I consider myself an everythingtarian. By that I mean, I will eat everything. From beef to tofu to lamb testicles and everything in between.

I don’t see why everything has to be so black and white. Carnivore or vegetarian. Unhealthy or healthy. Paleo or non-paleo. I like to just eat and enjoy it, regardless of the label. I love a big bowl of pasta with meatballs, but a massaged kale salad with marinated tempeh sounds just as appealing to me.

So even though I posted about a soup with turkey sausage yesterday, today I’m posting about a vegan meal at my new favourite restaurant, Kindfood (Edit 09/28/14: Now called Lettuce Love Cafe). I first visited it with my friend Allyson before Christmas and fell in love with it, so I was really excited when Allyson and I made another lunch date there.

This time I got their daily special, the Chakra Salad, which came with quinoa, mixed greens, chickpeas, black beans, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, shredded carrots, shredded beets, and a citrus-based dressing. The picture is deceiving, but it was actually a huge portion and so filling!

Lettuce Love Cafe Chakra Salad

I also got a World Peace Cookie to go from Kelly’s Bake Shoppe and ate it later in the afternoon. With oats, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chocolate chips, and dried cranberries, it reminded me of Super Charge Me Cookies from Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan, which are a favourite of mine. I loved all the different flavours and textures in this cookie!

Kelly's Bake Shoppe world peace cookie

Unfortunately that was the last time I’ll get to eat at Kindfood for a while, because I’m now back at school for my final semester. I actually only need one more course to graduate, so I’m searching for a part-time job to fill the rest of my time. Wish me luck!

How would you define your diet?

What are your favourite cookie mix-ins?


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  1. what a great food philosophy! i am 100% with you although i don't eat certain foods if 1) i don't like them (i can't get into lamb! for example) or 2) if they don't agree with my stomach (can't eat soy anymore so bye bye tofu! but in general i agree that a healthy variety of foods is the key! plus i love a steak every now and then i'm not going to lie!!

  2. Love your approach to eating Chelsea! I'd like to think of myself as a "Qualitarian"- I strive to nourish my body with quality foods most of the time :)! That cookie (and lunch for that matter) sounds so good! I love chocolate chip and nuts (preferably peanuts) in my cookies…although I am equally content with a plain 'ol oatmeal cookie!

  3. I love this! Can I call myself the same thing! I'm pretty much willing to try anything too!

  4. So you pretty much have the best approach to food ever, Chelsea. I 100% agree with you! Eat what you like without adding all the crazy labels. If I go out to eat and order a sandwich or a burger or something, I'm just as likely to order sweet potato fries or onion rings on the side as I am the side salad…it just depends on what sounds good to me right then! As for cookies, lately I've been really enjoying the sweet/salty mix. I made salted caramel chocolate chip cookies over the holidays that were pretty delicious!

  5. I love this post. Way to be honest and true to yourself! I eat mostly vegetarian but I can't call myself that bc you know what? Sometimes I want a damn bite of my boyfriend's steak. Who cares? haha

  6. I totally agree with you. One day I could eat meat the next daybi could eat none! Same with treats :)

  7. Great post & much needed right now. I just wrote a whole post on being conflicted… I would currently say I eat a low-carb diet (was previously vegetarian for awhile at one point), and am now just questioning it all. I mean, I feel GREAT how I eat now… better digestion, less mood issues… but, I miss all of the delicious carbs I used to eat. Ugh. So anyway, I love your take on it & that you just do everything. Maybe I should just be easier going & not worry about how my body feels best, but how I'm happiest… I just love food so much.

  8. I love your diet approach. It's so healthy and balanced and all the meals you post always look fantastic. I can tell you really enjoy your food and don't deprive yourself from what you really want. You're a great healthy, role model. :)

  9. Everythingarian is my fave phrase :) I always call myself that too. You know I'll try anything!! And yes I love me some raw/vegan eats. Your cookie and salad sound to die for!

  10. LOVE THIS!! Food is just that – food. I hate it when people deprive themselves because the food doesn't fit into their plan. If I hear one more person say they can't eat bananas or apples or eggs I just might cry.

  11. I'm definitely an everythingtarian! Minus the tofu though… Kills my stomach!

  12. This is a really good post! I decided to be Vegetarian this year because it feels so much better on my digestion., since it's messed up from all my food allergies. I find that it's the best for me. People think Im cray…but who cares :)

  13. I'm with you on being a everythingatarian. I don't like having a label on my diet, it just makes it annoying and I seem to always be changing my diet anyways, so it never works out for me to stick to one thing. You are a great role model in this community!

  14. I too am an everythingtarian! I actually wrote a post about this last month, and I think I said I was a "semi clean-eating flexitarian everythingtarian." Whatever that means! Hehe. What I *think* I meant was that I veer towards clean foods most of the time, dip my toes into various "ways" of eating (yet always cheat to the max), but in the end, I'll eat anything at least once. :) I truly enjoy trying new foods, and love having variety in my diet. Life is too short to not take advantage of fun eating opportunities!The Chakra salad looks amazing. All those colors make a beautiful presentation, too! Congrats on just having one class left before graduation; you must be so excited! Love you, dear friend! <3

  15. I define my diet as "Itz what I want to eat." Mostly healthy with many indulgences :) Itz all about balances. I don't like the black and white-ness of so-called "diets" either.

  16. I used to label myself a vegetarian and then I realized how annoying it was to label my diet. I would rather eat what I crave and sometimes that is meat! It is the same with all of the fads like paleo, I don't agree with some diets but I like some of the recipes so please labels don't stop me from enjoying them! Good luck with your last semester! I hope you are excited!

  17. I'm definitely with you on the eating philosophy. It really baffles me why so many people feel they have to eat by so many rules. Life is about LIVING and I think food is a HUGE part of that. I would hate to think I missed out on the "taste of a lifetime" just because it didn't fit within my "diet" plan. Since I eat tofu/tempeh and a lot of veggies most of the people I work with just assume I'm vegetarian. You should have seen the look on my co-worker's face when, during a Christmas pot-luck, I served myself up a big bowl of chili! He was like….WAIT! You know there's meat in that, right?! Hahaha!

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