Road trip ’13: Day 6

On Monday morning mom and I decided to go to the gym after taking two days off. It felt so nice to move a bit after spending so much time in the car! On our way back to the hotel room we stopped at the Starbucks in the lobby where I was excited to find some Chobani. I’ve missed their yogurt ever since they stopped selling in Canada! I used it to make a quick breakfast bowl before heading out on the road again.

This time we were heading off to Syracuse. I’ve actually been wanting to go there ever since I heard Pinback’s song called ‘Syracuse’ in the 10th grade (I’m not sure if the song has any link to the city though…). When we got there we stopped at Phoebe’s Cafe for lunch. It was cute inside, but really busy and noisy.

Phoebe's Cafe Syracuse

I ordered the chicken pita with white cheddar, grilled onions, and a balsamic reduction. It was just okay. I’m not a big fan of blackened chicken – it just tastes burnt to me – and I didn’t realize it would come that way. My mom’s chicken bruschetta wrap tasted amazing though.

Phoebe's Cafe Syracuse - chicken pita

Phoebe's Restaurant & Coffee Lounge on Urbanspoon

After lunch our destination was Destiny USA, which is apparently the 6th biggest mall in the USA! We managed to do some damage there, followed by even more damage to our wallets at the Urban Outfitters in Armory Square.

Destiny USA mall Syracuse

By the time we were done shopping we were more than ready for food. We had planned to hit up Empire Brewing Company, which is a microbrewery that was featured on Diners, Drive ins and Dives. I had my eyes on their farmstead chili, but my sister convinced me to split their Mediterranean platter with her. It came with falafels, hummus, couscous salad, pickled beans, olives, sun dried tomatoes, tzaziki, and herb flatbread. Everything was awesome, especially those falafels!

Empire Brewing Comapany Mediterranean platter

We both got a Greek Cobb salad as well, but what we didn’t realize is that the salad had basically the exact same ingredients as the platter, except in salad form. Oops! I should have read the menu better, apparently. It was still good though.

Empire Brewing Company Greek Cobb salad

Empire Brewing Co. on Urbanspoon

As we were finishing up our meals, we realized that although we had tons of pictures of our food, we had barely any pictures of ourselves. So mom tried to take a picture of Hayley and I… except my eyes were closed. So she tried again, and my eyes looked drunk. Then she tried again, and I looked like I was half asleep. So after that we just got silly.

We were laughing so hard that my abs started to hurt!

After that we just headed to the hotel for our last night of the trip. I’ll be back with the recap of our last day soon!

What’s the biggest mall you’ve ever been to?

Have you ever been to a restaurant that was on Diners, Drive ins and Dives?


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  1. The biggest mall I've ever been to was Edmonton mall when I was about 11…it was pretty amazing! I definitely need to go back. Mainly to visit Amanda, but secondly to go back to that mall ;-)I haven't been to any DDD restaurants, but I've been to Prince Albert's downtown London, which was on You Gotta Eat Here. There's a burger restaurant about 15 minutes away from me that was on that show too, it's one of my goals to go there sometime over the summer!

  2. Okay you seriously look like one of the most fun people to go hang out with!! Okay so that falafel looks like perfection. Seriously bummed you didn't make it down to Virginia!! If you didn't do any damage in the 6th biggest mall in the US well then I would just be amazed haha

  3. I am loving these posts! This looks like such a great trip!

  4. The biggest mall? Hmm. I'd have to say the one here in Edmonton. I don't know if it's still the biggest mall in the world, but it's pretty epic. I grew up about 5 minutes from it, so it's always seemed like no big deal, but people who visit seem to think otherwise. In any case, I can do some major damage when I go in there.And I love your hotel breakfast making station… That's pretty much exactly what my breakfasts look like whenever I travel :D

  5. I think Greek food tops it for me, I just adore Greek restaurants with authentic food like that.

  6. Looks like you guys had an amazing trip! You did so much in all of your days! That shopping mall sounds incredible…I would love to go there! And the Mediterranean plate is right up my alley…totally would have devoured all that humus!

  7. I love Destiny USA! I go there every time I visit my boyfriend who lives in Syracuse. It gets bigger and bigger each time!

  8. Ahhh the Mediterranean platter looks awesome. If there's one on the menu I always have it. I just love the selection of olives, fallacies, hummus…yum!Looks like your trip has been fun with all those great restaurants you've gone to. It's one of my favourite parts of a holiday :)

  9. So I actually live right near the second biggest mall in america lol! You're right, it's SOOO dangerous formy walllet….I could walk around in there all day long. That brewery place sounds AWESOME – seriously greek platters are my favorite, especially when falafels are involved nom nom nom

  10. Sounds like a fun day!

  11. Haha your post-dinner photo shoot gave me a good laugh! That always happens to me, too! Usually we'll take a few photos, trying to capture the "perfect" shot, and then just get goofy. The funny photos are always the winners, though! It sounds like you had another delicious day of travel! The Mediterranean platter looks to-die-for! Falafels, hummus, and tzaziki make an amazing trio!Oh my goodness, the Destiny USA looks HUGE! I think the largest mall I've been to is the Mall of America in Minneapolis. I think it's the second largest in the US—it's like a city in there! Hope you're having a great week, Chelsea! Hugs <3 xoxo

  12. It looks like you are having such a good time! I love Mediterranean platters because you get a little bit of everything and it is all always so delicious! Haha love end photos. :-)

  13. I seriously love this girls road trip recap girl! OMG I know you were in heaven with that platter! I would be! I am glad to see you had so much fun on this trip you deserve it after finishing undergrad!

  14. I love all the pics! Especially all of that yummy chobani!!! I've never been to a restaurant on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives-but I've been to a few from You Gotta Eat Here!!!xo Tara

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