Perfect scrambled eggs

I feel like there are so many different ways to make scrambled eggs – everyone I know has a different method of making them! With milk, without milk, with cream, with cheese, beat with a fork, beat with an electric mixer, scrambled right in the pan, scrambled first in a bowl…

Perfect scrambled eggs -- with no added ingredients, just eggs!

But my favourite way of making scrambled eggs has always been my dad’s method. It was actually one of the first foods I learned to make myself! I remember having sleepovers with my best friend Lauren in fourth grade and we would always make scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese in the mornings – it was our signature dish!

Now, years later, scrambled eggs is still one of my go-to meals when I want something fast but satisfying. And thanks to my dad’s method, they always turn out soft and creamy. Here’s how we ┬ámake our perfect scrambled eggs:

You’ll want to use a non-stick pan and heat up either olive oil or butter. Then crack your eggs into the pan and start to cook them over low heat. Using low heat is key because too high of a temperature makes your eggs tough.

Perfect scrambled eggs

When the whites start to turn from clear to white, like in the picture above, start to scramble the whites only with a fork. Carefully scramble around the yolks so that you don’t break them!

Perfect scrambled eggs

Once the whites are 90% cooked, then break the yolks and scramble them into the whites. You don’t need to cook them for much longer after this point. I actually take my eggs off the stove before they are completely cooked because the carryover heat will keep them cooking for another minute or so after they are on your plate.

Add salt and pepper before serving.

Perfect scrambled eggs

How do you make your scrambled eggs?


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  1. My dad used to always make mine with cheddar cheese, too! Now I just whisk them in a bowl with a dash of almond milk and cook them :)

  2. Yum! I just scramble mine together in the pan because it's easy. They're all good though, especially with feta!

  3. I love your method. I always do mine low and slow…I can't stand rubbery eggs!

  4. I need to try your method – I don't usually make scrambled eggs because I can never get them fluffy enough for my liking!

  5. Wow, you have that down to a science girl! I have never thought of scrambling the whites first! I always just throw them into a pan and go nuts, haha. I will have to try your way

  6. Scrambled eggs with lightly buttered toast is one of the best meals out there- simple yet perfection! I usually crack the eggs straight into the pan (low fire) and then lightly scrambled the yolks so that some bites are very yolky! Lately I've been stirring in some feta towards the end which makes such a difference to the flavor & texture and then topping it with taco seasoning- yum!

  7. That's how my mom makes them too!! Sometimes she adds in a splash of milk to thicken it up, SOOO TASTY!!! :D Man now I want some eggs really bad haha ;)

  8. I never liked eggs as a kid! I'm still not an egg scramble fan for some reason, but I like making them omelette style with a little coconut oil and almond milk

  9. Oh fun! I've never heard of making scrambled eggs like this (always mix it all together before hand and then put the mixture in the pan), but I will definitely be trying this out!

  10. Scrambled eggs are one of the first dishes I learned how to cook on my own, too! I have to admit that I've never tried this method, though. Usually I'll scramble them in a bowl first with some milk and S&P… Definitely going to have to try this out!

  11. That's such a neat technique! I've never seen them done that way but they look awesome. I usually just put my eggs in a pan with coconut oil and mix them around until they're scrambled. No technique at all ;)

  12. When I was little the only way I would eat eggs was scrambled with a little cheddar cheese but now I barely ever take the time to actually scramble them! I need to get back to eating them scrambled :)

  13. I will have to try this! I normally just crack an egg whip with a fork and then cook in the pan! but this looks fun! My dad taught me to make french toast like a pro :) Daddys know their bfast foods!

  14. It's funny how everyone has their way of making eggs. So many options for such a simple food. I am not a big fan of egg yolks so I only scramble the whites. Lately I've been doing a microwave egg white on top of spinach with goat cheese and avocado. So fast with less mess :-)

  15. haha this is great. I really like eggs poached too

  16. Yummm your eggs look so good! I'm definitely going to try this method next time I make scrambled eggs. I've never even heard of anyone doing it this way — so cool!

  17. FOUND IT.

    And can’t believe there is no milk in there yet look so fluffy!

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