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Hi everyone! Thanks for all the positive feedback on my new blog – I’m really excited about taking this step. I had to put posting on hold while I made the transition and updated my pages, so I haven’t posted about my birthday (it was on Saturday) yet. But it was a pretty low key day as far as birthdays go because my mom and sister both had to work.

I just had my usual oatmeal for breakfast – but made it more celebratory with some sprinkles and a candle!

Birthday pancakes

Sometime in the morning I went for a run/walk. My knees and hips haven’t been hurting lately so I thought it was worth a try. I know I maybe shouldn’t be pushing myself like that yet, but it was my birthday and I just wanted to run damnit! And so I did. And I felt great. Better than great, actually. I was able to run/walk for a full 3.5 miles before my hip started bothering me. And my knees and hips have been fine ever since – I think that’s a good sign!

Afterwards I met my mom on her lunch break for a quick bite at Kindfood (edit 10/11/2014: Kindfood was renamed Lettuce Love Cafe). Yes, that’s two times in one week. But who’s counting? I got the Goddess bowl (brown rice, braised kale, shredded carrots and beets, and marinated tofu) with a miso gravy, which was fantastic!

Lettuce Love Cafe goddess bowl

In the afternoon I went to the garden center with my dad to pick up some vegetable plants and seeds, then spent the rest of the afternoon all cozy on the couch while reading Game of Thrones.

Dinner was definitely the highlight of my day because the four of us went to my favourite restaurant Blacktree for dinner!

As soon as I saw the appetizers, I new immediately what I wanted to get: the red beet terrine with goat cheese meringue and truffle honey. This was really sweet – it almost could have been dessert – but that’s why I loved it! It was such a unique twist on the typical goat cheese and beet pairing.

Blacktre beet terrine with goat cheese

For my entree I had the fish special, which was halibut in a lemongrass broth. The fish was cooked perfectly, as always, but the flavours in the dish didn’t wow me as they usually do at Blacktree.

Blacktree halibut in lemongrass broth

Dessert was the best part of the meal (but when is it not?). My sister and I split the plate of “chocolate tastes”, which included a molten chocolate cake (underneath the slab of chocolate) and house made caramel ice cream.

Birthday at Blacktree

Oh. my. gosh this was amazing! I know I’m probably stating the obvious here, but I freaking love chocolate.

Blacktree chocolate cake

The night ended with a birthday shot with the chef and then crashing into bed!

How did you spend your last birthday?

What would be your ideal birthday dessert?


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  1. oh my gosh your birthday oatmeal with sprinkles and a candle is PERFECT!!! my ideal birthday dessert is definitely cake batter or birthday cake ice cream!!

  2. Awwwr! I’m loving the sprinkles and candle in your oatmeal! I’ve put a candle on my breakfast before, but next time I’m definitely going to have to keep the sprinkles in mind – they just make everything better. And so does chocolate. My last birthday was pretty quiet, with just a dinner with my family, but it included chocolate cupcakes with cookie dough butter cream frosting, so I definitely can’t complain!

  3. I love the look of that birthday oatmeal, way too cute! Your dessert also looks incredibly tasty.

  4. Your meal at Kindfood reminds me a lot of my favorite place here in Boston, Life Alive! It looks sooo good. Also love the birthday oats with sprinkles, so cute :) My ideal birthday dessert is definitely a cupcake from Georgetown Cupcakes, also here in Boston, my favorite by far!!

  5. Happy belated birthday! Looks like you had some fun times :)

  6. Sooo it’s my birthday in a week…wanna come make me breakfast ;)? Love that oatmeal bowl and the sound of the rest of your birthday. With elaxation + time with family + good food, what more could you really want!! Your birthday dessert sounds incredible! The only thing which could have made it any better was the addition of salt to the ice cream! My ideal birthday dessert would involve cookies and ice cream in some form….orrrr cheesecake!

  7. It sounds like you had a great birthday :) I love sprinkles and a candle with breakfast! Beets and goat cheese is such a great combination.

  8. Your birthday oatmeal is perfect! :)
    Loving the new blog! Yay finally you moved to wordpress! :)

  9. Oh my goodness all your food looks beyond amazing! Especially that plate of chocolate tastes – I’d be all over that. And what a great way to end the night, with a shot with the chef, so much fun.

    And yay for running! I’m still not supposed to run for another month or so (boo..) but I’m so happy that you’re feeling better.

