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It was so stinking hot here last week! Like hot enough to bake cookies in your car – apparently a bored police officer tried it. It was tempting to just hide out in the comfort of my air conditioned house, but instead I braved the heat and ventured into Toronto to visit my best friend Lauren.

I met her at the Eaton Centre after she finished work on Thursday, and we spent a few hours window shopping and catching up before heading to our 7:30 reservations at earth Rosedale (website).

earth Rosedale

It was Summerlicious in Toronto last week, so a bunch of restaurants were offering tasting menus for only $25-45, which is an incredible deal. We put a lot of thought into choosing a restaurant. First I checked out the tasting menus and made a list of restaurants that sounded good. Then I crossed off any that had less than a 3.5 star rating. Then I eliminated any that were too hard to reach by subway. Then I ran the list by Lauren and asked her to narrow it down. Then we carefully assessed each restaurant’s menu again and narrowed it down to 4. Finally we decided on earth Rosedale!

Note: you have my full permission to think I’m crazy after reading that.

earth Rosedale

To start we decided to split a 1/2 litre of wine – we went for the Hidden Bench pinot noir, which we both really enjoyed.

earth Rosedale

After placing our orders we were brought out some bread and olive oil. I loved the olive oil – it was infused with basil, which made it taste like pesto!

earth Rosedale bread olive oil

For my appetizer I had the tomato salad with smoked paprika aioli, garlic croutons, basil, and queso fresco. This would have been an unremarkable dish without the aioli. It added a unique touch and awesome flavour!

earth Rosedale tomato salad

I also tried Lauren’s chilled courgette soup with garlic croutons, goat cheese, and fresh herbs – I really liked it too! It was really light and fresh.

earth Rosedale courgette soup

We both ordered the same thing for our entrees: seared Arctic char in smoked tomato broth with fennel, dill, and baby potatoes. I don’t know why I ordered this dish… I really dislike fish served in broth. But I thought it had the potential to be good, so I gave it a try and was unfortunately disappointed. The fish was overcooked and the overall dish lacked flavour.

earth Rosedale arctic char

Luckily dessert made up for it! I ordered the dulce de leche cookie ice cream sandwich with chocolate ganache, which was delicious. My only complaint is that I wish the ice cream had been more rich and decadent – it tasted a bit cheap.

earth Rosedale dulce de leche ice cream sandwich

So the food at earth Rosedale may not have been a total hit, but at least my company was good. Lauren is probably my favourite dining buddy – we always have the best wine fuelled chats during our dinners out together!

Do you have restaurant week in your city? Did you/are you planning to participate in it this year?

Who is your favourite person to eat out with?

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  1. Well at least the tomato salad and dessert were good!! We have restaurant week twice per year here in Boston, and I tend to go through a similar very lengthy process to choose a restaurant each time! I love the idea though, because of RW, I’ve been able to try many of the places around Boston that I never would be able to go to otherwise!

  2. Seriously, sometimes there is nothing better than bread and olive oil at a restaurant. That olive oil sounds amazing!

  3. That is exactly what I would have ordered for my entree! I love unique fish dishes and the sides sound perfectly complimentary and delicious! I wish I could come up for a week and take part in restaurant week! So many good ones in the city!

  4. Mmm that dessert looks incredible- love ice cream sandwiches. They combine the best of both worlds :)! My sister is one of my favorite people to dine with- we share very similar tastes which makes sharing ideal..otherwise deciding on just one dish ends up quite the dilemma….foodie problems ;)

  5. That dessert looks phenomenal. That’s too bad about fish, I probably would have been drawn to ordering it as well because some restaurants sear it perfectly. Your logic behind choosing restaurants is definitely smart! I really enjoy dining with my family (they pay the bill).

  6. I’ve heard from a lot of people that Earth doesn’t do a great job during Summerlicious. They don’t offer their best meals on the summerlicious menu and most people find it disappointing. I love the food at Earth and I always walk away satisfied! I haven’t been in so long though. The verdura tostadas are out of this world!

  7. I managed to finally make it to Bent for Summerlicious! The food was incredible.

    I’m sorry the entree wasn’t the best :( The other food looked good! Thanks for the review.

  8. I remember last year in NYC it was so hot they could fry an egg on the side walk, but that is besides the point haha.

    Over cooked fish…nothing ever good comes from that haha. At least the dessert more than made up for it – when I saw those cookies on facebook I flipped haha.

  9. This sounds like Pittsburgh’s restaurant week which happens twice a year…their late summer one is coming up in August and Joe and I have already started trying to narrow it down to two places. It’s a good thing we have a few weeks, otherwise we’d be in trouble :P Those apps look awesome…I’m sorry the entrees and ice cream weren’t up to par :( I’m glad you had good company, though…makes up for the lack of tasty food ;)

  10. The ice cream tasted cheap. That made me laugh. Gotta love an honest review!!

  11. I’m pretty sure that I’ll just miss Londonlicious…which depresses me so much. I’m already working on my list of must-go restaurants for when we move back! We’re currently making our way through my Brantford list, I think we have 3 more to go in 6 weeks – it will be done ;-)
    Disappointing about the fish! I’m always hesitant to order fish in restaurants, it almost always comes out overcooked for me.

