The House of Blacktree

My family are foodies. And if food is our religion, then Blacktree is our house of worship. So we went there for dinner last night to kick off Thanksgiving weekend!

The bread this time came with bacon butter. Obviously I loved it.

Blacktree restaurant - bread

The amuse bouche was cured tuna with some sort of citrusy ginger sauce. It tasted like the dressing on house salads at sushi restaurants, so it paired really well with the tuna.

Blacktree amuse bouche

I was stuck between a few appetizers, but I decided to be adventurous and try the rabbit since I’ve never had it before! The rabbit loin came wrapped in rabbit saddle and bacon and it was served with pork belly, more bacon, radicchio, jicama, white bean puree, and a braised boar ravioli. I’m so glad I ordered this instead of just getting something familiar. It’s so much fun to try new foods!

Blacktree restaurant - rabbit loin wrapped in rabbit saddle

For my entree I got the fish special, which was a lobster spring roll, prawn, and scallops. But because of my allergy Matteo substituted black cod for the scallops. I was so happy when I saw he did this for me because he makes the best black cod! The dish was also accented with shiitake mushrooms, avocado, carrots, bok choy and lotus root.

Blacktree - black cod, lobster spring roll, prawn

We were all so stuffed by this point, but since we can never turn down Matteo’s desserts, we decided to share this plate of mini French toast rounds, goat cheese, blue cheese, Parmesan ice cream, and warm fruits. It was different from what we would usually order (we usually go for sweet and chocolatey desserts), but I liked that we branched out. The combination of tangy cheese with sweet fruits is always amazing.

It was a great meal to stimulate our appetites for rest of the holiday eating that is happening this weekend! Tomorrow we’re having Thanksgiving dinner with our extended family, so our house was filled with the smells of apple cupcakes and stuffing today – it made me so excited for tomorrow!

Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving or not, I hope that you’re all having a wonderful weekend full of family, friends, food, and love!

What is something that your family has in common? Do you have a shared love for food like my family?

Have you ever tried rabbit? What new foods have you tried recently?


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  1. I tried rabbit for the first time when I was in Mexico last spring. I made it my goal to try as many new foods as possible – I had oxtail and foie gra too! I liked the rabbit a lot, actually.

  2. I'm not actually that adventurous when it comes to trying new foods, but I love trying different desserts, and those cheesy/fruity desserts sound amazing! Parmesan ice cream? Definitely sign me up for that one! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving dinner with your family tomorrow!

  3. Everything looks amazing! Ironically, my suitemates and I were just talking about doing a traveling dinner similar to this. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. I applaud you for trying rabbit. It's something I've always been afraid to try because of my love for the animal. Maybe in the long run because I do want to be more open to a variety of meats (Maybe more than my chicken and turkey fetish at least).In terms of Thanksgiving, it's a lot of my family's favourite celebration. It just feels so good to have a day to remind yourself about gratitude. Favourite foods? We each like different things so we definitely have a variety of dishes and platters. I still am biased to my homemade Gingerbread cookies and Smoked Salmon (All appetizers). I love the beets and green beans as well though!

  5. Wow what a unique meal! Thats so awesome! I LOVE LOTUS ROOT! I have only ever seen it served in china so thats really cool that they were using it there! I have got to go to this restaurant someday.

  6. Bacon butter? How interesting!! And rabbit?? AHH!!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving, Chelsea! I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating with your family today, and that the stuffing and apple cupcakes were even BETTER than you'd hoped for! <3Wow, Blacktree looks and sounds like a restaurant I'd LOVE! My goodness, everything described here is making my mouth water–especially that lobster spring roll! And Parmesan ice cream?! I die. ;) Was it sweet or savory? Or both? My family is very similar to yours–we ALL love food! Nobody in my family is picky, which makes exploring new restaurants with them so much fun!Sending hugs of Thanksgiving up north! xoxo <3

  8. I've had rabbit before, but I honestly cannot bring myself to eat it because I used to have pet rabbits as a kid! To me it would be like eating dog! Ahhh!

  9. That bacon butter sounds amazing! I can sometimes find it at Whole Foods, whipped with glorious little chunk of bacon in it. Mmmmm…I do like rabbit. It's robbit cruel, but I ate it all the way through Italy and fell in love with Thumper.

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