Road trip ’13: Day 1

I’m baaaaack!

With a lot of stuff in tow:

Apparently we like to shop. And buy food. We may or may not have gone a little crazy buying American food products that we can’t get in Canada. But those are stories for another post.

Today I’m going to start from the beginning: last Wednesday, when mom and I flew out to Halifax to meet up with Hayley. The first thing we did was check into The Lord Nelson, which was awesome! The rooms were really nice and they were very accommodating when we requested a mini fridge and some down pillows. Also it was right next to a Goodlife gym, which made it convenient to work out in the mornings. I highly recommend this hotel if you’re ever in Halifax.

Next the three of us headed out to dinner at Boneheads BBQ on Barrington Street, which we’ve been wanting to visit every since we saw it on an episode of You Gotta Eat Here.

Boneheads BBQ Halifax

It was really tiny and had a small menu – which is almost always a sign of a good restaurant in my experience. And this restaurant proved me right again. Hayley and I split the two meat BBQ plate with pulled pork, beef brisket, cornbread and a choice of two sides – we chose the BBQ baked beans and mac & cheese plus an extra side of salad to get in some greens.

Boneheads BBQ Halifax

The mac & cheese was my least favourite – I found it to be a bit gritty – but I loved everything else! The meat was tender and flavouful and everything BBQed meat should be. And the cornbread was not too sweet, not dry, and not at all crumbly. In other words: perfect. I loved the baked beans too.

It was a great first meal to kick off our trip. Afterward we walked downtown and then went back to the hotel room to rest up for our busy day on Thursday. I’ll have a post about it up soon!

Boneheads BBQ on Urbanspoon

Have you ever been to Halifax?

What is your favourite kind of BBQ food?


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20 Responses to Road trip ’13: Day 1

  1. So fun! If I was in the US/Canada I would fill up a whole suitcase of food items to bring back with me! Maybe one day? Heheh I'm hoping!Looking forward to read more about your trip!

  2. omg, BBQ is to die for. Definitely one of my favorites, and usually I can only get the good stuff down in North Carolina! And I totally don't blame you for stocking up on US foods haha….did you find red velvet poptarts?? :-D

  3. Stocking up on American food that we can't get here in Canada – oh boy can I ever relate to that. When I travel to the States, I always make sure to leave a little bit of extra room in my suitcase so that I can pack it with the good stuff ;)

  4. I've been thinking of planning a mini road trip to the States simply to pick up food items that you can't buy here as well as visit a Trader Joe's and Whole Foods! You know you're a foodie when… ;)

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  6. haha I love this! I kind of want to go to canada and hit up some of the unique foods from there. I kind of can't wait to hear your favorites.

  7. Oh man I would have done the same if I had a chance to shop in an American grocery store…they always have stuff I would never even think existed! My favorite kind of BBQ is actually Korean..I tried Korean bbq beef a few weeks ago and it's definitely in a league of its own!

  8. I adore Halifax, I have been there many times over the years. It looks like you bought an entire store of food! I love doing that too when I go to the US. LOL! Oh such a bummer the mac and cheese wasn't the greatest. I would think it would have been delish. Wahh wahh…. xo Tara

  9. Sounds like an awesome trip! I've never been to Halifax so I'm looking forward to reading your other recaps!

  10. I'm hoping to make a trip to the states by the end of next month, and I assure you, I'll be stocking up on my American foods that I adore and can't get here ;-)Adore BBQ! I am all about the pulled pork when I go to BBQ places. In fact, I would put a good pulled pork sandwich on my top 5 list of favourite meals. I don't think I've tried beef brisket though!

  11. Your trip sounds like so much fun, I can't wait to hear more!

  12. Love hearing about your Hali adventures. I've spent many weekends there (visiting family, soccer trips, university fun). I've stayed at the Lord Nelson a few times and one of my good friends actually teaches Body Pump at that exact Goodlife!!

  13. Loving the pictures. Road trips are just the best, Wish I could go on them more often.

  14. I was in Halifax for 2 weeks back in 2009. Loved it there!

  15. Whenever I travel to Canada, I stock up on all my favorite things there too, so I can completely relate! Haha! I especially like the King Cole Tea and miss it already. :)The BBQ sounds fantastic!

  16. Mmm, I love BBQ! I'm actually on a self-appointed mission to find the BEST BBQ restaurant in my town. So far, I've tried about 5 or 6 places…there's been some that were decent, but I still haven't gotten that, "omg this is the best stuff ever" feeling…and so the mission continues! LolGood mac 'n cheese is hard to come by. I find that most of the time, the noodles are overcooked and mushy or the cheese just doesn't have a strong enough flavor. I always go for cornbread and greens if they have it…I'm all about some Southern cooked collards! Mmm!

  17. I agree with the small menu claim! Sometimes I feel sad when I see a small menu but when I order I realize that what they make is good quality and they perfect what they have! O you just caused me to request brisket when I am home for my 2 week break!

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