Girls day

It’s too late to say “TGIF”… but TGI the weekend! Last week was a stressful one. I woke up at 5:30 to go to the gym on three of the days, then I worked from 9 until 3, and after I would come home and study for my Clinical Nutrition III midterm all evening. I needed some fun after all that, so my mom and sister Hayley came to visit me yesterday!

They arrived a bit before noon and then I took them to Organic Works (that’s where I work) for lunch because they both love the food there as much as I do.

Organic Works Bakery Cafe London, Ontario

Lately when I buy my lunch at work I’ve been getting the daily specials, but yesterday I went for one of my old favourites: a sandwich with local roasted turkey, avocado spread, lettuce, sprouts and Dijon on buckwheat bread. It never disappoints!

Organic Works London, Ontario - turkey sandwich on buckwheat bread

Afterwards we stole Starbucks’ free wi-fi from the parking lot so we could make dinner reservations, went shopping, and then went to the movies to see Warm Bodies. I was a bit hesitant to see it at first, but I really enjoyed it! It had one of those feel-good endings that I love.

During the movie I ate a cranberry carob granola bar that I bought at Organic Works  Рthese are a favourite of mine!

Organic Works cranberry carob granola bar

For dinner we went to Garlic’s because Hayley wanted to go after hearing my mom and I rave about it all the time. I got the mixed local greens with dried cranberries, feta, slivered almonds, and shallot Dijon vinaigrette to start. I love the sweet and salty combination of cranberries and cheese!

Garlic's of London local greens with dried cranberries and feta

For my main course I was this close to ordering their salmon entree, but then I thought about how many times I’ve ordered their fish entrees before, so I decided to try something new. I went for their pizza with prosciutto, balsamic roasted shallots, and bocconcini and I’m so glad I ordered this – it was perfect!

Garlic's of London pizza with prosciutto

Garlic's of London on Urbanspoon

We spent the meal reminiscing about our favourite chick flicks and we planned on watching one when we got back to my apartment, but none of us could stay awake to watch one. We ended up going to bed at 9:30! We’re quite the party animals in my family (not!).

Where do you like to take your family/friends to eat when they visit your city?

What’s the last good movie you saw?¬†


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  1. so awesome you got to kick off a weekend after a stressful week. hope you have a great Saturday night!

  2. Not going to lie – really jealous your mom and sister came to visit you! I bet you were really excited :) I've never had prosciutto before (the Italian in me cringes as I admit this) but what does it taste like? Shannon and I used have a monthly tradition of going to our favorite sandwich place once a month :)

  3. Mmm I love your food pictures…that turkey sandwich sounds divine! Avocado and turkey are a match made in heaven :) I like to take my fam new places whenever they come to Pittsburgh because they don't get down here very much and enjoy getting stuff they can't often find by their house!

  4. I'm glad you had such a great time with your mom and your sister! Girls days are always so much fun :-)I adore proscuitto, but I've never tried it on a pizza…that sounds so good! I don't think I have a specific restaurant that I take people to in London or in Brantford…I've taken my parents to a different one each they come here. although I make everyone go to Under the Volcano in London with me at least once, seriously love their stuff.

  5. WHat a fun weekend! And I have to say I am SO jealous of your work place! Their food looks AMAZING! If I am ever in your area I am definitely stopping by to say hi and have one of those great looking meals !

  6. Sandwiches are one of my favourite go-to healthy foods!I love that they're so versatile, and you can literally put anything in them: make it savoury, or even sweet with some PB and banana :)Sounds like a full on week!Hope you got to relax a bit this weekend :)

  7. Ohh I woke up craving a hearty turkey sandwich and even more so after seeing your lunch, Chelsea :)! Glad you had a great time with your mom and sister and were able to unwind…great way to end a stressful week! There's a restaurant here called Indigo Deli which I always take friends/family who visit…given the vast menu and consistency in their food quality, it's always a hit!

  8. I can relate to the stressful week! Mine ends on Wednesday and I am planning some friend time. It is awesome your mom and sister came out to visit you and have some fun! I miss my mom and cannot wait for some time with her on Spring Break!

  9. Mom and sister time are the best! Since I live within 10 minutes of both my mom and my sister we see each other often and I cherish it every single time!

  10. That sandwich combo sounds divine! That bread sounds seriously awesome… Do y'all bake it fresh there? I went to see Safe Haven yesterday and thought it was good, worth seeing! Hope you had a blast with your momma and sister this weekend :D

  11. It must be really awesome working at such a great, healthy establishment. I bet you eat REALLY well on break!!

  12. Now I have a pizza craving!

  13. awwwww that sounds like such a fantastic weekend! Girls weekend FTW!! And of course I would expect nothing less than good eats from your family :-D that pizza looks phenomemal – I love personal pizzas so much, that's what my mom and I tend to get when we're out (and luckily lots of places in Colorado offer gluten free pizza wahoo!)Whenever people come to visit in Colorado I take them to two places – Poor Richard's (for said gluten free pizza) and Phantom Canyon Brewing Co. mainly because they have the best local beer, but they also have pretty much every type of food you could ask for, so everyone's happy!

  14. Every time I read your blog and see those amazing products (Liberte yogurt, Chobani…), Wholefoods, and restaurants, I just want to pack my luggage and fly to Canada!

  15. Aww what a most lovely day you had there Chelsea and you certainly deserve to have one that is relaxing and FUN like that :) I know you have been super busy to say the least lately, so I hope that day rejuvenated you! Great choice on that pizza too! That is something I would not normally order, just because I honestly wouldn't think to, but you're right, branching out is ALWAYS a good idea and clearly it was a good idea :)

  16. I absolutely love spending time with my family, but they live in the same city as me so I can't exactly take them out to new places ;) I do really love family dinners though, even if I'm usually the one stuck bringing the dessert. Glad to hear that you had a nice relaxing weekend… hope your week is off to a great start too! :D

  17. Yummmm!!!! I want ALL the foods LOL! That pizza looks pretty incredible, great choice :)Jen@HealthyFoodandFamily

  18. What a fun time! Whenever my mom, sister, and I go out, we almost always go to our favorite hibachi grill here in town…they have the BEST dishes, and you ALWAYS leave with enough for at least two more meals! LolI love the set up at the restaurant…so cozy and comfy looking! And that pizza at the other place sounds fantastic! Balsamic roasted shallots and proscuitto? Sign me up!

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