The dinner that almost wasn’t

Last Thursday it was my parents’ 26th anniversary, so we had plans to go out for dinner at Blacktree to celebrate. Unfortunately my dad got sick that day, so we had to reschedule for Saturday. But then Matteo, the chef, got sick, so we pushed it to Sunday. We spent the whole day crossing our fingers that nothing would intervene with our plans – and luckily nothing did! So at 6:30 pm on Sunday we finally got to sit down to another amazing dinner at our favourite restaurant.

I’ll let the dishes speak for themselves:

Freshly baked bread and blue cheese butter
Blacktree - bread and blue cheese butter

Arancini with parsley puree and Parmesan
Blacktree - arancini with parsley puree and Parmesan

Sweet potato and pineapple soup with an apple vinegar jam
Blacktree - sweet potato and pineapple soup

Jackfruit and Napa cabbage bomb

Elk with a butternut squash ravioli, braised cabbage, Asian pear, shiitake mushrooms and a crispy collard leaf
Black tree - elk with butternut squash ravioli, braised cabbage, Asian pear, shiitake mushrooms, and crispy collard leaf

After dinner we went back to the kitchen to say hi to Matteo and his kitchen staff – watching them cook always fascinates me and gives me such an urge to go to culinary school. Maybe one day?!?

What’s the last amazing restaurant meal you had?
If you could be in any career other than the one you’re in now (or if you could study something different than what you’re in school for), what would it be?


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  1. I have never been to a fancy restaurant that does a spread like that. On my bucket list for sure.

  2. I always love seeing these dinner posts – everything looks amazing! Especially the elk and ravioli. I think if I could completely start again, school-wise, I'd probably go into nutrition. I considered it when I was starting out in university, but the science-y aspect of it scared me off. But I'm sure I'll still be able to find something I love in my current field!

  3. That sweet potato soup looks incredible, and I'm such a sucker for freshly baked bread. If I was to redo my career path, I'd probably pursue writing or journalism. As much as I love psych, there are definitely aspects of it that I find really hard to deal with, but I'm hoping it'll get easier with time.Oh, and Happy Anniversary to your parents!

  4. this restaurant sounds amazing, I feel like I'll need to go there someday! And um, yes. you. culinary school. It seems like a perfect fit! It'd be a great compliment to the RD too :-D

  5. That restaurant looks so gourmet! I can't remember the last time I went to a great restaurant. It was probably sushi, it usually is :)

  6. I want to go to dinner with you haha! That looks absolutely amazing, and I'm happy that it worked out that you guys got to enjoy it finally :)

  7. THAT ELK!!! Holy monkeys, I'm drooling just reading this post. I definitely have to go to this place one day–can I hop in your purse next time and accompany you? haha

  8. Gosh, that whole meal looks so good! The last great meal I had was when I was in Charleston for Thanksgiving. My family and I went to McCrady's and had five courses of pure food heaven.

  9. golly i have heard of more people getting sick this winter than ever! hope your dad is doing better – ugh!! i love love love teaching but if i had to choose something else, i'd definitely be a personal trainer! maybe someday!

  10. I love elk! Most people think it's "gamey" but I think it's perfect.

  11. I think you would love culinary school! you could combine that with dietetics and have an epically awesome restaurant! I have never had the opportunity to try Elk but it looks so good!

  12. oh wow – elk! i would love to try that sometime!!

  13. Oh my gosh, that soup sounds/looks AMAZING! And the elk with butternut ravioli? YUM! What exactly is the jackfruit cabbage bomb? I'm guessing it's like a shot of some kind?I think it would be awesome to run a little breakfast cafe, but I have no desire to go to culinary school. For some reason, I feel like if I went to school for it and learned all the structure and rules and stuff that it would sort of take the fun out of it, ya know? Eh, maybe that's just my trial-and-error sort of mentality though! ;)The last amazing restaurant experience I had was Push Start Kitchen on my trip to Atlanta to see Laura…definitely an experience I will never forget!

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