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Guess what? On Friday I finally broke out of my restaurant rut! I love going out to dinner with friends on weekends instead of going to the bar like most students. But lately the only restaurants I ever go to are sushi places because I just always. crave. sushi! But seeing as how London, Ontario has so many amazing restaurants, I’ve been wanting to start checking more of them out. So on Friday I did that.

I went with a friend to Blu Duby, which is a new place that just opened this year. When we saw the menu posted outside the restaurant it seemed like a more casual place to me, so the decor inside was a lot nicer than I expected!

They brought out bread before the meal, but it wasn’t really anything special.

Blu Duby London, Ontario - bread

As I mentioned, the menu seemed rather casual to me. Although a lot of the dishes sounded good, I also got the impression that it would just be a generic, mediocre meal that I could get from a chain restaurant. I decided to go with the Carribean jerk tempeh with kidney beans and rice – I was impressed to find a vegetarian protein dish at a non-vegetarian restaurant!

Blu Duby London, Ontario - jerk tempeh

It was really good. They gave a very generous portion of tempeh and I was pleasantly surprised to see they actually used brown rice with the kidney beans. The meal also came with some beets, which were delicious but kind of random. I didn’t think the flavours paired very well with the rest of my meal. But I love beets, so I’m not complaining!

My friend got the miso glazed salmon, which she raved about! I definitely want to go back to try that next time. Oh and FYI, the quality was definitely superior to that of a chain restaurant – my first impression was wrong!

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  1. That restaurant looks great and everything looks super fresh! I'm always excited when a restaurant has unexpectedly healthy options! Happy Sunday!

  2. I have no idea why it's so hard to break out of routines and try something new. I tend to fall into 'grooves' with my meals as well, and I end up always turning to the same thing out of… habit maybe? And it's funny because I'm [usually] pleasantly surprised whenever I try something new. That being said, it's been a while since I have lol.Sunday is going to involve just puttering around the house for most of the morning and then going over to my parents' for dinner. Hope you're having an awesome one!

  3. That restaurant does sound great, and the fact they had tempeh is really neat… I honestly don't think I have ever seen that at a restaurant around these parts!I hope you have a most lovely days with your mom :)

  4. Your meal sounds great, Chelsea! I’m always sold at the mention of “jerk” on a menu. I tried a new pizza place yesterday which was fab. They only serve wood fire, Neapolitan pizzas. Lunch was then followed by a cooking demo from an Italian chef flown down from Naples. He has actually won 3 Pizza-Making Championships (yes, they exist) so it was very interesting…and tasty!Enjoy brunch with your mom :)!

  5. I hadn't heard of that place, it sounds good! I'm impressed that they had tempeh, I've only ever seen that at the vegetarian places in London.I'm trying a new restaurant on Wednesday (woo birthday!) that I'm excited about. It's called Gus and Guido's and it's Italian/Greek – I figure you can't go wrong with that combo.Hope brunch with your mom is fantastic!

  6. wow that place looks yummy. boy does your farmer's market have some great loot! hope you have a wonderful sunday

  7. Wow, that looks amazing! Tempeh at a non-veggie restaurant? I'm in love.

  8. The decor in Blu Duby is so swanky-chic! Love it! I agree with you–I'm always impressed when non-vegetarian restaurants are adventurous enough to feature tempeh or tofu on their menus. Both ingredients are so underrated, and have much more potential than chefs give them credit for! Carribean Jerk Tempeh sound amazing; I'm pretty sure I would have licked that plate clean. So glad you and Meg had a fun night out together! I want to come visit you two! xoxo <3

  9. Yay for new retaurants!! Dinner dates are always fun!!

  10. It is always good when a restaurant beats your expectations. I also love beets, but I find that they are a little random with almost anything you put them with. I am not familiar with popular flavour pairings though, so maybe that is the problem. Sounds like a great Saturday! :)

  11. Very impressive! In my little small-minded town, you'd NEVER find tempeh on a menu…I don't think most people around here know what it is or that it's even sold in our grocery stores! That is a bit of an odd pairing with the beets, but still looks amazing!

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