Road Trip ’13: Day 3

Friday was another early morning because I always have the worst sleeps in hotels! Anyone else have the same problem? So we went to the Goodlife gym next to the hotel – I did 45 minutes of incline walking while reading Glamour – then had breakfast back in our hotel room.

After doing lots of touristy things the previous day we decided to have a more laid back day of shopping on Spring Garden Road. There are a few bigger name stores there like Roots and Lululemon, plus a handful of independent boutiques and vintage stores that were fun to browse.

For lunch we got some vegetarian/vegan fare (to balance out our meat heavy dinner the night before!) at the Heartwood Cafe. We were also joined by one of my best friends Allyson who lives in Halifax – it was so great to see her again and catch up!

Heartwood Cafe HalifaxSource

I ordered the Heartwood Bowl, which was a bed of brown rice topped with steamed greens, roasted veggies, tofu, toasted seeds and sprouts with a basil umeboshi dressing. It was super delicious, but just not enough food for me – I still felt a bit hungry when we left the restaurant!

Heartwood Cafe Heartwood Bowl

Heartwood Bakery and Cafe on Urbanspoon

The rest of the afternoon was filled with errands, more shopping downtown, and frozen yogurt from Yeh!, Halifax’s only frozen yogurt shop. I got honey Greek and strawberry flavours topped with fruit, chocolate sprinkles, and Oreo bits. Oreo bits are always a must for me!

Yeh Fro Yo Halifax

Later in the evening we headed out to dinner at the place I was most looking forward to: The Bicycle Thief, which is an Italian restaurant right on the bay.

The Bicycle Thief Halifax

The entire menu here was amazing – I think I could have ordered anything off it and been happy with my meal!

I started with the spring panzanella salad with Mache greens, poached green beans, charred asparagus, heirloom red tomatoes, garlic toasted croutons, roasted pine nuts, fresh mozzarella and pesto genovese vinaigrette. There were so many great flavours in this! And oh my gosh those croutons – they were garlicky and oily and absolutely perfect!

The Bicycle Thief Halifax - spring panzanella salad

For my entree I was considering the pancetta wrapped pork tenderloin or the pappardelle with a chicken and pancetta ragu, but when I heard that the halibut had been freshly caught that morning, I changed my mind. How can you turn that down?

The halibut was infused with porcini dust and fresh herbs and baked in parchment with fresh wild mushrooms, pancetta, cherry tomatoes, white wine, garlic and cream. I never considered cooking white fish with mushrooms before, but this pairing worked so well together! The buttery vegetables and potatoes that came on the side were also delicious.

The Bicycle Thief Halifax - halibut

For dessert we split the torched Madagascar vanilla crème brûlée. It’s one of those desserts that isn’t my first choice on a menu (I had my eye on the chocolate peppermint semifreddo), but every time I order it I’m glad I did. This one was delicious!

The Bicycle Thief Halifax - creme brulee

I also want to say how great the service was. Our waitress recommended me a wine that ended up not liking, so she brought me out another glass on the house. I really appreciated that!

The Bicycle Thief on Urbanspoon

We were all pretty wiped from walking all day, so we headed back to the hotel room after dinner and relaxed. In my next recap I’ll tell you all about our looooooong day of driving on Saturday!

What is your favourite thing to order for dessert at a restaurant?


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  1. Another great day :) I'm with you on the creme brulee: I usually order something chocolatey, but when I opt for brulee, I'm always happy I did; there's just something so satisfy about it, and since I can't make it at home – I don't have a blowtorch – it's always that much more special. When my parents and I lived in Paris, my dad and I had a tradition of ordering creme brulee for dessert every time we went out for dinner so that we could compare them all and eventually see which place made the best. Good times… Thanks for bringing back that memory :)

  2. Clearly you had some fabulous eats on your trip! I love the name of that Italian place, I wonder if there's a story behind it? I've left a restaurant hungry before, but it's always meant stopping for dessert on the way home ;-)My favourite dessert to order in a restaurant is the deep fried ice cream at Under the Volcano (it's insane how good it is) or any sort of baked cookie or brownie sundae. But really, I'm sure I can be talked into just about any dessert ;-)

  3. Man that Italian place sounds EPIC! It's so hard for me to find good Italian places, but that halibut absolutely takes the cake. And I hear you on leaving restaurants still hungry – ithappens to me allll the time, especially if the place doesn't have good GF options,…and yep, 99% of the time it means I get froyo right after haha

  4. We have a Yeh! in the mall near me that I have yet to try. It looks pretty good!

  5. I never sleep well at hotels either. One of the reasons I don't really like to travel.

  6. All of that stuff looks fabulous! I really want to try that panzanella salad. Drool! It looks like you had a great mother's day!

  7. Wow, after reading about foodie adventures in Halifax, I'm ready to pack my bags! Everything looks so delicious. Heartwood Cafe sounds amazing, and so does the bowl you ordered. I'm curious about the basil umeboshi dressing, though. What is umeboshi? Google search! I love it when frozen yogurt places offer Greek froyo; it's so creamy! If Oreos were gluten free, they'd be a must for me, too–love the chocolaty crunch! I usually satisfy my crunchy topping craving with nuts or granola clusters, however my favorite topping is peanut butter and/or Nutella (with sprinkles, of course). :) As for my favorite dessert to order at a restaurant..Cheesecake. No question! :)Everything about dinner looks wonderful—I think I would have ordered exactly the way you did. The halibut sounds incredible!Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Chelsea! <3

  8. Aww, I love the pic of you and your mom! So cute!I think I actually sleep BETTER at hotels than I do at home…as long as I have a good pillow (or remember to bring my own…I'm so picky).Oreo bits…definitely keeping that in mind for my next fro-yo trip! Wonder how that pairs with unicorn entrails? ;)That salad sounds incredible and packed FULL of flavor! And I love how they served the fish still in the parchment! I've never thought about pairing mushrooms and fish before either…but seriously, I could make a MEAL out of a plate of mushrooms! The man-friend and I grilled some on Saturday and until then, I had forgotten how much I love them cooked that way!The last time I can remember leaving a restaurant still hungry was one of my at a Thai place where I just wasn't really satisfied with my meal…but that was nothing a little fro-yo couldn't cure!! ;)I don't typically order desserts at restaurants but if I do, I'm always drawn to cheesecake or anything with peanut butter and chocolate!

  9. I hate leaving a restaurant still hungry for more (well unless it is just because it was so good I could have eaten it out of a never ending bowl!) I think my favorite dessert is pie, fruit of any kind or a large ice cream sundae

  10. I'm loving the sound of Bicycle Thief especially the halibut- so many interesting flavors. Creme Brulee isn't a favorite of mine but I do love the sound of Madargascar Vanilla…in general I prefer vanilla-based or fruity desserts. If I have to choose my all-time favorite, I'm going to have to go with a cheesecake…baked or not, it's bound to be a win :)! Wow- just the mention of cheesecake has spurred on a craving ha!

  11. i pretty much never order dessert at a restaurant just cuz i'm so full from my already-larger-than-life-portion! however… i do like creme brulee… mostly probably because i have no clue how to make it so itz fun to order!

  12. The Bicycle Thief? What a crazy name for a restaurant! The food looks delicious, though!

  13. You and your mom are so cute ! Looks like a delicious trip!!

  14. That tofu dish looks SO good. Sucks when you don't feel full after a meal though. I guess that's why there IS dessert?! haha

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