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I love burgers. I love restaurants that let you design your own meal. So it’s pretty much a given that I loved my first trip to The Works with Sam yesterday. We’d been planning this visit ever since we met up for our last lunch date in January!

How it works:

Step 1: Choose your patty from the following options: beef, elk, turkey, chicken breast, veggie, or portabello.

Step 2: Choose your toppings from an extensive menu of choices. There are so many crazy topping combinations, like the Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Love, which is peanut butter, banana and bacon!

Step 3: Choose your bun (white, whole wheat, or gluten free)

Step 4: Choose your side from french fries, sweet potato fries, coleslaw, fresh veggies, salad, mashed potatoes or spicy die-cut chips.

Step 5: Choose any add ons

I had such a hard time deciding, but I ended up going for an elk patty with the Field of Dreams topping, which was sauteed wild mushrooms and gouda. It was delicious, but actually not quite as flavourful as I was expecting. I think next time I would go for toppings with more intense flavours. The sweet potato fries were perfect though – crispy on the outside and soft in the inside.

The Works - Elk burger

I also had water with my meal – in a measuring cup!

The Works

Afterwards we wandered around Covent Garden Market and browsed the fresh pasta from Glenda’s and local cheeses from Smith’s Cheese. That place is seriously a foodie’s dream.

Then we had to part ways, so I rolled home to digest my food baby while vegging out on the couch for the rest of the afternoon. Thanks for another fun lunch date Sam!

What would be on your ideal burger?

Have you ever been to a burger place like The Works?

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  1. I love Elk! The best burger I've ever had was at Bareburger in NYC.

  2. This sounds amazing! We have a few places like that here, but i always love trying out new burger joints! I'd love to try elk…never had it before and think it'd be interesting to try :)

  3. So jealous, that burger place sounds like an amazing pick. I would have trouble deciding but I love the build your own feel

  4. I really think you need to follow through with the "bring-your-own-soy nut butter" and have them make an allergy-friendly Hunka Hunka Burning Love for you :-pAlready looking forward to the next lunch date! (where we will finally get the damn picture, lol)

  5. Omg, how cool!!! I would love to go there!

  6. we have Boylan Heights in Charlottesville and it is so, so good. I dream of their sweet potato fries. No elk though :) but the beef in chicken is from a local farm and the quinoa vegan burgers are the bomb diggitylooks yummy!

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed the works when I went there! Their burgers don't have bread crumbs so bunless burgers fit with my menu these days. And I thought the measuring cups were weird…but awesome. xo

  8. OMG that burger place sounds incredible! I especially like all the side options and the gluten free bun…the bar/restaurant across the street from my college had amazing burgers with some pretty creative toppings (mine was either a meat burger or a chicken breast topped with avocado, tomato, smoked gouda, and spinach), but nowhere near as make-your-own as that! One of these days…..I will get myself to Canada…

  9. OMG I would be all over this place- even better if I'm dining with a blend :)! Your burger looks yum, especially the gouda! Have you ever tried venison burger? If not, it's TO DIE FOR! My ideal burger would be medium-cooked topped with caramelised onions, tomato, avocado, chevre…and copious amounts of mustard & ketchup :)!

  10. I'm ready to hop on a plane and meet you at The Works for a lunch date this afternoon! The customizable menu sounds perfect–I love mixing and matching ingredients! That said, I'd probably be pretty happy with one of their pre-created combinations–ESPECIALLY the Hunka Hunka Burnin Love. Peanut butter, banana, and bacon? Swoon!Hmm…my ideal burger would be organic beef (I like bison, too–but it's a little too "gamey"), topped with a fantastic cheddar, avocado (or guacamole), grilled onions, tomato, and special sauce. Pretty traditional, but I'm thinking about my favorite In-N-Out burger (aka one of the BEST I've ever had), and that's pretty much describes it! xoxo <3

  11. that burger looks amazing!

  12. Totally jealous, I love the works! I really want to try one of their burgers with PB on it, that would be magical haha.

  13. I have not had a real burger since I think high school (used to be a vegetarian) I want to find a place like this! The PB banana and bacon topping sounds super interesting actually!

  14. Those sweet potato fries look amazing. I love when they are perfectly crispy!

  15. I love the idea of being able to build your own meal, but the only downside is that I'm the worst person ever when it comes to decision making, so I'd probably be in there forever trying to decide on what to have.

  16. My other comment must have gotten deleted! Anyways…this place looks awesome! I love restaurants that let you customize how ever you want! How did you like the elk? Is that a red meat?

  17. Looks like fun!!! I love a really big veggie burger made with any kind of rice and beans really with lettuce tomato onion pickles ketchup and of course sweet potato fries on the side! :)

  18. Hi Chelsea, I love The Works too. My favorite is the Down Under – caramelized onions, an egg, purple beets, grilled pineapple and gouda cheese, a Kiwi special as they call it. I have also done a review on them last month, so here are some of my favorites: http://feedright4people.com/2013/02/16/the-works-gourmet-burger-bistro-restaurant-review/

  19. I love Sam's blog. Sounds like such an amazing time!

  20. Oh wow, I've always wanted to try Elk! So sad that your burger was underwhelming…it sounds like it would have been a fantastic combo! Also on my list is a bacon and PB burger! I might just have to break down and make it myself soon!Two of the BEST burgers I've ever eaten were actually meat free…one was a falafel burger topped with some of the best and creamiest aioli I've ever tasted and the other was a quinoa-based burger that I haven't had in years, but STILL to this day remember how incredible the flavor/consistency was!

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