    And I still think that your method of choosing restaurants is awesome :-p at least you were able to pick one from what, the 30-someodd you had picked out at first?

  12. Too bad the dinner was a bummer, but dessert does sound amazing! We ate at Lola’s Kitchen in TO yesterday for brunch and it’s one of my faves. They make the best mojitos (not enjoyed yesterday, don’t worry haha). It’s always hard when you think a place will be good and then it’s not. Better luck next time!!

  13. That’s exactly how I decide stuff! And if you’re crazy then I am crazy too haha :D

  14. It’s been SO hot here lately too. I’m kind of surprised – usually Victoria is rain crazed.
    Awe, that always sucks when the meal isn’t the best, at least the Appetizer was good and that the Dessert tasted awesome. That’s always the best part of the meal anyways ;) Well, except the ice cream.

  15. I’d love to take part in one of those organized farm to table white linen events – where a dinner is prepared at the actual farm, and the food is whatever is in season. You dine out in the field, too! That’s my foodie dream. Same with going to the Hawaiian Food Festival on Oahu.

    My fav person to dine with is my husband – we share the same taste!

  16. I love summer and winter-licious! I don’t think you are crazy for putting that much thought into which restaurant to choose. I think you are smart!!!

  17. P

    I love the look of that ice cream sandwich. I also think it adds such cuteness when they add a little swirl on the plate with chocolate :)!

  18. Arman @ thebigmansworld

    Wow. That restaurant should be extremely honoured you ended up dining there after your epic search! Next time I’m turning to you for help, screw urbanspoons searching methods lol.

    Here in Melbourne we don’t have a restaurant week really, but when I was in NY I dined out at a few locations during their restaurant week(s) and for the price, we got some amazing meals!


  19. You’re not crazy – I love the investigative work you put into selecting Earth Rosedale…because I totally would have done the exact same thing! ;) In fact, I’m pretty sure I do that whenever I travel to a new city; I make a list of all the restaurants that sound intriguing, and then narrow it down by ratings, menus etc. People may think I’m crazy, but I think it’s fun! Speaking of…I have a list going for Minneapolis! Oooh, and I need to email you back! This week has been pretty hectic with moving, but I promise I’ll write by next weekend!

    Even though your meal wasn’t a total taste success, it sure *looked* beautiful! The tomato salad appetizer sounds amazing , mainly because aioli is one of my very favorite condiments/sauces! Oh, and that dulce de leche cookie ice cream sandwich? Gah, I want one!

    I’m so glad you and Lauren had such a great time! I have a few favorite dining buddies, too…One of my good guy friends from college is a blogger, too, so we occasionally go on food dates together, and always have a blast hamming it up for the camera. I also love eating with my mom because she’s loves to share a bunch of dishes, just like I do!

    Hope you’re having a great week, Chelsea! Huge hugs! <3 xoxo

    • Don’t worry about replying to me – I know you’re busy, so take your time!

      That’s so awesome that one of your friends is a blogger too. Bloggers make some of the best dining companions! What is your friend’s blog?

  20. I love restaurant weeks. we had one in Blacksburg a few weeks ago and they had some great deals. I laughed out loud when I read how you picked the restaurant because it was so perfect! Your restaurants reviews are awesome girl, they make me want to eat out more lol

  21. looks fabulous! call me next time?? ;)

  22. I like doing a little research before going out to eat. Eating out isn’t cheap, so it better be darn good!

  23. Yum! That all sounds great- especially the appetizer!

  24. danielleml

    Love Summerlicious – I’m in Vancouver now so missed out on Toronto – but always such great details. I’ve been to the Earth in Bloor West Village and really wasn’t a fan. Found the food was expensive, portions small, and just not that great! Such a great sounding concept too. Oh well!

  25. Wow everything looks so delicious! There was a restaurant week in the city I went to college in and we all loved it! It’s so much fun to try nice restaurants on a smaller budget.

  26. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli

    “Note: you have my full permission to think I’m crazy after reading that.” <- That's funny, I was going for pure genius! ;)

    Oh my gosh, aioli is the best! And a smoked paprika one?! YESSSS! That cookie sounds right up my alley too…you know since I just recently discovered UNDYING LOVE for caramel and dulce de leche!! All it needed was some coarse salt on top…you'd have forgotten ALL about that cheap ice cream filling! ;)

    My favorite person to eat out with is definitely the man-friend! He's not picky in the least and since he's tried so many more cuisines than me, he's all the time introducing me to new dishes! It's fun to watch him from across the table as he waits for my response after I try something!

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