  10. Nothing beats sprinkles on your bday. Glad you had such a great day

  11. It looks like you had an absolutely delic birthday! Going out to dinner with my best friends is my favorite way to celebrate… The party years are behind me :P

  12. I adore the birthday oatmeal! That is just too cute :-D And yay that you were able to get a relatively pain-free run in! I know you’ve been missing running, so I’d take that as a great sign that you may be able to fully reintroduce it soon.
    And swoon – that dessert. Considering my chocoholic ways, it’s pretty safe to say that I’d be all over that! Ideal birthday dessert would involve a lot of chocolate and buttercream frosting. And sprinkles, of course!

  13. The sprinkles in the oatmeal put a huge smile on my face…I put sprinkles on my birthday breakfast too :) I spent my last birthday working and then going out to dinner with my mum to one of my favorite restaurants! It was great! I think my ideal birthday dessert would be a cookies and cream/peanut butter cup ice cream cake, but I love my mum’s homemade chocolate cake with vanilla frosting too :P

  14. That bowl looks awesome! I have been living miso lately and experimenting with it- happy birthday!!!

  15. I am loving how your celebrated beginning right in the morning with the candle in your oatmeal! When I saw that Saturday morning I just smiled :D It seems like you did great on your run/walk and if your knee or hip isn’t bothering you today that probably means you were kind to your body and didn’t push it too hard!

  16. I know everyone is already saying it, but that candle-in-your-oatmeal may be the cutest thing ever! Also love that you did a birthday shot with the chef hahah. Happy Birthday!
    I really like your new site. I’ve been with blogger for over a year now and it kind of drives me crazy sometimes (so limited in what you can do). I think about making the transition to wordpress all the time, but whenever I start reading up on it all, I get scared and close my laptop!

    • Transferring over your posts isn’t too hard! I’m not sure about transferring your layout though – that might be more difficult. Also you have to go self hosted if you want to redirect all your Blogger posts to your WordPress posts! I haven’t done that yet, but I probably will. I’m not very tech savvy, but let me know if you have any questions and I can try to help! :)

  17. Your breakfast oatmeal with the sprinkles addition= perfection. Sprinkles do indeed make everything better and just that more special! I’m so glad to hear that you were able to do the walk/run for a while without any pain… and on that note, good for you for stopping when it was bothering you, even if it was a small amount. Obviously don’t want to make things worse :) You are one smart lady Chelsea and I’m glad you had a lovely birthday!

  18. I seriously LOVE that you added sprinkles and a candle to your breakfast! Now THAT is celebrating!

  19. The sprinkled covered oatmeal must have been awesome because when is anything with sprinkles NOT awesome???
    My ideal birthday dessert would definitely include chocolate! I totally agree with your statement about it ;)

  20. Omg, I am totally doing that to my oatmeal on my next birthday! That is such a festive idea!

  21. I am loving the new blog! The great thing is now I can comment without having any problems. For the past few months commenting on your blog would rarely work for me for some reason, but with your new blog it’s the system I’m used to so there won’t be a problem!

    It looks like you had a fabulous birthday. Mine is coming up in a few week, if it is anything like it has been the past few year though it won’t be very exciting haha :)

  22. I think your birthday breakfast might be the cutest, most celebratory bowl of oats I’ve ever seen! Totally Pinterest worthy! ;)

    You’re absolutely right–birthdays are the one day of the year where we can justify doing just about anything, so I’m glad you were able to enjoy that run! I’m praying that your hip will continue to heal, and that you’ll be able to run pain-free soon!

    The miso gravy on the Kindfood bowl looks incredible! Yum! And speaking of yum…let’s chat about dinner. Holy moly, everything sounds and looks amazing, ESPECIALLY the red beet terrine with goat cheese meringue and truffle honey. Swoon! I adore meringues, honey, goat cheese, and beets, and can only imagine what an amazing combination they made together! And then there’s the plate of chocolate tastes…aka heaven?!

    I’m so glad you had such a wonderful day, girl! Huge hugs! <3

  23. Happy Belated Bday! Sounds like you had a great day! love your extra special breakfast with the sprinkles and candle…so cute!

  24. P

    I love how you decorated your oatmeal with sprinkles and a candle! So cute…happy birthday :D

  25. Goat cheese meringue?! Oh my gosh does that sound amazing!! Love the sprinkles/candle in the oats! And that dish from KindFoods looks so yummy! Yep, looks like you had a pretty good birthday m’dear! Happy belated by the way! :)

    For my last birthday, I earned myself my first Irish food coma! Yeah, I totally OD’d on Scotch eggs, homemade kettle chips, and bread pudding with my parents. What’s funny is I went back there a few months ago and the food just wasn’t as good…must’ve been birthday luck! ;)

    Ideal birthday dessert: Depends on my mood, I could go for froyo, cookies, ice cream cake, or anything with peanut butter!

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