loved it all the same!

  2. I think that I missed out on the university experience a little bit by not doing the house-full-of-people thing. I had a roommate when I lived in res at Guelph, but we were soooo different and didn’t really spend time together. The only roommates I’ve ever really had was when I lived in an apartment with my boyfriend at the time, my brother, his girlfriend ATT, and one of his friends. It was a two bedroom apartment…so awkward.
    And I know you said not to, but I kind of really have to ask about the hula hooping thing…

    • Haha awkward is right! At least you have a good roommate situation now. ;)

      Oh about the hula hooping, we were just being weird and decided to try it when we stopped at Steph’s apartment for a bit. For some reason she just had one lying around lol.

  3. I’ve been wanting to try Libretto. Was there a huge line? I am so not a Toronto fro-yo fan. Have not found a place that I liked and I feel like I have tried them all. Do you go anywhere other than Menchie’s?

    • There wasn’t any line at all! But maybe it’s because it was 5:30 on a Monday?

      Menchie’s just reminded me of Yogurty’s. And both are okay, but no fro yo is as good as Chil in London (Ontario) – it’s made from Greek yogurt and it’s so creamy! I’ll let you know if I ever try a great fro yo place in Toronto though. :)

  4. the crimini mushroom pizza from libretto is AMAZING!!! I usually eat gluten-free but I had to sacrifice my tummy for this one…so worth it!

  5. That pizza looks amazing, especially the mushroom one!! I would LOVE to try that.

  6. No reunion is complete with out some frozen yogurt!
    I love seeing a little bit more of your personal life – looks like you had a blast with those ladies! I hope you all had a great time catching up :)

  7. How fun! I lived in a house with four other girls during my 3rd year at pitt…it was a lot of fun, but i was ready to live on my own after that haha. A little too much estrogen after awhile. We still hung out all the time though and i think became better friends when we weren’t living together. I loved always having someone around and getting ready to go out and hang out afterwards were a lot more fun with a big group :)

  8. Awe that sounds like such a fun little reunion!
    The pizza looks awesome.
    Ah, yes. I’ve lived with roommates. I had three for one year and then one the next year. And let’s say the first round was the worst experience of my life. Yah, can’t even talk about that one much. It was basically a giant mess haha.

  9. I think I have a separate fro yo stomach- I can always find room for some ;)! These pizza looks awesome especially the last 2! I actually regret living at home during university because I didn’t get the full roomie experience. However I’m fortunate that I was able to experience it during 4 years of boarding school. It’s funny because the number of years that have passed, I still feel a strong bond with my ex-roomies :)

  10. CRIMINI MUSHROOM! My favorite kind! Those make for such an awesome pizza! I make a homemade one with my parents with truffle oil and olives too! It’s delicious! What a fun night to reunite with your roomies!

  11. I lived with 2-3 other girls at the most. Five sounds wild!! haha those were the besssst times of my life though, for sure. First year away = craaazy. Those pizza’s look amazing!

  12. so fun! I love catching up with old friends and of course sharing some memories.

  13. At O&B Cafe and Grill they have a smoked salmon pizza that contains asparagus, potato, capers, and dill crème fraîche. It’s definitely my favourite combination but I also enjoy a good margherita pizza. Hula Hooping is so much fun!

  14. Arman @ thebigmansworld

    Nice looking pizzas! When I did a semester in America, I had a room mate who was from China. He was really quiet but a really great (extremely smart!) person and we’re still friends to this day!

    Favourite pizza would have to be one topped with seafood- it sounds strange, but it works!

  15. There isn’t much of a roommate/hostel sort of culture here among locals cos the country is so small, so I’ve never that experience before. My brother lived with different sort of people when he was in Uni in Australia and that sounded pretty crazy!

    My favourite pizza would be topped with figs, prosciutto and cheese. Mmh! And then I’d follow that up with froyo like you ;)

  16. That’s so fun you were able to reconnect with your roommates, and even do the pizza thing. And there is ALWAYS room for frozen yogurt. ;-)

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  18. Aren’t all student houses/apartments a bit meh. Don’t get me wrong I love our little house (where I live with four other people, which will this year be all girls), but I hope it gets better in years to come. But yeah I am really lucky that I love the people I live with and we all get on really well. My favoutie pizza would have to be either a Four Cheese Pizza, because I love love love cheese, or a BBQ Chicken Pizza with loads of veggies on top :D

  19. MARGHERITA PIZZA!!!! I love how simplistic yet DELICIOUS it is. I lived with two guy friends once – OMG, they were so messy & disgusting.

  20. Aww, how fun! I lived with 3 other girls my first year in college…two of them I knew from high school and one girl who was a senior and pretty much kept to herself (she must’ve hated living with 3 unruly freshmen!). We definitely had our fair share of excitement…especially given that one of the girls led a pretty sheltered life pre-college and went all “wild child” on us! Haha! I haven’t seen either one of them in years but I know they’re both married with a couple of kids each….my whole times change!

    Those pizzas look amazing! I love trying different combos, but I have to say mushrooms are my favorite topping!

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