WIAW #65

Hi everyone! Guess what? As of yesterday, I am done all my papers, presentations, and course work. The only thing I have left between me and Christmas is one exam on the 14th. So I’m going home on Friday because I’d much rather study there than at school – I can’t wait!

This week’s What I Ate Wednesday post is another compilation of what I’ve been cooking lately, since I’ve definitely been making some meals worthy of sharing! Here’s what’s been on the menu:

Crispy honey chicken from How Sweet Eats – I loved this and couldn’t believe how easy it is. Coating the chicken in cornstarch before stir frying tastes so much better than just using plain chicken. I’m going to be making it this way from now on!

Crispy honey chicken

Dijon-soy glazed salmon, balsamic maple roasted heirloom carrots, crispy kale with Parmesan and toasted almonds, and a hunk of baguette – Everything on this plate was so good! This was just a last minute meal that I didn’t really plan, so I really impressed myself with how well it turned out.

Cajun stir fry with turkey sausage and bulgur – this was one of those “I need to use up my peppers and zucchini before they go bad” kind of meals. It would have been really boring if it wasn’t for my Cajun spice blend, which makes everything taste fantastic!

Cajun spice stir fry with turkey sausage

A mug of President’s Choice candy cane chocolate fudge crackle ice cream – this is hands down the best ice cream in the world. No holiday season of mine would be complete without it!

President's Choice candy cane chocolate fudge crackle ice cream

Oikos 2% vanilla Greek yogurt, Kashi Honey Almond Flax cereal, a banana, blueberries, and a big drizzle of Barney Butter – the perfect filling breakfast to fuel me through a morning of editing my resume for internship applications.

Shrimp and avocado rice bowl from Fitness magazine – this meal wasn’t anything special, but it was still pretty good and really easy to throw together. Also it reminded me how much I like edamame – I need to eat it more often!

Shrimp and avocado rice bowl from Fitness magazine

And now I need to get back to working on my internship applications for the rest of the morning. Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Have you made any new recipes recently?

What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?


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  1. Yay for only one more exam! You have me craving salmon now. This seems to happen a lot when I read your blog, haha. I made an avocado egg salad last night, with a bit of spicy hummus. Loved it! Favorite ice cream is definitely cookie dough or cookies & cream.

  2. Congrats on being almost done! I still have 4 exams…uuggghhh. Your eats look so yummy, especially the shrimp and avocado bowl, oh, and of course the ice cream. I think my fave flavour is cookies and cream, or anything and cream :)

  3. yay for almost being done!! you go girl!!! that ice cream looks UNBELIEVABLE!!! my absolutely favorite flavor is cake batter! :)

  4. Congrats on reaching your final exam! I'm sure you'll breathe a sigh of relief after you're done. Enjoy your holiday break!

  5. One more exam! Lucky!!! I know internship apps must be hard though! Favorite ice cream is… strawberry, it never does me wrong!

  6. Yay for almost being done! (definitely jealous, I have 4 more papers and a presentation to get through).You definitely have me thinking that I need to pick up that ice cream this weekend! My usual favourites are chocolate chip cookie dough or peanut butter chocolate (pretty much my favourite flavours for everything)

  7. Eeee! That's so awesome that you're basically done for the holidays. That was seriously always one of my favorite times of the year… it just felt so good to have everything off my shoulders.And ohhhhh wow. I haven't made any new recipes lately, but you're really making think that I should try something – everything looks fantastic, especially the crispy chicken!

  8. Everything looks amazing! Especially that crispy honey chicken. sounds awesome. Congrats for finishing up the semester! I remember being so excited as my december semester was winding down!

  9. PB and Banana soft serve is the best, even better with carob or chocolate chips!!!

  10. one exam.. you are so close! that shrimp dinner looks freaking delicious. so fresh!

  11. Yayyy!! My last exam is the 13 but it's online so I'm going home too :D All of your meals always look SO GOOD.

  12. Ugh my last exam is on the 13th so I feel ya girl! We are almost there! And i do have to say, your meals are looking fabulous despite the fact that you have been busy as a bee!

  13. I love peppermint ice cream! I always get a carton around this time of year – I wish it was available all the time!

  14. Ohh that ice cream flavor sounds quite intriguing…I think I would love it as I'm such a fan of mint choc chip! I love cookies 'n' cream & choc chip cookie dough but honestly speaking, I am equally happy with a bowl of plain vanilla…simple yet hits the spot always :)! Congrats with almost being completely done :)!

  15. Seriously, all of your eats look delic! Love all the colors :D And those are all things that I'd make for myself, thanks for the inspiration! Yay for only 1 more exam, good luck girly!

  16. How did you make you kale/what kind did you use, it looks great!

  17. Congrats on being done all the term work! Good luck studying for the last exam! I definitely preferred studying at home too! All these meals look delicious especially the shrimp and avocado rice bowl!

  18. You certainly eat well. Good luck with your exams!

  19. Wahoo. Only one more exam!! Almost there! Peppermint ice cream sounds super amazing right now! Mmm, I want to try that crispy chicken now!

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