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Hi everyone! In my last post I mentioned that my mom and I went for dinner at The Springs Restaurant, but I left you hanging on the details of our meal. Well I’m back to fill you in!I first found out about The Springs Restaurant last year shortly after it opened in October 2011, and I heard nothing but good things about it. And what really piqued my interest was its focus on using fresh, seasonal ingredients – using quality ingredients always makes such a difference in a meal!

So my mom and I went into the restaurant with really high hopes, which is never really a good idea. I think if we had come here without any expectations, we would have been impressed with it, but because we had such high hopes for the restaurant, we were unfortunately let down.

One of my main complaints was the service. Our waiter came off as a bit unfriendly and nonchalant – I just didn’t get the impression that he cared about serving us. And when he talked about the specials for the night, he spoke only to my mom and didn’t look at me at all. It really irks me when I’m not treated as an equal when eating out with my parents! He also didn’t come back to our table once during the meal, which meant I didn’t get a refill on my water.

This left a bitter taste on my tongue and took away from the otherwise good meal. To start we were brought out some bread, which was still warm from the oven. It was delicious!

The Springs restaurant London, Ontario

Next I had the Wildwood Greens Salad, which was a huge portion of fresh seasonal greens with roasted beets, nika cheese from Monforte Dairy, oven dried tomatoes, shallots, and toasted hemp seeds tossed in a citrus wolfberry vinaigrette. This was an awesome combination of flavours – especially that dressing!

The Springs restaurant London, Ontario - wildwood greens salad

I barely even needed an entree after that bread and salad, but the Harrar Espresso and Black Pepper Crusted Venison Loin was calling my name. It came with root vegetable frites, a chili arugula salad and chocolate pomegranate gastrique. And ohhh my goodness was that gastrique ever amazing. I wanted to dip my fingers in it at the end to get every last drop, but since we were out in public I refrained. The venison itself was good too, however a bit overcooked for my liking. Also I just want to comment on the fact that this entree was served in a bowl – how does one eat a steak out of a bowl!?!

The Springs restaurant London, Ontario - venison

Overall the food was good, but it was just missing the wow factor that I was expecting. The flavours were predictable, the meals lacked cohesion and the plating was boring. But the food itself tasted good, which is why I would go back to give it another chance. And to order a vat full of that chocolate pomegranate gastrique!

Have you ever been really disappointed in the service at a restaurant? Do tell!

What do you think of chocolate in a savoury dish?

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  1. That place sounds good! Sorry to hear it lacked the "wow" factor, at least it tasted delicious! :DI never thought to have chocolate in a savory dish…now I wanna do some experimenting!!

  2. That food looks great but I definitely agree that poor service can definitely ruin the entire meal especially if the server acts as though they could care less to wait on you!

  3. Wow what an amazing restaurant! I love all the unique combinations and flavors!

  4. I hate bad service! I used to waitress and bartend so I feel like I have a right saying when bad service truly is so. Plus, I don't think itz that hard. Itz a server's job to be overly friendly and knowlegable about the food and to serve you! Rar!

  5. Yumm, I love venison and that sauce sounds so good…interesting to say the least! Nothing irks me the way bad service does- it can really make or break a meal for me! Hope you guys weren't generous with tipping ;)!

  6. never had chocolate in savory form. but i DIE for chocolate so i bet i would have loved this!

  7. I think your dish sounds amazing, but I agree – the plating it boring. I wasn't expecting that! I'm disappointed that you were let down.

  8. After seeing entrees like that on a menu and taking in the great ambiance, my hopes would be sky-high too.

  9. Chocolate in a savory dish freaks me out!!

  10. Bad service is definitely not fun. I work in the restaurant industry, and being overly friendly is part of the job, so I think that should just be mandatory. Oh well. Chocolate in a savoury dish sounds so weird to me, but I know lots of people who love it!

  11. Love chocolate in a savoury dish…it makes me think of Mexican mole sauce, which is one of my favourite things in existence.

  12. The chocolate pomegranate gastrique sounds amazing! I was first introduced to chocolate in savory dishes when I was living abroad in Mexico during college. Mole (mol-ay), which is a complex sauce made of a variety of nuts, spices and ground chocolate, is one of the most prized dishes in Mexico. It's usually served over chicken, and it's out-of-this-world delicious! Bummer about the service at The Springs. :( Even the best meal can be dampered when servers ignore you! I hope your next visit is MUCH better. :) Happy Tuesday, Chelsea! <3

  13. I love chocolate in all dishes – a chocolate pomegranate gastrique sounds incredible!

  14. Awwr that sucks about the service, but at least the food was delicious. I once went to a place where our waiter barely looked at us at all after he asked us what we wanted. Every time he'd come to our table to give us food or top off water, he'd be talking to another server or something and it was super annoying. Then we once had a server who'd seriously come by every 2 minutes to ask us if everything was okay, which was annoying as well. Extremes are never good… but chocolate definitely is in any form :)

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