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Is it just me, or are restaurants becoming a lot better about accommodating allergies and dietary restrictions? Two years ago I never would have dreamed I would be able to find a bakery with nut-free treats. And now I know of two.

I also used to never be able to eat at vegan restaurants. In fact, I’ve called London’s only fully vegan restaurant, Veg Out, a few times in the past to ask if they can accommodate nut allergies, but each time I was told it would be too risky. But this week when I called again I got a different answer: they said it would be no problem and that they would be sure to take measures to prevent contamination in the kitchen. This made me so happy!

Veg Out London, Ontario

So on Saturday evening I went there for dinner with my friends Andrea and Rae, who are both big fans of the restaurant. It had such a cute cozy feeling inside – I almost felt like I was eating at someone’s house.

For my meal I was debating between the tempeh bacon mushroom melt sandwich and the “bowl of plenty” with greens, veggies, sprouted lentils, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, and apricots, but when I heard the daily special, I was sold. It was a sweet potato stuffed with curried chickpeas and spinach – yum!

Veg Out London, Ontario - curried chickpea stuffed sweet potato

I was so impressed with this meal, and also with the great service. The waitress did a great job of taking care of me and making sure all my allergy-related questions were answered by the kitchen.

I wish I wasn’t moving out of the city in 4 days, because I could definitely see myself becoming a regular here!

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What’s your favourite kind of stuffed vegetable?

Do you have any allergies or dietary restrictions that make it hard to eat at restaurants?


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  1. Oh wow this place sounds amazing especially your meal! I've never stuffed sweet potatoes but I am definitely intrigued! I love stuffed peppers & stuffed BNS squash…even though they are both so easy to make, both come across as being much fancier than the effort required- definitely a crowd pleaser! Fortunately I have no allergies (at least none that I'm aware of) but I am glad that restaurants are becoming more accommodating for various dietary restrictions and intolerances!

  2. 4 days! O girl that is crazy! I love that restaurants are becoming so much better about allergies now. It makes things so much better for consumers. Your meal looks so good! I love sweet potatoes as everyone pretty much knows lol.

  3. That stuffed sweet potato sounds delicious! I've only ever stuffed regular baked potatoes but now I definitely want to experiment with stuffing a sweet one!

  4. Mmm, I love stuffed peppers, but a sweet potato stuffed with garbanzos and spinach?? Sign me up :) I am very blessed to not have any dietary restrictions to work around, but I'm very excited to see so many restaurants stepping it up for those who do!

  5. restaurants are totally better about accomodating people! i don't have any allergies or anything, but i definitely have particular preferences that i request while dining out!

  6. Stuffed sweet potatoes are the way to go! Glad to hear that Veg Out was so awesome. Next year, you'll have to come back to London to visit me and we can go, ok? ;-)I think that with so many people developing allergies, restaurants have to be accommodating. Otherwise they'll miss out on a good chunk of potential clientele.

  7. I love stuffed baked sweet potato skins – so good!

  8. Your meal looks amazing! I LOVE making stuffed potatoes. Not only are they super tasty, but they are beyond simple to make :).

  9. Stuffed sweet potatoes are amazing! I've noticed a lot of places becoming more and more considerate when it comes to accommodating allergies. Eating out used to be a real nightmare with my peanut allergies (as I'm sure you can relate), but lately it's gotten so much better. And nothing makes my heart happier than seeing something labelled as "nut-free" :D

  10. whoa that sounds good. I am so jealous of all these restaurants you find around you with such great options for different lifestyles

  11. That stuffed sweet potato sounds delic! I've been meaning to make twice baked sweet potatoes… And now I'm definitely having one with the chicken I took out for dinner tonight :D

  12. Oh man!! I've been wanting to go to this restaurant so badly, but every time I'm in London, people want to go elsewhere. Next time, I am putting my foot down! Although last time, my friend took me to Barakat and I was definitely not complaining :)

  13. Yum that all sounds so good! I've noticed that more restaurants are beginning to accomodate for gluten-free as well. I'm glad you were able to finally eat there!

  14. That's great that you were able to eat out at a vegan restaurant, I'm sure that's frustrating having to miss out on some great places because of your food allergy. My favorite vegan restaurant serves some raw dishes so they have a warning for people with nut allergies, but they're very accommodating with plenty of gluten free and even some vegetarian options for those who aren't vegan to enjoy. I also appreciate places that aren't just for vegans or vegetarians, but offer options to please everyone so no one has to feel left out!

  15. Lawd, there's nothing better than a perfect sweet potato and man that sweet potato you ordered looks delicious!!

  16. mmmm stuffed sweet potato is the way to go! That definitely just gave me some dinner inspiration lol. I hear ya on food allergies and eating out – I'm intolerant to both dairy and gluten. Contamination isn't usually a problem, but it really severely limits what I can order at restaurants…it's rare I find a place where I can have something besides the salad + baked potato lol. A lot of places are getting better about it though!

  17. I need good restaurants around my way. I have to deal with wheat, peanuts, corn, sesame seed and walnut allergy. Not fun!

  18. I'm so happy that Veg Out finally turned a corner and agreed to accommodate you, because the food they offer sounds (and looks) seriously good! I'm not sure I could have passed up a sweet potato stuffed with spinach and chickpeas, either. Talk about a delicious and nutritious meal. I may have to pop over to their website to check out the menu because…well, I think that's fun. :)I'm gluten intolerant, so I am always extremely appreciative when restaurants label items on their menus GF, or when Japanese restaurants offer GF soy sauce. Most of the time I can find gluten free items on a menu, or request modifications, but there's always that risk that a free-handed chef will add something that doesn't agree with me. I've had a few bad experiences, but for the most part, it's usually not a problem (thank goodness, because I love eating out!).Favorite stuffed vegetable: I can't decide! I adore sweet potatoes, but I also really like stuffed eggplant, zucchini, and bell peppers!Happy Monday, Chelsea! <3

  19. Vegan restaurants are a big no no for me! Soy kills my stomach.

  20. Aww, sad you only just now had the chance to experience this place! Guess you'll have a mission in the new city, won'tcha? I think it's GREAT that restaurants are becoming more accommodating…not only to allergies, but also to taste preferences! I love how many places are now offering vegetarian dishes now…and I'm not even vegetarian! LolFavorite stuffed vegetable: winter squash!

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