Balsamic fig pork tenderloin

Hi everyone! I almost wasn’t going to do a What I Ate Wednesday post today but since I found myself with a bit of extra time this morning, I decided to throw one together.

Things have been busy with school lately so I’ve found myself relying on a lot of simple meals that can be put together without much work and in a short amount of time. Things like…

A pita stuffed with hummus, avocado, cucumber, tomato, black olives, feta cheese and sprouts.

Pita with hummus

Egg and veggie scrambles with toast.

Egg scramble with toast

Egg white banana oatmeal with soy nut butter, granola, and raspberries.

Egg white banana oatmeal

Canned black beans sauteed with peppers and onions over brown rice with guacamole and fast homemade tomato salsa.

Black bean burrito bowl

But to keep myself from getting too bored in the kitchen, I like to allow myself the time to make more elaborate meals every once in a while too. On Monday I made myself this awesome pork tenderloin dinner – it turned out really well, so I’ve got the recipe to share with you today!

Balsamic fig pork tenderloin

Balsamic fig pork tenderloin

Serves 2-3

1 pork tenderloin (300-400 g)
1/4 cup fig jam
1 tbsp good quality balsamic vinegar
1/2 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp dried rosemary

Preheat the oven to 375°F.

In a small dish mix together the fig jam, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and rosemary. You may need to microwave the fig jam for 10 seconds to make it easier to stir! <

Place the tenderloin in a baking dish sprayed with cooking oil and rub the glaze all over it, making sure to coat it completely. Then place it in the oven and cook for about 30-35 minutes, or until a meat thermometer reads 145-150°F. Remove it from the oven and tent it with aluminum foil to let it absorb the juices for about 10 minutes before eating.

Balsamic fig pork tenderloin

Now it’s back to eating easy meals for the rest of the week, but I’m looking forward to the weekend when I’ll have a chance to get back into the kitchen again. I’ve got so many ideas on my Pinterest board that I’m dying to make!

What was your favourite dinner that you made this past week?

What is a recipe you want to make soon?


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  1. My heart is with you, Chels! I know how difficult the nutrition major is. Sending you so much love! Your pita sammie looks divine and I love the fig balsamic glaze! <3

  2. Balsamic and figs works so well together, my favourite salad addition!

  3. love the beets!! i definitely loved my black bean & pumpkin chili. you should totally make it!

  4. I just love the color in all of your meals. I am such a beet fan but have never cooked them by myself.

  5. everyone is rocking the pork lately! Makes me want to go out and buy a tenderloin. Balsamic, fig, and rosemary is one of the best cobmos in the world! I can almost taste your dinner from here… drool…

  6. That pita looks amazing! I love Greek-inspired meals.

  7. Easy meals are most of my meals! This pork recipe looks amaaazing.

  8. I've never tried figs, but man that tenderloin looks ROCKIN!! Must make asap! :D

  9. I eat nothing but easy meals right now, which means dining at restaurants is extra special! Once this semester is over, you better believe I'll be spending hours in the kitchen, whipping up the recipes I've had bookmarked for months. I can't wait. :-DPork tenderloin was one of my favorite meals when I was young. My mom used to marinate it in a homemade teriyaki sauce, which made it so delicious and juicy. I love the idea of fig jam, balsamic and rosemary; those flavors sound like they'd be perfect together!In regards to crazy school schedules, hang in there! We're more than halfway through the semester! Love ya, girl! xoxo

  10. I think you do a really great job of balancing simple meals with more elaborate ones! I've actually been doing pretty terribly when it comes to cooking meals =X My lunches are usually a sandwich or wrap, and dinners are usually a frozen pizza, breakfast, or some kind of baked chicken with veggies and grains. It's weird because I used to be SO into making elaborate meals, but now? Not so much. I guess that's a good thing though – it gives me a lot more time to focus on other things :)

  11. I love how colorful all your meals are! I like to make easy meals for the most part but sometimes it is nice to just take your time and go for a really elaborate one!

  12. Everything looks amazing! Loving the mexican bowl with guac!

  13. How do you make egg white oats? I have always wondered this! :)

  14. You do such a great job with your meals, even though you're super busy! Great job. I always love making chili for dinners. Super simple and you can basically throw any veggie in and it tastes amazing!

  15. That pork tenderloin is making my mouth water – it looks sooooo good!

  16. All I know is that your food (even the simple stuff) is always BEAUTIFUL! And that I want to go home and eat pork and/or egg white oatmeal or some form of it. Schpanx for waking up my appetite! At least it's almost dinner time. :)

  17. I recently discovered how awesome pork tenderloin is – that looks so good!I don't have any dinners that I've planned that I'm looking forward to…but I'm in Chicago next week and I'm looking forward to some amazing meals :-D

  18. I haven't had pork tenderloin in forever! Love it though.

  19. Any time you make some kind of sauce for meat I want to try it so badly. I totally understand the not having time thing.. I've been living off of simple meals on the go!

  20. My favorite dinner was probably last night's… a piece of p28 toast topped with nutritional yeast and almond milk sauce and a couple of eggs!

  21. Girl I'm always inspired by you because you find time to cook up such creative meals even when you're busy!

  22. Yummm!! I want you to cook me dinner some day, everything you make looks so good! :) Also, I see a lot of people put egg whites in their oatmeal,but I've never tried this… Does it just change the texture? or the flavor? Or do you just do it for the added protein? I guess I could just try it, but I'd rather ask first :)

  23. Aww thank you Heather! <3 The fact that you got through it alive gives me some motivation haha. ;)

  24. I want to! It looks awesome!

  25. They're so easy! You should definitely give them a try!

  26. I add them for the protein, but they definitely give oatmeal a bit of an eggy flavour – it's not overpowering though. It kind of makes it taste like French toast? I always put bananas in my oatmeal when I use egg whites though just to help disguise the flavour. I don't know if it would taste as good without the sweetness!

  27. balsamic and figs work soo good together i love it! and i feel with me being busy with school lately too im also living off scrambled eggs and veggies with toast yumm

  28. Yumm! I want all of your food, haha. Especially that Mexican bowl! Mmmmm :)

  29. You had me at fig jam m'dear! I'm totally trying this! And I actually have THREE pork tenderloins in my freezer right now! Ugh, I seriously need to get better about NOT forgetting about the food in the freezer…I jokingly say that that is where food goes to die in my house, but sadly, it's true. I just had to throw out some "mystery meat" a few weeks ago that had been in there for I don't even know how long! Oops? ;)Oh, and love the combo in your stuffed pita! I've been craving a good avocado and hummus wrap/sandwich for the past couple of days…I figure with Thanksgiving leftovers in my future, I'll wait to make one until I have some turkey to throw in as well! Yum!PS, Umm…HOW was I not already following your Pinterest boards?! Glad THAT'S fixed! ;)

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