Road trip ’13: Day 7

Day 7 was our last day! It had a rough start though because I had a pretty bad sleep – it was so stinking hot in our hotel room overnight. So we skipped working out again in favour of having a slow start to our morning.

After breakfast we said goodbye to Syracuse and headed to Rochester, where our first stop was Trader Joe’s. Since we don’t have these stores in Canada, I’m always excited to check them out when I’m in the US.

Trader Joe's Rochester

Just like my last visit though, I was a bit disappointed by how many of their products say “May contain nuts” on their labels. But I still managed to pick up a pretty good nut-free haul.

Trader Joe's products

Mac & cheese, coconut cream, cookie butter, sunflower seed butter, sweet Thai chili sauce, coconut chips, dried banana, and plantain chips.

After TJ’s we went to The Owl House for lunch, which is a cute restaurant we found through Urbanspoon. It was in a renovated house and we actually ate in the backyard on the patio – I felt like I was eating at someone’s home!

The Owl House Rochester

The Owl House Rochester

They had really delicious iced Earl Grey tea – it made me want to start making my own iced teas at home more often!

The Owl House - iced tea

We also split an order of their Moroccan smoked beef “jerky”. It wasn’t really jerky-like, but it was still really good.

The Owl House - beef jerky

And then I had the salad of my dreams: shaved Brussels sprouts, kale, lemon, olive oil, and romano aioli. This was amazing! I plan on trying to recreate it, but I doubt I could do it justice – the flavours were just so perfect.

The Owl House - shaved Brussels sprout and kale salad

My sister and I also split a panini with brie cheese, apple, red onion, baby arugula and Dijon mustard on sourdough bread with house made kettle chips on the side. This was seriously good too! It was an all around good meal. I will definitely go back to The Owl House next time I’m in Rochester!

The Owl House - brie cheese and apple panini

The Owl House on Urbanspoon

After lunch we drove to Buffalo for our last few stops at Target (for bathing suits and Champion workout wear) and Wegmans (for more food). We even bought a cooler so that we could get some refrigerated and frozen items – and by that I mostly just mean Greek yogurt.

Wegmans Greek yogurt

I decided to try out the Wegman’s brand of Greek yogurt, Chobani Bites, honey Fage, vanilla coconut Oikos, and a few Chobani flavours I’ve never tried before. So far I’m not a big fan of the Wegman’s kind, but I love the Chobani Bites!

With our car packed to the brim with groceries, our shopping loot, suitcases, pillows, gifts for dad, gum wrappers all over the floor, etc, we headed back home.

So that’s the end of my recaps! But I already have plans to visit some great restaurants in the area this summer, so you’ll definitely be seeing more of my foodie adventures soon.

What are your favourite Trader Joe’s products?

What are your favourite Greek yogurt brands? 


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  1. Your whole trip sounds like such a blast- I'm especially envious about your grocery stash, in particular al that fro yo! Believe it or not, my fro yo tasting extends to Fage…and that too, the plain kind! Not to sound like a typical HLD bloggr but I would most definitely be in heaven if I had all those flavors at my disposal :)!

  2. Whoops,I meant HLB blogger…not sure why the cholesterol talk factored in ;)!

  3. I always bring a cooler bag/cooler with me when I go shopping in Michigan…because it's guaranteed that I'm bringing back greek yogurt and probably some ice cream too!I've only been to TJ's once, but I absolutely adored the cookie butter, the cat cookies, and their dark chocolate caramel bar with black sea salt. Wow, sweet tooth much?I need to start making iced teas at home too! So refreshing in the summer.

  4. I love TJ's but I've only been there a few times. I love their falafel chips!

  5. boo for being hot when you sleep – that always gives me the worst sleep ever! i loooove tj's sunflower seed butter!!

  6. Hmm Trader Joe's….to be honest I'm often disappointed in them as well because they don't have a great gluten-free selection. The cookie butter however…OMFG SO GOOD. Also, in states without stupid alcohol laws, aka sadly not Pennsylvania, their beer and wine selection is INCREDIBLE. I also agree with you on the Wegman's yogurt….not my favorite. Which is a shame because 99% of their other store-brand stuff is awesome! I just love the hot bar/salad bar too lol.

  7. My dad would have LOVED that brie panini! He loves brie! I think its an acquired taste though because its one cheese I can't stand! lol Glad you enjoyed your Buffalo stop!

  8. Ali

    Looks like you had an amazing road trip! So fun! I love TJ's and it looks like you picked up some good stuff (esp. the Sunflower Seed Butter–THE BEST). Also, that brie sandwich does look really delicious!My favorite Greek yogurt brand is probably Chobani, but I still need to try more of their new flavors and their Bites and Flips!

  9. Boo for the Tj's trip – to be honest, I never have paid attention to the labels that closely so I wouldn't have known… But knowing their customer loyalty, I bet they'd love to hear your thoughts! That restaurant looks so cute and quaint – I've been loving arugula and brie lately!

  10. I am always left drooling over your photos. You could be a professional restaurant reviewer :) Not a bad profession if I do say so myself. Looks like you had a whirlwind of fun and food. I absolutely love the concept of that shaved brussel sprout salad.

  11. Eeee…jealous of the US foodie pick ups. How come we can't get some of the neat stuff they carry.I definitely try to bring extra bags with me since I always want to bring back new things to try out! I've never been to TJ's so not sure what my fave thing would be.The Owl House sounds like such a wonderful place to eat!

  12. That panini sounds amazing :)

  13. I've never been to Trader Joe's, and I love love love Dannon Oikos greek yogurt

  14. I just went back and read literally your entire recap and wow, what a great trip you had! Thanks for sharing the several days you experienced, I like seeing new places and ones I could potentially visit tooLove that you bought all of the Greek yogurt, way to be lady :) I would have done the exact same thing btw! On that note, I do bring at least a mini cooler with me when I travel, mostly for yep, you guessed it, yogurt! Cottage cheese too, yum

  15. I am more jealous of your Wegmans trip. My grandma lives in Buffalo in walking distance and I go everyday when I visit lol. I could probably live there… Trader Joes however has lost my loyalty because they don't sell Almond Butter anymore and that was the only real reason I ever went

  16. I love the plaintain chips from TJ's! I've tried the ones from Sprouts but they are so overly salted that I can barely eat them. I'm a huge fan of TJ's light coconut milk as well. Enjoying some in my coffee now :-)

  17. I loved reading about your trip! I just got back from vacation too, although I wasn't in the states this time! I love trying all the USA brands :)

  18. That panini looks awesome! I love the combination of apples and cheese :).

  19. I spy coconut chips! They're my latest snack addiction–love the sweet crunch! I haven't tried TJ's brand yet, though, so please let me know what you think!The Owl House sounds like such a quaint restaurant–the patio really DOES like somebody's backyard! The Brussels sprouts salad sounds like a creation of dreams: kale,lemon, olive oil and Romano aioli?! Swoon! And that panini, too! If I'm ever in Rochester, I'll be sure to check it this place out. I'm so glad you were able to stock up on Chobani Bites! I LOVE the raspberry dark chocolate flavor!Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Chelsea! <3 xoxo

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