Road trip ’13: Day 4

Saturday was the day we did our loooong drive from Halifax to Quebec City – we spent over 10.5 hours in the car!!! But first we checked out the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market. We planned our trip specifically so that we would be in Halifax on Saturday because Hayley said I just had to see this market.

Halifax Seaport Farmers Market

And of course she was right – I was in heaven! There were local fruits and vegetables, freshly caught fish, handmade soaps, vegan truffles and energy bars, fresh artisan breads, ethnic food stands, arts and crafts, and more. It was amazing!

Halifax Seaport Farmers Market

We browsed for an hour and left by 9:30 am to begin our road trip. Our first stop was in Moncton, New Brunswick for lunch because we wanted to go to the Tide and Boar – a gastropub that was featured on You Gotta Eat Here.

The Tide and Boar Moncton

They are famous for their boar poutine, so my sister got an order and we all helped her eat it. It was so good – the boar was super tender and there were huge chunks of cheese curds in it!

The Tide and Boar - Boar poutine

For my main meal I got their black bean and date veggie burger with spicy mayo, as per the recommendation of our waitress. It was pretty good, but it didn’t really blow me away. The side salad was awesome though – it had roasted root vegetables, Parmesan cheese and a shallot dressing. It was also supposed to have granola in it, but they had to leave it off because of my allergies.

The Tide and Boar - black bean burger

Tide & Boar Gastropub on Urbanspoon

After lunch we got back on the road and drove. And drove. And drove some more. I spent a good chunk of the time catching up with good ol’ Alton Brown. His books are like a food geek’s dream – I love how they explain some of the science behind cooking.

Good Eats by Alton Brown

8 hours and 760 km later (that’s not including the 250 km we drove in the morning!), we finally arrived in Quebec City. We checked into the Loews Hotel Le Concorde and then headed out on foot in Old Quebec in search of food. It’s been almost 10 years since I was last in Quebec and I forgot how much I love it there – it has such a European feel to it.

Quebec City street

We finally decided to stop at Bello Ristorante. Even though we just had Italian the night before, this place looked really good! Also we were just happy to find a restaurant that could get us a table since it was almost 9 pm and the rest of the restaurants nearby were full.

This place was packed to though – and it had a great atmosphere! The servers were all bustling about, and were obviously very attentive and friendly to their tables. All the customers seemed to be really enjoying themselves too, which added to its good vibes.

Before the meal we were brought out bread with olive oil and balsamic, which was really good.

Bello Ristorante Quebec City

For my appetizer I had an arugula salad with fresh market vegetables, Parmesan cheese, and a white balsamic vinaigrette. It was simple, but tasted good.

Bello Ristorante Quebec City - arugula salad

My entree was gemelli pasta with mushrooms, truffles, arugula, white wine and pecorino cheese. I’m not sure if the pasta was made in house, but it tasted like it!

Bello Ristorante Quebec City - gemelli pasta with mushrooms, truffles, arugula, and pecorino

Bello Ristorante on Urbanspoon

By the time we were done our meal it was past 10 so we just headed back to the hotel room and crashed – we were exhausted after such a long day in the car!

What is the furthest you’ve ever driven in one day?

Have you ever been to Quebec?


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  1. Mo

    That sure is a long drive! I did it a few years ago, driving out to Halifax for a family wedding. The drive there we went through the US (getting through Maine is brutal, there is nothing there!) and coming home we went through Canada, and that stretch through Quebec is epic! It's crazy how long you can drive and never leave a province in this giant country of ours!All the food on this trip looks amazing! You sure know how to pick restaurants!

  2. I thought the poutine looked soooo delish until I scrolled down to your black bean burger pic!! It looks soooo yummy!!!I love Halifax sooo much and it looks like you found some yummy places to eat! xo Tara

  3. I have been on such a veggie burger kick recently! I'm dying to get my hands on a quality burger while out to dinner. Yours looks divine!

  4. That veggie burger looks super tasty. It is a bummer that it did not taste quite as good as it looked. I hate when that happens! :(

  5. I think it is great that you made so much of your road trips. My family just tends to drive till we are there – never much fun in that!

  6. ohh the 10 hour drive….no fun. I don't think we had a day that long on my most recent road trip but when I moved to Raleigh NC two years ago, that was about how long it took! I love that you guys actually stop at epic restaurants on the way too – I'm all about the italian food lol. Although I have to say that burger sounds pretty awesome!

  7. Boar poutine…that might be the only one Eric hasn't tried yet ;-) I'd definitely give that one a shot!I don't mind long car trips, but the really long ones are way too much for me. We made the 8 hour trip in one day to Chicago last November, and that was intense!And I adore Quebec. I went to Montreal when I was about 10, and even then I had to appreciate how beautiful the city was. Definitely a place I would want to go back to!

  8. 10.5 hours in the car? Yowza. I remember taking a lot of road trips with my parents when I was younger, and loving the 12 hours I spent in the car when we'd make the drive from Edmonton to Vancouver, but I honestly can't imagine doing that now. Maaaaybe if I had good snacks… and sleeping pills ;)And I've never been to Quebec, but I really, really want to visit. The only place in Eastern Canada that I've been is Toronto, and that was only for a few days.

  9. I've decided that the next road trip I take is going to be with you, because you sure know how to travel deliciously! :) I actually haven't taken a long road trip in years, but when I was young, my family would regularly drive from LA to San Francisco (both sets of grandparents, cousins etc live there), which is a 7+ hour trip. To a five-year-old, this felt like eternity! We'd always stop at McDonald's, which was a MAJOR treat because we'd only get to eat there on "special occasions." The longest road trip I took, though, was when I was 11 or 12, and my family drove from California, to Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, and back to California. I think our longest day in the car was 12 hours long!Everything looks absolutely delicious–especially the salad you ate in Quebec City! I love arugula coupled with Parmesan and balsamic. Hope you're having a wonderful week, Chelsea! <3

  10. I love road trips but hate driving- ill be a passenger any day! My mom would take us on vacations out west, the farthest we drive was San Francisco with six people in a minivan and I still can't believ we did it! I actually like that sitting in a car forces you to slow down and relax. Looks like you're having an awesome trip!

  11. 10.5 hours in a car?? My butt feels numb from just reading that ;)! Although it looks like you guys (girls?) had a bunch of fun…delicious fun for that matter! I've never been to Quebec but i've love to soon! I've only been to Montreal in Canada as my friend studied in McGill! I loved everything about the place- it was almost like the best of the US & Europe combined :)!

  12. Lovely food- the pasta dish particularly tickles my fancy :) The longest I've been in a car for is 11 hours – driving from my university back home through San Francisco – but the longest nonstop flight I've taken is 16 hours, which was that much harder because there's no means of escape :/ Good food always helps long journeys though :)

  13. O wow long day of travels! I think we did 15 hours a few years ago! But I actually really like car rides with my parents! OMG that farmer's market! I have never even thought about trying boar… hmm on my list of things to try now!I didn't know Alton brown had books! I want to read one!

  14. Oh my goodness that poutine sounds amazing! I've never tried it before, but it is totally on my bucket list! And with boar? Wow! Sounds interesting!Alton Brown's is the BEST! Probably one of the ONLY things I miss about not having cable anymore!The furthest I've driven was on a family vacation to Florida when I was 17…from our little town in Tennessee to Ft Walton Beach, it was about 8 hours…I felt like such a grown up…with a numb booty! Lol

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